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  1. buffalobloodfloridahome

    Full Intelligent Breakdown of DK Metcalf

    I am in the school of thought that if we have a better offense that is on the field eating clock our defense as is will be very good. It's when they are on the field all day and wear down that they become susceptible. Improving our offense will improve our defense and keep them fresh. I like the direction of the team but I always like adding a playmaker or a guy with a specific skill set. DK has size and speed which can't be coached. Hands and concentration can be.
  2. buffalobloodfloridahome

    Cuts around the League

    Anyone on the Jared Cook train?
  3. buffalobloodfloridahome

    Which is a better investment? Offense or Defense?

    The 4 best offenses played in the Championship weekend that should say allot. We are in an Offensively dominated time for the NFL. Now to win championships you have to have a solid defense to compliment it.
  4. buffalobloodfloridahome

    Barnwell has Bills at 6 wins in 2019

    how can you make any kind of prediction before the draft and free agency. This is just a waste of time.
  5. buffalobloodfloridahome

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    This Front Office bought themselves time to build the team after overachieving and sneaking in to the playoffs year one. This last season was the full strip down and rebuild and we also had some bad luck with our O-line. This year should be a step in the right direction but will still take time for the new pieces to gel. I still predict an 8-9 win season and whether that is enough is out of our control.