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    It finally hit me who Trent Murphy reminds me of....

    After watching him with the Redskins as the rust wears off he will look more like Aaron Schobel but I like the Denny comparison.
  2. I'm not sure how McD or Beane stand on racial issues. But they left the door open to that way of thinking by their actions with TT last year and with Peterman being so bad you couldn't discount race. With that being said they have made questionable decisions this year when race is not an issue regarding Peterman??? What do they see in him. I believe race may be more in the minds of some posters than in Bills management. Just mention Doug Whaley's name. Will Beane be held to the same level of expectation as Whaley on this board.
  3. VADC Bills

    Brandon Bean failed to provide Josh Allen a mentor

    As soon as the season is over make Alex Van Pelt the associate OC or AHC. This would be an excellent choice
  4. VADC Bills

    Josh is rough around the edges but man kid has potential

    But it is part of the learning process and most vets will take the young guy under their wing. I cringe when I saw the story on how Tyrod was helping Baker Mayfield. I like Allen and Buffalo should afford him every opportunity to be successful.
  5. VADC Bills

    Is Doug Marrone a better coach than Sean McDermott?

    We were never the laughing stock of the league with Marrone and he has arguably he best team in the league now. He took over a bad Jacksonville team now they are contending for a championship. As of now the answer is yes.
  6. It was Whaley..let's give credit where credit is due.
  7. We need a GM and coach that get 2-3 more wins a season from what we had last year. When you're 9-7 the quickest way to 12-4 is not going 3-13. What kind of a process is this. I question their ability to judge talent. Look at their free agents. I think McBeane is learning on the job, but no matter what anyone's process or rebuild is losing seasons should not be part of it. Both of these guys are unproven so I hate to see them get rid of the talent we had because they have no record of building a winning team or scouting good talent and we are beginning to see very questionable decision making.
  8. VADC Bills

    How Safe Are Coach McDermott and GM Beane?

    If they continue to lose to the point where people stop buying tickets to the games. They will be removed immediately. No time frame on it. If the Bills get blown out over the next 2-3 games. You will see a dip in ticket sales. Guess what happens next.
  9. I felt Teddy Bridgewater would have been an excellent vet for Allen to learn from. The Jets seems to have out strategized the Bills this off season while McBeane was giving away valuable draft picks. I think McBeane may have lost the hunger to win now since going to the playoffs last year.
  10. Hindsight is 20/20. I can understand the first start for Peterman although I disagreed with pulling Tyrod. I'm sure McD wanted to see what the kid had and we saw quickly, went back to Tyrod and went to the playoffs for the first time in 17 years thus padding McBeane's ego somewhat. Peterman should have been cut in the off season but wasn't and this is where poor general management and coaching decision making come in. To make the same mistake twice is on McBeane. One of worst decisions of Bills management that I can remember. Starting Peterman was made by choice and not forced due to injuries. They have painted themselves in corner of not having a viable QB which demonstrates the lack of planning and talent assessing on their part. It has been a long time since we were the embarrassment of the league and we are now after one week. The good part is that it is only one week into the season and there is opportunity for them to prove themselves.
  11. VADC Bills

    How long will it take?

    The failure I witnessed at the game starts at the top. Many holes were not addressed in the off season in fact some were created. McBeane seemed more concerned about removing talent than acquiring it.
  12. VADC Bills

    I believe yesterday was a bit of a fluke

    I was at the game yesterday and I agree when Allen came into the game his passes had more zip like Flacco's. He showed some pocket presence. He also made noticeably quicker decisions and over all looked more comfortable than Peterman who was playing scared. He was better than Peterman in all phases. Let the rookie play, put a FB back there to protect him.
  13. VADC Bills

    Taking a look at Brandon Beane's acquisitions.

    We had good talent with Whaley but I felt that Rex keep us out of the playoffs for 2 years. Granted we didn't look like SB champs under Whaley but today was total incompetence. I went to the game today and if i see McDermott or Beane in person I will ask for my money back!
  14. This is McBean's team now, no blaming Whaley here and they have burned through draft picks like crackheads without much to show. They have transformed the team from a playoff contender into a very bad team...quickly. Benjamin is not the only problem here and it is hard to single out all of the problems when there are so many. I went the game today and there was nothing positive. Peterman was the worst player on the field without question but no one else seemed very prepared especially Daboll, Frazier and McDermott. If they Ravens had not pulled Flacco when they did they would have put up 60 points.
  15. VADC Bills

    Peterman/Brees comparison?

    I don't see the comparison, maybe after a few beers I will. I do remember that it was the Bills old front office that chose Rivers over Brees. Not that Rivers is bad but it was not the smartest decision in hindsight. Sometimes it takes a QB 2/3 years to develop which bodes well for Peterman. However by then Allen will be starting.