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  1. The “violence of lies” is great lol
  2. The general rule is once you know litigation is a possibility, you have to preserve all possible evidence. So it depends on when they scrubbed social media history, and it what extent it constitutes evidence.
  3. My big question is how have so many people watched the trial??? Does anyone work lol?
  4. How he is generally wrong at that time AND with hindsight is always funny to me
  5. because the NFL has explicitly suspended players in the past for a failure to cooperate, and having settlement agreements that explicitly forbid cooperation with the nfl would fit that. Deflate gate and the Al Jazeera incidents are good examples of punishments specifically for lack of cooperation I think a settlement with all these victims is extremely unlikely and beyond wishful thinking. And even more wishful be Watson thinking he could escape any suspension by going that route. the nfl is going to investigate this, Watson can’t simply prevent everyone from cooperatin
  6. I think any settlement the precluded them from speaking with the nfl would be an issue with the nfl
  7. Oh my gosh Chris Watson the punt catcher
  8. the logic isn’t hard to follow, even if you disagree. There are over 20 sets of factual allegations. When there’s that many, the gist of them are almost always true. Here that gist is he used massages for sexual purposes. Whether or not it rises to harassment/assault is really the only issue. but with that many independent allegations, it’s pretty reasonable to believe he was being inappropriate during massages.
  9. every year? He has been active safety depth for two years now.
  10. Itll be interesting to see what happens for sure. Covid-19 has been really unpredictable, so it’ll be a great learning experience. For example, Texas lessening many of their restrictions was though my to be irresponsible by many, but Texas is one of the states that has not see a surge this year, and is instead seeing a constant decline since it lessened restrictions.
  11. I don’t think a lot of people understand the process is unlikely to ever play out. It is unlikely Watson ever has a jury trial (civil or criminal). all we can do is look at the evidence. We don’t have any here, so I wouldn’t judge much personally. But I think when you start getting 20-40 accusers, it is as reasonable to judge as most videos. Though, under NFL precedent, he already has done enough to be suspended. Which is dumb imo I understand how the law works quite well, thank you. But this whole discussion is about judging, so not sure what you’r
  12. People always say wait for the legal process to play out, but that isn’t always the reasonable standard. Did anyone need to let the legal process play out to know ray rice did something wrong and illegal? No, because we saw the evidence. in other words, we were made aware of facts before the legal process played out and that was enough. 20+ accusations isn’t evidence or a fact we can look at like a video. But it’s damning enough circumstances that judging him is more than reasonable.
  13. So each crime usually has a different level of culpability associated with it. And separately, each crime also has specific circumstances tied to it. 1st degree murder - intentional and premeditated (and then specific circumstances is just killing a cop) 2nd degree murder - intentional but not premeditated 3rd degree murder - not intentional, but you were knowingly doing something so reckless it was a conscious disregard for human life 1st degree manslaughter - intentional murder but with understandable circumstances, like heat of passion (catching you
  14. Yea, it should be manslaughter or maybe 3rd degree murder. None of the other officers with him that day should be criminally liable though.
  15. While that is accurate, that is not really applicable here. Chauvin would be part of a union and would require just cause to be fired. There is no doubt there was just cause to fire him, it is not dependent on a criminal conviction, and he would not have a legal gripe. That is all I know about labor law, so i don't anything further haha.
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