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  1. Lions so basic on offense dink and dunk still can’t stop them lol
  2. Nope. They need some penalties or self inflicted problems by the offense. Straight up play they can’t stop anything
  3. I’m thinking more. I’m expecting about 40% of the snaps. Get him some confidence
  4. Probably but I don’t see it happening. Too much tradition and history
  5. I’m going through same thing. What time can I make myself a drink without strange looks from the wife.
  6. Their center is fantastic. If he plays it will certainly help the back up guards
  7. Josh only throws to 2 of them. I doubt a 5th from a practice squad will come in and contribute
  8. The passing offense looks stale. Zero creativity
  9. One thing i hate about the NFL… is the overreactions to one game
  10. Pretty sure that’s doctored up but I do feel good about tomorrow. Bills are due to rebound and the Brows seem like they are on the decline right now.
  11. Some of my buddies are like “why the Bills cancel cause of snow isn’t that what Buffalo is know for”. It’s not even worth telling them the real reasons why they can’t play an NFL game
  12. Share a picture of yourself so i can rip on you
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