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  1. Not saying he was going to tackle him, but the dude just stood there... Even if he slows him down a little it can change the outcome of that play. I understand that he's slow but all he has to do is take two or three steps and dive hahaha
  2. I thought he was a confused offensive lineman when I first saw him, because of his number. Glad I was wrong and he's able to make a few impact plays here and there.
  3. Other than being a bad analyst, he let's his love for the Cowboys and Sooners dominate his thinking 😂 Guys like that will always have a spot on TV because people like to watch them say outlandish things, it's just how Sports talk works I suppose.
  4. I agree. Colts would make more sense, for Darnold's sake, because they can hide his inefficiencies behind a great rushing attack. That could be a Ryan Tannehill situation, to a lesser degree, where a QB escapes bad coaching and ends up in a good situation for his style of play.
  5. His thing is he would take Mayfield over Allen now, which is quite funny. Shannon is a big Josh Allen defender IIRC. This whole segment is just hilarious.
  6. Probably the Jets. I could see Darnold getting traded to the Bears or the Eagles possibly. If I was Miami I would try to make a deal with Houston; Tua and picks for Watson preferably.
  7. Gotta think outside the box, or round shape, whichever one Rob is.
  8. As I watch through this again and again, I can't help but wonder. Why didn't 78 (Orlando Brown Jr. I believe) put more of an effort in to tackling Johnson? It looked like he just stood there even though he was one of the closest guys throughout the whole play.
  9. When we so often do our fake field goals and he makes a throw. Have you no sense??? 😂
  10. Didn't Allen clear in one week last year? Concussion against the Patriots and then cleared to play the Titans the next week. I think we all expected Mahomes to play, regardless of what they labeled his injury as. What's more concerning for the Chiefs, in my opinion, is his turf toe injury. That can change his whole dynamic of throws on the run if he isn't as mobile outside the pocket as normal. Send inside pressure and force him outside to keep that foot as a bigger factor in the game. Go Bills!
  11. I'm too nervous to process anything other than the game on Sunday, sorry 🤣
  12. I'm so glad Christian had him on to co-host. Tre's episode was definitely the best one from this season. He's just such an energetic and funny guy
  13. Sub in my personal favorite Gus Johnson. That guy can make anything exciting. I might be in the minority here but I really like Michaels. Collinsworth... Not so much.
  14. That's why you get guys like Jerry, Poyer, Lorax, and to a lesser extent even Beasley that aren't super productive with other teams but just find the right scheme. Allen is example A for developing a QB IMO. -Beasley was good in Dallas but definitely not as good as he has been with us.
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