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    How Much Pressure Was Doug Whaley Under To Win?

    If I remember correctly Overdorf was managing the salary cap during the Whaley era. I think Beane will need to build a winning team before he takes any shots at anyone else. Whaley's scouting team managed the draft. If McD made the picks it was from Whaley's scouting data.
  2. VADC Bills

    Allen is More Accurate Than I Thought He Would Be

    I would love to see him check down a little more. I would like for the coordinators to design screens for him and incorporate more crossing patterns. Once that happens we will put a lot more points on the board.
  3. Beane was 100% responsible for this year's draft. He wasn't in place long enough last year to take any credit. I think Whaley's scouting team was in full effect with McDermott picking and choosing in the 2017 draft. I would like to see more than a good game against the Jets to be convinced but it would have been crushing to lose this one.