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  1. really nice to be reading training camp day 1 reports today compared to 4+ years ago, ie. living and dying with every EJ Manuel pass attempt. #neverforget
  2. I have a pair of tix sec 234 row 22 seats 17,18 for $390/ticket. That’s about $200 cheaper than any pair in the 200s on Ticketmaster due to fees. I found a pair for myself in sec 236 after I got these, so I just want to sell these for what I paid! hit me up if you want em!
  3. sounds good yea just send me a PM, would be happy to connect with them!
  4. Sec 236 row 18 @ $358/ticket ive got an extra pair for sale in sec 234 row 22 @ $390/ticket if your interested, saves a few hundred from fees
  5. I've got a pair of tickets for sale in sec 234 row 22 seats 17, 18 for $390/ticket. I found a slightly cheaper pair in 236 so I got those hoping to sell this pair just to get my money back. If anyone is interested please DM me! I've got a pair in 234 row 22 for sale. $390/ticket. Let me know if you want em! I have them listed on Ticketmaster and with fees it makes them like $530/ticket. Yikes! I've got a pair in sec 234 row 22 for sale for $390/ticket. Let me know if you want em!
  6. watching the press conference now. Racially motivated hate crime by an 18 year old white male. As we move forward and pray for those involved, let's remember that prayers and moments of silence are not enough to stop these things from happening.
  7. do we think rams vs bills tix will go down from here?!?
  8. Kind of a bummer for fantasy splitting time with carter!
  9. now go sign Joe Haden to a 1 year and we're set
  10. After the 30 for 30 on why Duke Williams didn’t get more playing time for the Bills, the Christian Wade story is the next episode I want to see.
  11. Wanted to listen to the whole thing but had to cut out after 5 minutes because Pat McAfee is so goddamn annoying.
  12. LOL profootball talk posted this before a Watson to Browns article. It's in the first sentence! https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/03/18/report-dennis-allen-flew-to-los-angeles-to-sit-down-with-michael-thomas/
  13. Any reason why the Tim Settle signing hasn’t been official yet?
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