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  1. I have to admit this game scares me for various reasons Firstly it's week 2.. and we really don't know how good or bad teams are, unless you're in the upper tier of teams (Pats) or the lower tier (Dolphins). Secondly, and I know the sample size is small.. but we always have a hard time against the Giants and Eli. I don't believe we have ever beaten them (Eli Giants) Thirdly, this just seems like a let down game for the Bills.. Actually feels like early 2015 when we came off a big road win against the Dolphins and we came home to play the Giants, as favorites.. and they handled us. Lastly, watching the offense of the Giants against the Cowboys.. Eli still seems to have something left in him, Engram can be a beast, and Saquan > Bell Anyways, I really hope I'm wrong, and this new regime of Bills takes the tone of McBeane - never too high, never too low... and takes care of business Go Bills
  2. Maybe I just hate the Pats too much or too much of a die hard Bills fan, but based on how the Pats have gone about it, I really prefer being a Bills fan. I absolutely (needless to say) would want 1 Superbowl victory.. let alone 6.. but I think it's important for the team (that I support) to represent something 'good'. I'm not sure if I could define what 'good' really means.. because I agree, the idea of having a team of 'choir boys' is delusional in this time and age. But the team leaders, should be representative of what the team 'is'.. So when I look at this young team, and it's leaders, like Allan, Edmonds, Horrible Harry, and Tre White.. and what they seem (please note seem) to represent.. I feel 'good' about this team. Lastly, when I think about the drought years.. My favorite team of all those years, was probably one of the worst teams - which was the 2010 team that finished 4-12.. But that team had good leaders like Fitzy, Eric Woods, Stevie Johnson (Yes.. Stevie was a good leader) , Fred Jackson.. In turn they made them likable and fun to watch. In spite of their record (and maybe my infinite ignorance).. I wore my Bills gear with pride that year.. So maybe I'm confusing good with likable.. but other then that 2001 Patriots team.. since then.. I don't think they have ever been 'good' or 'likable'
  3. #6. Tom Brady https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2018/01/the-case-against-tom-brady/551837/ I love that our Quarterback eats Popeyes
  4. Was thinking about it this morning... and as much as I want to say Gore or Singletary.. I'm going to say Joshua Allen. With the linebacker issues that the Jets are experiencing going into this game, the temptation to run for young Joshua will just be too much.
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