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  1. says the person who quotes me whenever I post. Ohhhhh the irony
  2. What an unbelievable incoherent post! Nice and as an FYI, I dont think of you at all
  3. it’s because you aren’t a serious person. You are a dishonest person saying dishonest things. oh the irony you moron
  4. Have we played Fitzpatrick since he left? I can’t remember
  5. Im not saying they are unbeatable. Their point differential is 142 points...through six games.
  6. Pats are in a tier of their own. Texans and chiefs are in a tier with the bills. sorry, but the chiefs are no longer belong in the top 2. They have proved nothing and their defense is not good enough.
  7. Matt Stanford’s stats plus Allen’s running ability and knack for winning equals a top 5 QB. So yes Stafford was clearly a top 6-10 qb at his prime.
  8. Maybe All STadium wall Users Really Better ... never mind
  9. Just popping in to point out that this is a very dumb thing to say, and shows your lack of understanding on the subject. 1 US soldier is enough to hold off the turks....they aren't going to do ***** if US has a presence there. and LOL at you think anyone who disagrees with you was spun by the media. Great way to go through life buddy No your point was that that 50 soldiers wouldn't hold off the "turks." That point was wrong.
  10. oh I have someone else file my motions, maybe I can pass it along!
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