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  1. Needless to say, what is most concerning about these injuries, is if we see any additional injuries to the DLine or our DB's on Sunday. That would be quite a blow to a D that's been playing lights out. The flip side to this, as an earlier poster alluded to, just like the Pats were to the Bills, the Bills are in the Dolphins heads (Insert Josh Allen for Tom Brady as well) . With that said, I have to imagine, that if we do beat them on Sunday, the loss will be a significant blow to the Fish psyche and would wipe out most of the confidence (arrogance) that they built after the Ravens comeback victory. As well, if we win, I can see us running away with the division and have it locked up before December comes around. Go Bills!
  2. Long time listener, first time caller here... and I think this may have been discussed before.. but a recent ESPN article on Russ Wilson, he reminded everybody that Seattle tried to trade him for the first overall pick in the 2018 draft (owned by the Browns at the time) and with that pick, Seattle would would have (supposedly) selected JA17. Thankfully Cleveland declined and chose Baker Mayfield... https://dailysnark.com/2022/09/07/report-seahawks-offered-russell-wilson-in-trade-with-browns-for-no-1-pick-in-2018-nfl-draft/ Just another reminder as to how lucky we are (on a 1st week Victory Friday) to have JA17 as QB1 Go Bills!
  3. I think the Ravens not investing in WR's or getting him to run speaks more to Jackson's skillset then the Ravens organization. I am in no way a fan of the Ravens... but to say they do not have a top 5 organization from top to bottom would be 'very dumb'
  4. 110% agree. Somebody will try to make it work. But unlike other Top End FA Qb's (and they are rare), LJ is not plug and play. The right fit is most likely a bottom tier team where the fans would be patient for the roster turnover needed to build a team around him.
  5. I'm sure the Baltimore FO knows this. Them not getting this deal done more likely speaks to the Lamar Jackson experience being done in Baltimore in the next 1-2 years. The FO has built a team and offense that amplifies all LJ's strengths and tries to minimize all of his weakness'.. but between failures in the playoffs and LJ's smaller frame, I think the FO is realizing that winning a Superbowl with LJ is not likely (because of what it takes to win playoff games) let alone sustainable. I realize this is quite the hot take.. but if I was a GM in the NFL, I would think twice about investing a lot of money in Lamar Jackson because of what you need around him to win and take advantage of his skills Go Bills!
  6. I think it was MRob that mentioned earlier this week on One Bills Drive, that teams are still trying to figure themselves out the first four weeks of the season.. and that is even more true when you consider the rules regarding mini camps / practices / three pre-season games now. So he emphasized a couple of things that usually happen in the first four weeks is 1) The talent of the team usually defines who wins these games early in the season 2) That the hunger / will to win also plays a part I do not have a good feeling about this game... but if you buy into what MRob says, and recognizing that we are the more talented team and after KC and the mantra of 'Find a way' you have to Billieve that we win this game.. Go Bills!
  7. 2020 was a great season for the Bills... and it started with no preseason games. Think about it...... Go Bills!
  8. I dunno about that. I feel like other then the 1990 team at the height of the no huddle did we capture some level of positive national attention.. Previous to that, the national attention we received was around an underachieving Bickering Bills team. Furthermore, I don't believe the Bills let alone the city of Buffalo was embraced nationally. I think after that 90 season, the AFC was seen as the junior conference and the NFC championship games (especially the Cowboys / 49ers game) were seen as the 'De Facto' Superbowl. The only National person that supported (as mentioned a number of times) was Chris Berman... Again it it selective memory as I know the team was featured on multiple covers of SI magazine and others.. it seemed like most times we were that 'gadfly' of the NFL that just wouldn't go away rather then what it is now.. It is definitely different times. let alone generation (gawd I'm old) so we just may be comparing apples to oranges here. Anyhow ... Go Bills!
  9. I agree with this.. May be selective memory, but even during the the glory years the Bills and Buffalo were not embraced nationally as much as they are today (for now) Could be fleeting.. but I think it's due to a bunch of stars aligning between the national love for a Superhero a QB, a genuinely well run organization, and the team coming off one of the greatest games ever combined with a fanbase that either because of good or bad reasons is admired nationally.. it is reflecting well on the City. Lastly, I think another 'thing' to appreciate though is that this is a different time and age then the 90's team where the world is much more connected then it's ever been because of social media combine this with the Bills organization that has made a point of connecting with the city and its people, I think that has created the right conditions for this 'national love'. Anyhow.. Go Bills!
  10. I get it.. but he's part of the national media.. and to chide somebody from the National NFL because they didn't vocally support 7-9 Rex Ryan led Bills team on a national forum seems (and I think I am putting this nicely) unrealistic. That Brandt in his own way (similar to MRob) have jumped on the Bills bandwagon and have made it 'fun' on a national perspective to support the Bills, is quite frankly what many of wanted/complained about when this team was mired in mediocrity let alone relevancy. As well, and I apologize, if that has been mentioned, I think Brandt's recent stance / comments on Deshawn Watson's 6 game suspension, IMHO, speaks highly of Kyle Brandt the individual. So recognizing that KB may not be everybody's 'cup o tea'... I will say he is a welcomed member to our (dysfunctional) family (mafia) Go Bills!
  11. Interesting. I try to be on the fence about Brandt.. because at times I have questioned his sincerity about being a true supporter of the Bills vs. being a member of the media and is riding the bandwagon of the flavor of the day. However, I keep on coming back to him and genuinely enjoy his rallying calls for the Bills, his commentary on One Bills Live, and it seems like his support of this organization (Beane, McDermott, Allan & Co) seems to be sincere and genuine and he wants to see the Bills. Buffalo, and it's fans win. So his personality can be abrasive and over the top at times.. but I don't believe that qualifies him as a douchebag... Quite frankly, I equate the douchebaggery to folks like Nick Wright and our ole pal Jerry Sullivan..... Anyhow Go Bills!
  12. Yeah.. I remember watching the game back in 94 getting frustrated with those shovel passes (I do not ever remember them doing that before that year or even in years previous to 93) because they were getting nothing out of it. With that I said, I think it become common knowledge that through some media tape going into the game, Jimmy Johnson actually saw the Bill's practicing that play.. and he had the Cowboys ready for it. Who knows what could've been if they didn't see that media tape.... Go Bills!
  13. I've experienced this as well and you're right, it usually does not end up well. But I have experienced where it works out really well... hoping that's what happens here What I think as fans, we should appreciate is that Von Miller is just a little bit of a different cat and is giving us way more insight compared to most big name players would provide in the decision making process in free agency. It would be actually interesting to know if Von's experience isn't much different then many other big name free agents.. but like most athletes today, they are programmed to say what people want to hear vs. the truth. Many of you may have read this article from back in 2016.. but we are not dealing with your average 'dude' here.... https://www.theringer.com/2016/7/26/16077616/von-miller-denver-broncos-best-and-weirdest-nfl-player-c12a434c9bc8 Go Bills!
  14. I remember the 'hope' I had when Trent Edwards bulked up using TRX Gawd... I love living on the other side of the QB tracks now Go Bills!
  15. I think this year would take a losing season to consider letting him go. But I do see a Tony Dungy/Bucs like situation, that if the Bills do not get over the proverbial hump by next year, that we could see changes happening. Go Bills!
  16. Efficient. Another reason to love BBB. Go Bills!
  17. It's a great point. I just remember have butterflies before the first MNF game against the Pats last year because of the weather... and then Klein is a last minute scratch because of COVID, and those butterflies changed to a pit in the bottom of my stomach. We really did miss him that game. Go Bills!
  18. What? No Detroit in pre-season? That can't be right? Is the curse of 'Ralph is Cheap' finally dead? Go Bills!
  19. Love this. To think how far we have come in just 5 years, it's just remarkable. Personally, I love this because I maybe able to pull off LA on September 8th.. then go across the country and watch Pearl Jam in NYC at the Garden on 9/11. Go Bills!
  20. This. Dabs had limited to no success other then coaching for the Pats (Brady) and Alabama (33rd NFL Team). Loved Dabs.. but to underestimate what impact JA17 had on Dab's success is like denying Belichik's success because of Tom Brady. Truth of the matter, both make each other greater.. and that JA17 campaigned for Dorsey, and, now it's 'spiced' up with Joe Brady.. who has had exposure to Joe Brr... I tend to believe that this offense is going to a next level of efficiency. Go Bills!
  21. Not directly related but I am still thinking there is a good chance we acquire James Bradberry. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/05/02/giants-working-through-some-things-on-james-bradberry/ I can see us being part of Schoen's 'contingency plans'.
  22. This... obviously trading up to get him.. Most likely with the Giants.. with some package that also includes us getting Bradbury for a corner. Most likely means we are giving up Poyer and a couple of 1sts in the process. But as usual.. Trust the Process Go Bills
  23. I agree that JA's running style is not sustainable especially if he wants to have a 10+ year career. With that said, the Cam comparison to JA17 ended for me last year. JA's passing game is miles ahead of where Cam was after year 4.. and I would even say JA's passing game is ahead of where Cam was at in his MVP year. (Year 5) The part that gets me giddy (like others) is that a lot of us believe that JA hasn't reached his ceiling. Compare that back to 2018 and we got asked if we would be overjoyed with a 4000 yard passer, 30 TD's per year guy.. we would have all said 'WE GOOD!'... but we are now looking at JA17... and we want more. More importantly JA17 is saying he WANTS MORE! GO BILLS!
  24. BBB said a priority was protecting JA17 this offseason. This one definitely checks the box. JA definitely had a rapport with Bates and without any proof, I wonder if not starting Bates most of the season was more of a Dabs decision vs. McBeane decision.. Just a thoery. Go Bills!
  25. I apologize if this has already been said.. but when you compare Beasley's numbers before joining the Bills and Crowder's numbers before signing with the Bills... it's kinda scary how alike they are.. .To the point, both of their best seasons (yardage wise) before going to the BIlls was 833 yards. Another solid pickup by BBB. The season could not start soon enough for me Go Bills!
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