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  1. I would be thrilled to see him get 9 sacks, that's hard as a D-lineman. I just want to see him shrink the pocket and disrupt QB's timing. Sacks are great, pressures and TFL's need to be the norm. We need to really stuff the run and whoever he is paired up with needs to hold their own as well whether Star or Dirty Harry.
  2. I just want to see us consistently move the chains and I think Zay has shown that his hands are getting softer and he can be a decent possession guy. Adding Beasley will be another nice underneath shifty wide out that the bills have been lacking for a while now. Having Brown and Foster flying down the field will give our big armed QB plenty of opportunity to take his shots. If we gameplan right who is the defense gonna key on. Having a superstar diva WR gives defenses a target and then you hope to have decent complimentary players to take the heat from. Having all complimentary players should give us allot of man to man and a good chance to spread the ball around.
  3. I am in the school of thought that if we have a better offense that is on the field eating clock our defense as is will be very good. It's when they are on the field all day and wear down that they become susceptible. Improving our offense will improve our defense and keep them fresh. I like the direction of the team but I always like adding a playmaker or a guy with a specific skill set. DK has size and speed which can't be coached. Hands and concentration can be.
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