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  1. He'd be a very good coach in college or NFL !
  2. I park in the ECC South Lot directly behind the school ! It's a great lot for people coming and going from the Northtowns
  3. Let me guess ! He works for the FBI and does whatever the hell he feels like !
  4. Either Murray's on Delaware Avenue or Swannie House just down the street from the Arena ! If you go to Murray's then go to Kelly's Corner for the best roast beef on weck roll or their incredible wings ! Kelly's Corner is about 3-4 blocks north of Murray's on the other side of street ! Swannie House is a Irish bar that's over 100 years old ,and they treat you great in there ! They always have Red Sox games on ! Great bar before or after any events at the Arena !
  5. OJ's son did it and that's why Al Cowlings punched him in the head as they pulled into OJ's driveway in the Bronco ! OJ's son was running up the driveway !
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