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  1. Reminded me of Jim Kelly’s fumbled snap against the raiders in the 90 AFC championship game, which he recovered and proceeded to throw a TD pass to James Lofton. It’s official in my books, Josh Allen has ‘it’
  2. The stats show the progress and reflects the 'eye test' that Josh has been passing in most games this (New England game excluded) year With that said, I believe it is interesting that his overall yardage production is pretty much the same year over year. I believe this speaks to something that has not been talked about very often - but the running game is much improved year over year from the OL (Much talked about).. but the upgrade this years duo of Motor and Gore is a significant improvement of Shady and Ivory.
  3. It’s me. I showered Sunday Am because of a family event... Bills are 6-0 when I don’t shower on game day.
  4. I like this.... As soon as I read this.. it reminded me (and I know I'm showing my age here) of the regular season game the Bills played the Browns back in 1990 (First Superbowl Year).. Up until that point in the season, the Bills had played a lot of close games and weren't seen as a 'road warrior'.. Well, take a look at the score... I'm going to predict the same. We will break the Browns will .. and start our HISTORIC RUN! https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/199011040cle.htm Go Bills!
  5. I hope I'm wrong.. but if this is true, does it mean that the Pats are acquiring a stud receiver? Like an AJ Green or Mike Evans. Maybe on the bright side, maybe the Pats are finally imploding.. and this is Kraft's way of getting back at Brady for his Netflix / Spa appearance ..
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