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  2. Average yearly turnover is between 6-7. Big question is what teams, other than WAS, do it in-season. Kitchens is horrible; should have never been promoted. Garrett is done. Quinn is likely done, unless they make a very unlikely Super Bowl run. Tomlin is done. Rivera is done. That makes six, with Gruden already gone. I can't see any other in-season firings. Flores and Gase are both on the bubble. Could be a record year for turnover.
  3. Good thing Jets started 0-4 because I still think Darnold was best qb drafted
  4. Quinn is long overdue;. He's a zero. A bum. Blank is a moron.
  5. If your QB keeps his lips to himself, and you can get some overrated teams on your schedule, you got a chance! I would actually be fine with the Jets winning next week.
  6. wooo the fig hoo...hit all of this!!!!! Buying beers at the Eagles game biotches!!! that was one profitable day today
  7. I think it's Quinn, but it's going to be a few games away, as has been stated, when the Falcons are eliminated.
  8. Barf @ the Jets winning. I just can't stand Gase's bug-eyed fartface. Seems like the kinda guy that'd kick in the door to a children's birthday party to tell them Santa isn't real. Friggin' turd.
  9. It's a good win for Gase and Darnold.. I still think they implode by mid November, but if they stay fiesty, we may be glad that we already got the W in NY.
  10. Minnesota is in that next little group I think with Tennessee and possibly the Packers. I also think actually Chicago is comfortably 4th out of the top 4. Based on what I have seen so far I think New England is #1 (but their biggest tests are yet to come), Buffalo and San Fran are pretty close for #2 and #3 and then the Bears are at #4.
  11. He was feeling so poorly that he had a hand in leading his team to a 16-0 lead. Only when the Bills started marching back does the stupid mono excuse factor in? Can't have it both ways. Either he is healthy enough to play with no excuses or the Jets hold him out. Case closed.
  12. I only seen the second half but yes, he did have a good game. I still think people would roast Allen for some of that stuff. See above comment.
  13. Obviously he was only playing at 13% in the first half, down to negative 22% in the second half cause of the tiring effect. Next week against the Pats when he's 100% he's actually going to be unstoppable.
  14. I rank them at a distant 5, the other 4 are playing at a whole different level. I don't know how to rank the 1st 4 though but here goes. 1. NE 2. Bills 3. 49'ers 4. Bears 5. Vikings
  15. That's the exact kind of pass I was talking about. That exact pass could happen with Allen to Zay and it would have been a pick. People would be screaming that Josh shouldn't have made that throw... those same people will praise the throw from Mahomes.
  16. Could very well be. That NFC West division is going to be tough for years
  17. So based on this game, how do you like the Bills chances on Thanksgiving?
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