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  1. whines about the voiceless....wants to deprive the poor of non-abortion medical services because of something. Lol, look in the mirror if you want to see a lack of empathy. go on fighting your pointless losing fight, that is also misinformed. I’m glad you’ll make a difference (you won’t). its a shame if I get me girlfriend pregnant she would keep it, or else I’d ask for an abortion just for you.
  2. good. That’s what gives me joy. People fighting a terribly dumb and irrational fight that they can’t win. The fact you lose, And always will lose, is funny. Because your fight is wildly dumb
  3. It’s true, and and embarrassing. You literally are unable to discuss logic because of your hatred of “baby killers.“ I good part of me takes joy in knowing that (a) there is a weird part of population that includes people like you that have a strong hatred of abortions and (b) abortions will never ever ever ever ever go away. So deal with it, wipe your irrational tears with dead babies
  4. that’s what I would do. But I imagine a large portion of people making less than 100,000 are not invested in the stock market outside of their retirement
  5. right, and they have a breakdown of services in their annual reports and you can come to your own statistical conclusions. The fact remains that a substantial amount of their services are unrelated to abortion. That can’t be disputed, only ignorantly ignored.
  6. not to be rude, but how are the homeless being impacted financially? and what exactly are people goiing to immediately spend the money on. If I got 1,200 bucks right now, I would have trouble spending it if I wanted to.
  7. so you aren’t willing to have an honest discussion, at least you are honest about that. it objectively true that the vast majority of services they provides are not related to abortions. Many that use it are males (they aren’t getting abortions). Many of their clinics don’t even perform abortions. i think it is absolutely cruel that you want them to close down during this, when many people in poverty use it as a healthcare provider for Medical services other than abortion, simply to push your agenda. How that is not condemned by everyone here, is unfortunate.
  8. what, that statistically they provide a substantial amount of non-abortion services? And you want them not to do that during the pandemic because......? What, they also provide abortions? How is that logical what are you disagreeing with? How does my post, which listed facts, require a suspension of disbelief?
  9. abortions make up 3 percent of the services they provide. Hundreds of their clinics do not perform abortions. many people use it for other reasons in their community. I know people who have their gyco exams there as its the only affordable option in their area. does it bother you that what you are saying is objectively wrong? I am trying to have a logical and rational conversation, we’ll see if you do the same
  10. A lot of people actually use it for other reasons in their community. This can’t really be argued...
  11. why would planed parenthood be an exception to medical facilities being deemed essential? Do people realize they do a lot beyond abortions?
  12. you probably know more than me, but it’s an advance on a new 2020 tax credit.
  13. he doesn’t say “will” in the video, just that it is the goal
  14. when I skimmed it I didn’t see any cutoff dates and it just said “time of determination” but because no determinations have been made, my poor understanding is that you could file today and your 2019 would count once it is accepted by the government (which should be very fast)
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