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  1. My expectations are a little high for Brown. He’s familiar with the system and Allen. I think he’ll help us get back to running more 4 wide receiver sets and possibly helping in the slot some
  2. Aaron Rodgers such a hero for playing through a thumb injury. Meanwhile Allen plays through injury that put Rothelisberger in surgery and out for months… crickets
  3. He’s playing though same injury that put Rothelisberger out months No You know what’s kinda odd. For how good Tre White is.. Parker always gave him trouble.
  4. Ummm no. I do think though if Edmunds could take any part of Kleins skill it would be the run fits. Other than that not on same planet athletic wise.
  5. Bills have always been one of the worst tackling teams under McDermott
  6. In the end it’s all excuses. 31 other NFL teams don’t care about our injuries or lack of practice
  7. No health in sight just more injuries piling up
  8. I’m as frustrated by the offense as anyone. They need to be better. Josh is obviously playing hurt and the injuries are piling up on both sides of the ball. If this team doesn’t get healthy they’ll be out of the playoffs quickly.
  9. They better figure some things out. There’s some fundamental issues in both sides of the ball. If they don’t figure things out this is a one and done teen in the playoffs
  10. When it rains it pours on the bills. Can we get a turnover or stop on defense please?
  11. Just a predictable passing offense. League has caught on.
  12. We are banged up and so are the lions. No excuses. The Bills just aren’t good
  13. Well guys it’s been a fun half the year. Might be able to squeak in playoffs but this team isn’t good at all.
  14. Yeah the offense is fundamentally flawed. This isn’t something that’s easily fixed. They are flat out bad now. The defense is hard to get mad at since they have so many injuries
  15. Come one now lol. I’d be shocked if those offense scored another point
  16. So many chances to go up big and the offense sucks and the defense just as bad
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