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  1. Bills92

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    Not sure if anybody else brought this up (Apologize if it has) But Does anybody else think that Beane may be building up the secondary in order to trade Tre White for that superstar receiver or D-lineman that he has been linked too? I know in the past, we have talked about interest in Julio Jones and Clowney.... I'm not saying he should do this.. just asking if folks on this board think this may be a possibility
  2. Bills92

    2016 Browns/Bills v 2019 Browns/Bills

    Am I crazy in saying that other then our safeties and QB, from a talent perspective... we may have been better in 2016 then 2019 is this just another reminder how much having a talented QB and a GM and a coach that see's eye to eye, can make us fans see things a little differently
  3. Bills92

    Stephon Gilmore - first team AP All-Pro

    No. But they don't give up on plays.
  4. Bills92

    Stephon Gilmore - first team AP All-Pro

    I get your point.. but I don't believe All Pro CB's give up on plays.. Like I said.. I harbor a grudge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R317Rdhw2Gg
  5. Bills92

    Stephon Gilmore - first team AP All-Pro

    I guess I still harbor a grudge.. but every time I see Gilmour.. I see Chris Hogan running past him getting a TD with Gilmour clearly giving up on the play (October 2016)..
  6. I like.. many wanted the other Josh.. In retrospect, it's quite clear that I bought into all the 'stuff' that mainstream media said about Rosen (Being the most pro ready, big college program, etc) vs Allen (small program, inaccurate, big time project).. but once I actually saw both Allen and Rosen on the NFL field.. my opinion started to turn quickly. Ultimately, my 'hope' in Allen resides in a couple of things that we have seen.. 1) He has demonstrated an ability to learn. This really has resonated over the last six games. Any fan can see that game has continued to slow down for him. The is a function of him learning on the job 2) Leadership. It's quite clear he is the leader of this team. For a rookie like Allen to come into this team as a third stringer (granted he was a high draft pick) and come out as the leader of this team (backed up by both vets like Lorax and KW) speaks volumes to me. The future is bright is my friends.