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  1. Bills already have an open roster spot prior to his release.
  2. Too many other guys on this roster more deserving of a contract than a guy who tore the same ACL twice in 24 months
  3. Oh boy he’s at the Mavs game with Trayvon Diggs and Parsons! Please sign in Dallas 🙏
  4. I’m all for a two year deal. Gave Davis isn’t the answer opposite Diggs
  5. Maybe show him the falls. I bet that will make him sign here Dallas lol. Hope you’re joking
  6. I’m just excited we have a returner I don’t have to peak through my fingers to watch. They’ll figure out how to get him more involved in offense not worried about it
  7. D-line played well. Quesenberry lol. Like the grit playing hurt but he stinks. Giving him a game ball like like putting whipped cream on *****
  8. Technically he is right.. it’s not over there’s still time left on the clock lol
  9. This is the state of the current Bills. Been this way for quite a few weeks now
  10. Only a matter of time before this happened. Quessenberry is garbage
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