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  1. Is it a goal to have TE production? For the most part, the offense is humming and the TEs are a part of it. What is the issue or your point? Hey Dorsey, we want more TE production: dorsey: Why? idk
  2. this is an excellent example of a false narrative. Over the last two years, Allen has a whopping four more interceptions than Mahomes. FOUR. When it comes to stats that try to count “balls that should have been intercepted”, Mahomes and Allen have similar counts. Allen has three more interceptions than Burrows over the same time period. But Mahomes stopped making stupid plays apparently and Allen is Jekyll and Hyde. If you watched Mahomes, you’d see someone that he does it all the time too. Literally watch the highlights of the Jags game. Watch Burrows be inaccurate as hell the last two weeks and barely move the ball it’s just an untrue narrative that started with fans, creeped into the local media, and then is now a national narrative. Allen throws about the same amount of interceptions than the other two franchise QBs in the league interception totals the last two years between Allen, Burrows, and Mahomes…29, 26, and 25. Yea I don’t think Mahomes and Burrows do it a heck of a lot less.
  3. He has been complaining every step of the way as this team has built itself into the superbowl favorites. I mean, it says a lot about his opinions that what he complains about....works
  4. if anything the double standard is in the opposite direction with Rogers. PFT and a lot of media people hate Rodgers and love to dominate the news cycle with negative stuff about him. lamar getting banged up got the same coverage of someone like jimmy G or Tua this year
  5. you know the bills traded for bates, an undrafted free agent? you know the bills developed him for two years? you know they inserted him into the lineup and he has found instant success? maybe, JUST MAYBE, the bills identified a player they liked, developed him, and then played him when he was ready? And that they deserve a ridiculous amount of praise for doing so? rather than….. “durrrrr why didn’t dah bills play the undrafted player (that I never heard of) sooner. Dumb dumb McDermott.”
  6. Ummmm. We’re only half way there… (good call!!)
  7. Rank the players by their love of football!!!
  8. You don’t want Mac Jones throwing the ball if your a patriots fan
  9. he came into the league at the wrong time and for the wrong team. He gets drafted the past couple years and he’d be a stud
  10. I don’t think he is a hero. And he foolishly put himself in a dangerous position that could get people killed. but he was clearly innocent and it’s wild they took him to trial given the video evidence.
  11. Exactly. Thinking people should be arrested and charged with crimes while the government figures out if a crime has been committed is insanity and ass backwards. people should be charged with crimes…wait for it…when the government believes a crime has been committed and is willing to prosecute it. here, that video alone results in no charges under any scenario that is not politics.
  12. it is a good analogy. It forces you to understand your point was wrong. You can disagree that it was clear cut self-defense, that’s fine. What was silly was saying people who discharge guns and kill people should always get charged. and arresting and charging people with the crimes while you sort stuff out is actually not how it is normally done. Nor how it should be done. And that’s your misunderstanding here.
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