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  2. Potential and when he was on the field he was a monster, especially last year before his injury. He'll go way before nine. Someone will trade up for him if he somehow makes it past five.
  3. Appreciate the research. My issue would be this. Davis is lined up at WLB in every formation(outside of the anomalous stacked left side). Kind of odd how they've chosen to use Milano in a different role than Davis, but you have to respect the adaptability. I feel like drafting White would leave Milano on the bench quite a bit considering the frequency of 2 LB sets. Not a fan of that aspect of this proposition. I would still prefer they draft Oliver or Metcalf if all three were available(which they won't be), but this info is certainly interesting and demonstrates White's potential role in a McD scheme.
  4. Nothing like bands singing about pedophilia.....I kid... I kid
  5. Tyree is just too big to really pattern his game off anyone currently playing. I know he's a huge Favre fan, but he's going to need to improve on his own strengths rather than patterning his game off anyone else's... Tyree makes a lot of NFL throws... Throws you simply can't make unless you know what you're doing... The right system is absolutely essential, but I think he wrestles the ball away from any shaky starter at QB.
  6. Translation: I pretend we still live in the Dark Ages to justify devoting my life to making wild accusations of perceived racism around every corner.
  7. Why stop at Littlefinger then? Take Robert's face, walk into Cersei's Throne Room and say "Hi Honey, I'm home!"
  8. If he falls to #9 this will be the sorriest looking family at a remote location watching their son get drafted in NFL history.
  9. It's sounding like they may be coming off their "Haigh-Ashbury-Cleveland" trip and might end up picking him. LOL, if that happens it sure will throw the top of the draft into a frenzy.
  10. Arians of TB literally stated that McCoy has lost a step of his disruptive play. We have seen many times how a change of scenery can help a player rediscover his game. McDermott knows him well from game planning against him.
  11. i want to be able to get to sleep tonight, i better not refresh my memory on a horror show like that
  12. This could be the selections when the Bills pick without moving up. I would swap 2 and 3 but this is splitting hairs. The main reason is that will equal grades, TJ will make a larger impact.
  13. i read reports of this nature for good $$$, there's not a hope i care at all to bother reading one for free and as if these bozos could read it and grasp the nuances and reality of a report of this nature.//
  14. Zero chance of him slipping to 9. If the Cardinals were not playing the role of the old Browns, he would be pick #1.
  15. A couple of the sounds that I really like Are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike I'm a juvenile product of the working class Whose best friend floats in the bottom of a glass
  16. It was listed as incomplete since the report was from 2010 so they didn't know how those players would turn out. Your F- is absolutely spot on as it's one of the worst drafts in Bills history!
  17. everyone knew that about Bowman he was a very fortunate man to be handed defending SC champs or teams that were 99% of the way there, Buffalo was the only time he had to try to build an honest team then again i have accounting friends who get a headhunting apointment for $300,000 and get paid for a year (after the place goes under after 3 months) and take 2 weeks in Hawaii and then a limo to the headhunters for their next engagement of this nature...
  18. Didn’t much care for the Habs either - Lafleur, Richard, Cournoyer, Maholivich (both of ‘em), Lamaire, Lapointe, Savard...hated ‘em all. Dryden too, even though he went to Cornell! And thought Bowman was the biggest d**k in the world, until he became Sabres coach. I believe he still lives in Buffalo. .
  19. I imagine anyone that is dead A possible little finger return? Sansa is alive because of him. Jon already said he was a Stark
  20. You may have read it, but you obviously didn't understand it. But I realize that that's the new lib talking point.
  21. The question is really, “offensive weapon” vs. lineman. That is the question. I voted field because I believe Oliver is their guy. That doesn’t mean that he will be there. There are a lot of options but IMO he is the target.
  22. #9? are you taking the same substance that heavily influenced Revolution 9??? billion and billions of galaxies of talent diff between the "top picks" and #9....
  23. i'm on board and will stay the course, just keep Josh healthy.... i won't jump out and tell Pats and Steelers and Cowboys fans the Bills are going to totally kick ass and easily win 10 games until they actually do...
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