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  1. I too was witness to the shoutbox brouhaha. This is a total ruse to sway the opinion of the uninformed voters, much like the last presidential election. BTW, the pizza I make has no outer crust. All the goodies go out to the very edge
  2. Great diagnostics by the OP. The questions as we all know, does Josh take the next step and does he gel with his new receiver and does the new O line protect him? My hopes are high that it all comes together for a 9-7 or 10-6 season. A playoff berth would be icing on the cake.
  3. No but it is a novel idea. Falcon heavy is on schedule. I have a clear blue sky
  4. I have read every post and it seems to me that the OP found it funny that to people with similar features were both frauds. I don't see race as being part of his point. JMO. Carry on
  5. Boyst and KW95 must be on a honeymoon island somewhere. Have not seen either in a month
  6. Close enough for a caravan to Atlantic City to work on the next Trump project I guess
  7. Thanks, Im one of the rare few that gets to spend a 65th birthday with his 93 year old mother. Maybe pick up some wings on my way to her house
  8. Happy birthday @mrags Some fine folks were born on this day
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