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  1. Let Josh air it out! Run run pass isn't going to get Allen loose
  2. Was that Allen saying "That was bull#### right there"? Anyone else hear that?
  3. Brett favre was the Sam way when he was young. He learned
  4. We just got rid of our aggressive Qb. He threw into tight coverage consistently.
  5. If memory serves me, I think there was some cheering for Brian Cox getting up slowly..
  6. Rosen will be out of football in a couple years. He blows Buffalo gonna crush his annoying girly body and shove him in his cleat
  7. Did anyone else catch that last night? How can you begin polling game MVP when there was still plenty of game time left?
  8. Cant speak for everyone, but I wasn't interested because both teams made it in because of suspect calls. Now that Brady has 6 rings, it diminishes everything that every other player has accomplished, and anything that future players can achieve.
  9. Friends of mine and I aren't watching it this year. Both championship games had horrible calls that most likely changed the outcome of the games and I can't stomach watching that arrogant f**k any more. Edit: If I hear the Pats are getting destroyed I'll turn it on to watch Brady cry.
  10. I think management handled it properly. They tried to get a receiver that was always open and it failed. What's the point in getting a badass receiver if you have no one to throw it to them. Now that it appears we have a real QB, it seems logical that they get some receivers. They now know they need some fast guys that can catch hard thrown balls. Brett Favre used to have trouble with finding guys that could handle his hard throws. Once they knew, it never seemed to be an issue. Sports science claims Josh Allen has the strongest arm in NFL history, they probably need some specific guys to catch that kinda stuff.
  11. Never thought i would see rainbow and Josh Allen in the same sentence....
  12. Didn't realize he was the number 2 wide receiver prospect coming out of High School, I saw adjusted ranking that had him at Number 1 WR and 11th over best prospect. While I was stalking him I found this pretty cool article. Click Here Here is the link I was talking about in the original post showing him as #1 WR prospect Click Here
  13. I feel the same way, I'm a Bills fan so I'm cautious, but I told my circle that was the best Bills loss I have ever seen. I'm old bro, so it don't come easy. But damn, dare I let myself get excited and believe the Bills have a QB? And heck, how didn't I know this man has the Moxy and not only the better of the Joshes, but better than them all? I'm jumping on the train. May he ever keep us on the tracks, or let us levitate above them. God love us, Bills Fans, thouhest have eaten thine swine ass for far too long
  14. Can't argue with that too much. I will say though, having an elite qb builds winning traditions. Not ready to crown Allen just yet, but the needle is pointing up for me
  15. Where was the ball when whistle was blown That's really the key right?
  16. Browns fans will light the stadium on fire if they don't make Mayfield the starter. This qb class looks like it might be one for the ages. Bunch of rookies makin' noise
  17. I was thinking that unless Peterman is horrible for first 3 games, they will let him roll untill we are out of contention. I think they would rather start him once the season is out of reach to eliminate the added pressure of a playoff hunt. Peterman will do better than the naysayers think and maybe next year we have a really good problem
  18. The Browns looked great in last years preseason, went 4-0 they did.
  19. No, 8-8 blows now, but if thats the ending, sure hope we have a glass slipper to fill with our manhood in the future
  20. It's hard to imagine that OP isn't sniffing glue, but can't imagine that all teams are going to run rough-shod over this team. Some good coaches have preached "Don't get too high on great games, but don't eat cyanide when things look hopeless" (paraphrasing). I'll meet all-ya-all somewhere in the midlands Go BILLS!
  21. OOOoohhh with the...."He threw 5 picks thing", if Peterman was a Patriot I would get it. The dude was trying to play even though his own lineman was playing for the chargers that game.
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