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  1. They need to add like 13 more players and that’s after the draft/UDFAs to get to 90
  2. Can we get him here for that same deal Singletary just signed?
  3. Now draft one in the 1st or 2nd round.
  4. Good for him. That either puts us in the comp formula or even
  5. Yes which they never really had a chance to get. Too many roster spots to fill to worry about 1 pick
  6. Absolutely not. He’s a fairly big upgrade over Kumerow. He’s a lock to make the roster
  7. It amazes me people think we can take on that kind of cap hit lol
  8. I think they’ll salivate over Campbell. I expect him to be the pick at 27
  9. They will add a few more guys in free agency that can start or be solid depth. Beane doesn’t go into the draft with a dire need (not counting Allen). I think we can all agree on that
  10. I’d say they are rather similar. Neither of them play at a consistent level. Ford being 25ish pounds heavier is the only difference
  11. He cant be counted on to stay healthy. Pass
  12. Campbell will be the pick. I’d bet on it
  13. I’m assuming all the injury history they didn’t want to take the gamble for 8 million a season when they are already tight to the cap.
  14. Probably at a singing competition
  15. They have 7 draft picks and it’s still March. I wouldn’t hit the panic button yet
  16. Free agency has been very strange this year. Hardly see anything about visits anymore etc
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