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  2. I can find people who say it was lucky - yes. And it was. It wasn't only luck but I don't find anyone who says it was pure luck either. I think what is happening here is certain people are not reading the words on the page. They are reading them and adding their own interpretations.
  3. I got down on one knee and proposed - on Valentines Day. We met on a blind date, and have been married almost 30 years. Sometimes marriage works out well.
  4. I just had a horrible thought - what if the happy couple are both Pats* fans, and were decked out in Pats* gear for the ceremony? .
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  6. I don't hate this narrative for last season, but it IS a glossy, Allen-centric depiction of something far more circumstantial and nuanced than we see here. Again, I mostly agree. But why are so many fans drawn to such polarized interpretations? There's no monetary fan award for being proven right first about certain players, coaches, transactions, etc. I disagreed with the pick at first. Then the Bills had a meltdown at QB. Then Allen returned from the elbow injury (suffered in a Texans game most of us agree Allen would have steered to victory--which never gets brought up in the pre- vs post-injury critique, that maybe the rookie was progressing on-the-job even BEFORE his step-back) with some kind of spark, and/or leadership, and/or improved play, and I was sold. I'm excited to watch him play in 2019. But let's not ignore the full truth. He was REALLY bad at times last season. He panicked in ways an NFL QB never should, especially the tendency to turn his back to the pass rush rather than step up. Resulted in some laughable film. Let's be reasonable?
  7. John Cage - 4’33” (I’ve performed this piece at least a thousand times, and have never hit a wrong note) .
  8. Congrats on being impressed by his trolling. Such an important attribute for a president!
  9. Let me be more clear as I hold the view that everybody has a right to a high school education. They don't have the right to a college education. The government getting involved in higher education is how we're in this mess to begin with. They created a racket by providing subsidized loans so almost anyone can get into college including those that aren't cut out for it. They changed the bankruptcy laws making it nearly impossible to discharge those loans in bankruptcy like people do with credit card and mortgage debt. The result is these subsidized loans are handed out like crazy and they destroyed the supply and demand mechanism most businesses are subject to allowing colleges to jack up the price of college tuition at a rate that far exceeds inflation. In an ideal world the government would get out of the college loan business completely. Colleges who rely on these government backed student loans will be forced to lower their cost as far less students would apply. Banks who give out college loans would have to be extremely selective in who they give them out to making high school gpa and SAT/ACT scores more relevant. High schools would be incentivized to invest more in BOCES like programs for students who don't have the aptitude to complete a college degree and maybe start telling the truth that college is not for everyone. Use some of the money we would have spent for free college and put it into more into BOCES programs along with transitional services in high schools. If given a binary choice between Warren's plan of just eliminating most student debt or changing bankruptcy laws to make it easier to discharge student debt I'd choose the latter. At least these students would feel some pain that comes along with bankruptcy instead of just getting off scot free. Banks would also be more selective in handing out student loans if they know they can be discharged easily through bankruptcy. It's a good first step.
  10. Several things I don't agree with here: - I don't think TJ Yeldon makes the cut. - I do think Perry makes the cut. - Is DiMarco some sort of sacred cow? - I didn't realize that Christian Wade could be on the team and not count against the 53. I thought he just didn't count against the 90. Does he get to suit up? - I don't think Tyler Kroft will ever play a down as a Bill. I believe he will be cut as soon as they are allowed. - Mike Love over Eli Harold (or Eddie Yarbrough, for that matter)? I don't think so. - I hope they hold onto Tyree, but doubt they will.
  11. Agree to an extent. Allen was dealing with early, disruptive pressure on too many plays. But no "cynical man" completely white washes Allen's issues setting protections, reading defenses pre- and post-snap, and seeing the whole field quickly. The OP really sweeps too much under last year's turf. But for the record, I'm more optimistic than pessimistic about his chances to improve.
  12. Anyone with a brain in their head knows the President was trolling. As Koko pointed out, the President has been doing it a lot since his candidacy. Because you hate him so much you are blinded by this fact.
  13. I haven't seen the template yet, but, yes, it would be a form of that. "Progress" dictates that the 99.9% of people whose brains and bodies work in harmony with each other, be made to feel as uncomfortable as the 0.1% who have a disconnect. Being more than 3 standard deviations from the mean is no longer permitted to be considered an outlier. I don't think you are supposed to understand it.
  14. It's because of Global Warming. Obviously. Are there really still idiots out there denying that's a thing?
  15. Your eye for detail is appreciated here. Any high-functioning 4-3 defense needs on-field fluency from its MLB. That means a clear succession plan at the position. Stanford seemed to my limited eye to grow into that role last season. However, I will go to my grave believing that #57 Lorenzo Alexander can, in a pinch, play MLB at a HIGH level in the NFL. The 2018 wildcard playoff loss to JAX is my primary evidence to support this claim. https://www.buffalobills.com/video/top-5-lorenzo-alexander-plays-afc-wild-card-20215128
  16. One guy that's going to get the recognition he deserves is Taron Johnson . As long as that shoulder isn't a career issue, he's going to be very special. And he's extremely physical, he's going to pop out oncythose pads come on now that he's basically a lock for the nickel. McD can get very creative with the coverages/blitzes with all this high end talent in the secondary
  17. Cynical my @$$!!! You're clearly a homer!!! I say that mainly because I'm a homer and I agree with your entire post
  18. My wife ended up driving home from baseball tonight cause she wanted to try out the new truck.
  19. C'mon, everyone knows if theres one thing to get Canadians rioting, its hockey.......
  20. I hadn't added it up (thank you), but I was immediately thinking that his projected offensive roster is a little bloated/indulgent at the skill positions. I'd guess fewer WR(s) in favor of another DL, DB (or even a hard maybe on LB). Fans will thus worry over some interesting, albeit unproven, offensive players out there in the wind after cuts. It's a good "problem" to have, I say. My 21st century roster-building mantra: QB plus those paid to quarrel over him (TM). That's who REALLY matters. It's not a new idea.
  21. Drones aren't allowed over Ralph's play house.
  22. I'm in Vegas right now. I should put $5,000 on the Chargers!
  23. 😂 you keep thinking that! You sound like a mom making excuses for her loser child.
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