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  1. holmz56

    Where are you on the spectrum??

    I'll say I'm looking forward to the 2019 Training Camp ! We'll know where Allen is next season !!
  2. holmz56

    Eric Wood doing the color for K St and Iowa St

    I'm at the game ! It's like a Dec. game in Buffalo !
  3. He won't last the whole game ! I wonder if "go long" is in his playbook yet ??
  4. holmz56

    Bronco's cut Chad Kelly

    He has the same issues as Richie Incognito ! He needs some serious help before it's too late ! Coming to Buffalo where he got in most his trouble would be the worst thing for him .
  5. holmz56

    Report: Bills have discussed trading KB

    He flat out is garbage and every GM knows it ! Nobody wants him !
  6. holmz56

    Predict the score vs NE

    31-28 Bills The bandwagon has new wheels !!
  7. Pete Carroll did a fake punt up about 36-6 vs. Bills when we played Seattle in Toronto and the crowd cheered ! The Bills said Bye Bye Toronto !
  8. holmz56

    Green Bay Game | single ticket for sale

    Wish it wasn't 6:45pm Saturday when I saw this !!
  9. holmz56

    Near the stadium on Saturday night?

    It warm and nice out ! Head west to the Lake bars !!
  10. holmz56

    Fantasy Football Question

    I dumped Ross for Penny this morning !