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  1. This might have been answered already but I scrolled back a few pages and didn’t see it... are those Titans that tested positive eligible to play Tuesday or is there a mandatory isolation length that will keep them out?
  2. Well folks..it’s been my 8 year annual tradition to re-watch the 2011 week 3 comeback win over the patriots when I go to bed the night before week 1. This year, I’m gonna change it up. Tonight it’s the wild card loss to the Texans. I haven’t watched a single clip from the game since that fateful day. Hopefully I don’t punch a hole in the wall again. BUT, i firmly billieve it’ll be the game we look back on as the turning point of this franchise. Cheers fellas. Gonna be a fun year. 🍻
  3. Is it pronounced Bass or Bass?
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