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  1. Dink and doink 5 and 10 yard crossing plays run the ball and take intermediate shots when open. Unless Duke Comes walking through the door we don't have a big body 50/50 ball type guy to take deep shots too.
  2. This Titans team is tough even if we were 100 percent. Tough secondary and a streaky QB with a big bruiser of a RB in Henry and great TE in Walker. 3-2 dinged up going into the bye isn't terrible but 4-1 would be great.
  3. I made UCF's backup QB look bad in Intramurals. Pretty sure i could of thrown the ball to Brandon marshall and gotten more yards than that bum.
  4. The most frustrating thing is that the reason we have had to comeback and win is because our offense has been so inconsistent. We have the defense and the offensive potential to blow teams out. We either start slow or get ahead early. We need to see a complete game from the offense to have a chance against the Patriots whose defense in my opinion has inflated stats from playing lesser teams up until this point. Our defense can only bail us out so much. We need to see that game from Allen that makes us go wow that's our Franchise guy, instead of flashes of greatness. If we get ahead we need to keep our foot on the gas and rack up some style points instead of letting teams hang around
  5. The biggest difference is that the media has seemingly jumped on the bills bandwagon and is ranking them highly. So maybe just maybe they are seeing something different from years past.
  6. He has clearly lost a step and we have so much depth at RB it only makes sense. Obviously he had little to no trade value for a washed up rb at 6 mill a year.
  7. Underachieving disgruntled DE playing for the Texans. Looking to get out
  8. The first 4 weeks of any season are always crazy with upsets and blowouts and don't accurately represent the teams true qualities. The Patriots always look flat the first couple games. This has allot to do with how little they do during training camp no more 2 a days and allot less hitting. A week one loss is not the end of the world.
  9. It's very similar to when we got Mario Williams and until we tried to make him a coverage DE he was a stud for us
  10. I am friends with guys who are millionaires from playing DFS. I play both season long and daily and love the fact that it gives my friends and I that have moved all over the country something to interact with and talk about. I started playing fantasy out of the Buffalo News in the early 90's and have been hooked ever since. This is no longer a kids game it has become a phenomenon. Unfortunately the narratives nationwide from all the so called experts is very generic and repetitive. You have to do your own homework to be any good at it.
  11. Barkley's strengths are Allen's weaknesses and vice versa. He is a perfect backup and mentor and apparently they have become very good friends. Josh has the keys to the Lambo and Matt will only touch the ball in case of injury.
  12. I don't see Zay breaking out as a super star. But, he has shown the ability at times to get open and be an ok or decent possession receiver. He has more competition this year and has shown to be working on his craft and still getting better. I just don't see an extremely high ceiling he doesn't have allot of size or speed so he has to be perfect on his route tree and smart to make up for it.
  13. No truly Bold predictions and nothing truly insightful that a standard Bills fan wouldn't know. I guess this was more for an outsiders look into the organization.
  14. Dude was a beast loved watching him run. tall and strong surprisingly fast in the open field. If he had a better team around him they would of won allot of games.
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