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  1. let them play, that penalty was awful to see
  2. Just ignore people that feel the need to go on the internet and tell people they don't care about a post (while taking enough time on their busy saturday night to do so)
  3. DEAR GOD HE IS A MONSTER though, the consequence probably shouldn’t be an arrest warrant...
  4. His career? He was extremely healthy until his 30s
  5. Bills v Vikings...world ends before either team wins
  6. I like how Yeldon consistently getting tackled upon first contact all last game (I have never seen a RB go down easier) has made people think he’d be useful.
  7. To anyone staying downtown, highly recommend Hearsay for cocktails. Moonshiners has great food and a solid happy hour.
  8. that is moving the ball before the ref has placed it down.
  9. In just five words you managed to make three punctuation errors...how?
  10. Why are you listing past injuries? Their argument isn't that past injuries will lead to lamar jackson getting hurt. It is that his style of play will (not has) get him hurt. Their past injuries are irrelevant, don't be obtuse in your medicore troll job.
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