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  1. Josh will have a huge say in who gets hired for OC ! I think it's Dorsey !
  2. I was there and was fine the whole game ! I burned my face walking to my car after from wind chill ! Howie Long got booted I believe and the Raiders were done just walking onto field to start the game
  3. May you rest in Peace Kemp2Warlick ! TBD loses a great man !
  4. Used to ride Comet at Chrystal Beach for Kenmore Days but I thought the Wild Mouse was crazier !
  5. I thought it's at Prior Aviation near Charlie The Butcher
  6. Shurmur is out in NY and Belecheat leaves Pats for the big lights of NY and the Giants
  7. Matt Milano He won't allow himself to take a play off
  8. Jordan loves being the crowd conductor at home ! From start to finish he has the crowd screaming
  9. It's called The Federal House and it's in Annapolis !
  10. Went to game last night and watched our back-up kicker McLaughlin make a 65yd. FG in halftime warm-ups that would've been good at 75yds. ! Bummer to watch him get cut this week !!
  11. Mills didn't make Hughes a better player ! Hughes needs a good tackle in practice !
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