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  1. Chase Young is a year out from his injury still not playing. People have no patience
  2. I don’t think a dome would have made a difference. The problem is getting everyone to the stadium… teams, refs, players, TV networks.. It’s not as simple as people think
  3. The pass rush has also been failing lately too. They go hand in hand for the most part. Cousins average time to throw was 2.91 seconds. That’s a lot
  4. Months behind? Hasn’t even been a year since his surgery for a 12month injury lol
  5. You do realize a corners knee takes much more of a twisting/cutting in and out than every other position?
  6. It’s people’s unrealistic expectations. I remember reading on here over the summer that he’d be ready for camp and week 1 lol.
  7. Bucs better worry about even getting in the playoffs
  8. At Pats, Vikings, Bills, Seahawks, Dolphins a joke schedule? Show me a hard one then
  9. I think the Jets very well could. Miami is a problem
  10. Let’s see what Jim Kelly is up to. Maybe bring in Bruce Smith to run the defense too 🙄
  11. It’s very possible. Next week looms large for that prediction
  12. Maybe. Hard to tell how it plays out after that
  13. They needed a couple first downs but that’s besides the point. It’s easy to point fingers after the fact. They couldn’t run the ball in the second half at all.
  14. To say the least. This kind of loss can derail a season
  15. They left a lot more than out on the field. This game shouldn’t even be close
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