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  1. I remember watching the game against the Patriots in my grandfathers office on a tiny TV. I called my dad who was at the airport and we talked about how we both thought this could be our year. Little did we know...
  2. 3 Things I noticed 1. Allen owns the Miami Dolphins. 2. Seeing Beasley's reaction after Allen getting the first down against Dallas is always going to be awesome. 3. After reviewing his two touchdown catches, I think I have found the solution to our TE problem.
  3. The Bears tend to go after QB's who are getting paid way too much money...
  4. Exactly where they should stay (excluding QB's, kickers, and punters)
  5. This was my biggest concern going into the season. Our SoS was one of the toughest in the league and we didn't have a good track record for beating the good teams. Other than two bad weeks, we handled business no matter the teams record (excluding the Hail Murray). We performed at an extremely high level against some of the best defense's in the league. When we won against the Rams and the Seahawks, I knew these weren't the Bills of old. Teams that we would normally fold to were bested and the Bills showed the fans and the rest of the league that they could play with the best of the best.
  6. https://coldfrontreport.com/redoing-10-years-of-bills-1st-2nd-round-picks/ In case anyone has problems with copying and pasting.
  7. Let's get Andrew Luck to backup Allen, while we're at it.
  8. I agree with you. Doesn't matter where you play. If you can play then you can play. McBeane do their due diligence when it comes to looking at guys from smaller schools. Dareus was promising, along with Watkins but never lived up to their potential. Hindsight is 20/20 but if you look at those drafts where we took guys from bigger schools, equal or better players were drafted later from smaller schools. I'll never forgive our former staff for drafting Watkins over Mack.
  9. Ray-Ray McCloud in the 6th round from Clemson and Levi Wallace as an UFA from Alabama. Other than that, not really any players from the three powerhouses (Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State).
  10. I agree, no way Gronk leaves Brady and the only reason he's still playing is because of him. Wasn't there talk of Howard wanting to be traded last season? I think he'd be an upgrade over any of our guys. I agree with you, is a pick this year going to be worth what we get from him?
  11. Fair point, I was just going off Spotrac for those numbers.
  12. He got closer to the endzone than the Chiefs did... Very impressive!
  13. He is and he's only mid-20's right now. Although he didn't put up good numbers this year, it was in limited carries and snaps. He's a powerful runner and I think he's very underrated out of the backfield as a pass catcher as well (over 500 yards with Jax last year). He's probably looking for 8-10 million after that Super Bowl performance though.
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