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  1. Are you still trying to go from banned to a mod?
  2. 72 at game time, our boys will enjoy the weather here! GO BILLS!!
  3. Have a great time! There may be a ticket available for the Miami. I find out tomorrow. I really wanted the Pat's game but Miami will do
  4. Would it make a difference if turned to Buddhism or became an agnostic. The guy turned his life around at this point, so it seems. I am rooting like hell for him. Keep your belief in the appropriate section
  5. Um, not sure I am the correct spot. I need to register fo hammers
  6. I have read every post in this thread and saw no reference to any particular Cell carrier. I am coming up from Florida and am concerned about signal strength on my Sprint android at the stadium BTW. I have the Ticketmaster app. Will that work at the gate
  7. Probably because he feels the Circus is just beginning with AB and the Raiders. Not ending just because he will play this Sunday! Like most of us
  8. Oh, if you don't like liver, you probably don't like rutabaga. Good, that means there will be left in the store for me
  9. Thirsty's here in the Cape has a female chef that makes it just right. I told her, last night, that she makes it almost as Mrs. flaz did. Unfortunately she hasn't cooked in 3 years The biggest issue with liver is overcooking. It becomes shoe leather past medium rare or medium. Well done you can drive a nail with
  10. No way do you put gravy on any liver. If the beef or calves liver is sauteed in butter to medium rare and served with caramelized onions, there is no stink and it melts in the mouth. A nice salad and a baked spud rounds out the meal. Heaven on earth for Mrs. flaz and me
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