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  1. I am married first of off and I'm pretty happy with my life, I don't need to be drunk or high to have fun. Not a bummer to me, if I really want to I can but I don't care too
  2. My drug is farting all day and having your aunt smell it. I'm good, having sex all day with my wife gives me an appetite.
  3. I never took any drugs in my life or never smoked anything before, or never got drunk, so nice try buddy!
  4. Yeah I got to eat better, I eat fast food and junk food all the time. Even being only 26 years old, it will catch up to me. Yeah it's over, thanks Covid! Honestly places might try to do them again but it probably won't work out. But if a buffet was open today I would go.
  5. Well I'm a black belt and I don't care if someone doesn't call it a sport.
  6. I have a black belt in Karate, but I don't know if you can consider that a sport.
  7. Yeah exactly. Since it was my first home I ever purchased, I was non-contingent, plus I requested no inspection, otherwise I would of lost out.
  8. I say keep the home, I just bought a house in March and I had to pay $12,000 over the asking price. So you would defiantly get a great offer most likely over your asking price. But right now it is very hard to get a house cause of all the buyers out there. So even if you find that perfect dream home you could very well lose out on it and be out. It is harder to buy a home being contingent, so you would likely have to sell your home first and then buy a new house. The timing is hard to line up. It sounds like you have a really nice home already, so I say hang on to it for now.
  9. I went on the Maid of the Mist this past Sunday. It was so much fun! They are running one ship at a time so the wait time might be a little longer. We didn't have to wait that long. There were a good amount of people. The boat seems to be at 50 percent capacity but it's still pretty packed. Most people did not wear masks. Pretty much all people around Niagara Falls did not wear masks. And Honestly I could care less about people not wearing masks, as I barely wore mine. If I was really worried then I would of stayed home.
  10. I get your point but that's how life has been for ever, germs are everywhere, they can't be avoided.
  11. I don't see a big deal with taking a family to an amusement park, they are opening up anyway, it's time to have a little fun. If you want to stay in your house all summer then so be it.
  12. Yeah but if people want to take a vacation then they have a right too. Like I plan on going to Hershey PA in July and when I enter back to NY State, I don't plan on quarantining. No need to coming from PA.
  13. LeSean McCoy was the best running back the Bills ever had!
  14. Yeah he was the whole offense for most of his years here!
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