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  1. 1st egg has hatched and the 2nd is still viable. A bit of entertainment available during the shut down https://dickpritchettrealestate.com/
  2. R.I.P. He was a joy to chat with and will truly be missed. Take care and be safe
  3. I have our LeeWay pass here, works the same as your EZ pass, except it's 30 bucks. The cool thing is, you get a discount with the pass. The regular toll is 2 bucks, only 1 with the pass
  4. Happy Birthday Mike. Say Hi to Arnold for me
  5. My bad, you and Teef deserve better. This guilt will surely take it's toll. I hope I can survive it
  6. Well thank you very much! Would have much more enjoyable had we all not been preoccupied with a stinking pandemic!
  7. I think @Chandler#81 volunteers at the Players
  8. No way this tops the previous post I can't post the close up for some reason. My brother sent me that from a hotel in Tel Aviv a couple years back
  9. Beginning tomorrow through April 5th. Charities will take a big hit from this
  10. If you touched the leader with your hand, yes. lol
  11. Everyone I talked to knew he was giving himself up. Did he do it by the rules of the game, no. But the intent was obvious JMO
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