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  1. I would go with Fouts and Montana. Rivers doesn't really impress though he is solid. Young took about 6 years to get it going. I think the best thing to happen to Young was to play behind Montana.
  2. Trent is excellent. Since he has demanded a trade the skins would be lucky to get a 3rd rounder. Maybe throw in a 7th for good measure. Trent was suspended for substance abuse but I would take the chance anyway. He is better than anyone we have.
  3. I totally agree. Beane has not demonstrated he can close the deal on any type of player beyond mediocre without over paying. I am a Murphy fan and I believe he can get you 8-10 sacks when healthy. With that being said I will still be excited as I am always at the beginning of the season. Waiting to see the rookies.
  4. Any of your top 3 DT's or top 2 edge rushers. I remember how Tannehill and Darnold ripped us last year. The draft should target blue chippers on defense.
  5. Totally agree. With all of the emphasis on offense we had in had free agency and rightly so, people tend to forget how mediocre our defense was even though we had good stats. We were picked apart by Tannehill and Darnold. With Kyle gone we need to firm up the line and need more on the edge. We can't totally ignore these areas. I could be very happy with Dillard if it means getting Oliver as well.
  6. Reminds me of Wes Welker. Once Dallas got Toomer, Beasly became a forgotten man. Great signing.
  7. Keep in mind he is in Detroit....
  8. Interesting enough during the drought each of our GM's were able to make the big deal. McCoy, Mario Williams, Spikes, Fletcher to name a few. I'm not making excuses for Beane but if he can take credit for the 9-7 team that made the playoffs then he should be accountable for 6-10 team that he has created. I hope Josh Allen pans out to be great I like what I see but I can't forget how unprepared the Bills were for the beginning of last season at RB, QB and WR.
  9. Don't think this will happen. I have seen Bell's linked to the Colts during the season which may not amount to much. Not impressed by the Gore signing especially on the first day of FA Beane still has to prove that can compete with other teams in making the big deal without over paying and creating new holes to fill.
  10. Jamison Crowder would have been the ideal slot receiver. Looks like the Jets may be beating us to punch here.
  11. Getting a 3rd for Tyrod was decent but not great because it created a void that Beane was slow to fill. Beane was beaten to the punch in getting a comparable back up. Had to take the last QB standing, McCarron who was eventually cut. Very slow to release Nate Peterman. Beane seems to be willing to make an impact but has not made any good deals for any players yet other than draft picks yet.
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