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  1. Who the hell is Joe Judge? Aaron Judge's father?
  2. Dumbest post I seen. You're like saying you can't take a proper dump until you get a new toilet seat...
  3. Are you going to wear a diaper to avoid going to the bathroom since you don't plan on moving during the games?
  4. Yeah worst case if they didn't play Houston then you would most likely make a profit by selling your tickets.
  5. I hope all goes well and for a speedy recovery!
  6. God is the most important thing in my life!
  7. Bills: 28 Steelers: 16 Al Michaels rips out a fart at the 2 minute warning before halftime.
  8. In my opinion he is to obnoxious and he has a annoying high pitch squeak that comes out of his mouth.
  9. In your opinion, who are or were the best play by play NFL announcers? The reason why I bring this topic up is because I think Al Michaels is the best and I can't wait to hear him call the Bills vs. Steelers Sunday night football game, it's been so long. Here's my list: 1. Al Michaels 2. Jim Nantz 3. Gus Johnson 4. Kevin Harlin 5. Mike Trico 6. Joe Buck 7. Marv Albert 8. Dan Hicks 9. Greg Gumbel 10. Chris Myers
  10. Maybe not stubborn this year, but the whole Nathan Peterman obsession was not good.
  11. I hope he's active this Sunday but I doubt it, the coaching staff seems to be stubborn at times.
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