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  1. The pundits may dismiss it.. but this another example of the 'culture' that has been in development since McDermott stepped through the doors of One Bills Drive back in January 2017
  2. Not sure if anybody else brought this up (Apologize if it has) But Does anybody else think that Beane may be building up the secondary in order to trade Tre White for that superstar receiver or D-lineman that he has been linked too? I know in the past, we have talked about interest in Julio Jones and Clowney.... I'm not saying he should do this.. just asking if folks on this board think this may be a possibility
  3. Am I crazy in saying that other then our safeties and QB, from a talent perspective... we may have been better in 2016 then 2019 is this just another reminder how much having a talented QB and a GM and a coach that see's eye to eye, can make us fans see things a little differently
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