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  1. Are the Bills 4-0 in AFC Championship games or did they lose one before there Superbowl run?
  2. It's going to be Subway Stadium. Subways comments on almost every Bills post.
  3. Did you know that all football players fart on the field from time to time?
  4. There is no way Diggs is missing this game. He will play!
  5. I'm going to make burnt toast and a rotten egg.
  6. Nothing actually, it was just random thing I guess. Yeah
  7. Best outcome for the 2020 season would be a Superbowl win.
  8. Seriously? You want to donate money to him? I was called Satan in middle school, should I set up a GoFund Me page?
  9. Are you Nick Wright? He said he checks out the Bills message boards.
  10. So if you are pooping but the poop hasn't dropped in the toilet yet then did you really poop? Same logic right?
  11. Too bad the second seed doesn't get a first round bye. It would of been even better.
  12. I think it was one of Allen's best games but whatever...
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