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  2. its called 8 days from camp opening 4 days until rookies report 7 days until vets report
  3. He’s well into this category from a quick minny law search with 142 gms. 42.5 grams-10 kilograms 5th Degree Drug Crime/felony 5 years in prison and $10,000 in fines This qty is trouble even where it’s legalized. Could argue it’s a personal stash i suppose, if he’s smoking it, eating it and has debilitating glaucoma better get get a good lawyer
  4. The Apollo program was misnamed from the start. It should have been called The Luna project or The Selene project. Those were the ancient goddesses. Apollo was the sun god.
  5. If Baker is still "holding a grudge" after (HOW MANY GAMES?) half a season... It enforces my feelings that this kid isn't mature enough (yet) and why I preferred Josh better.
  6. Just don't put it on that guy from Denver who use to always pee his pants during games.
  7. The tax fraud info has been posted somewhere in here ... as I remember it (search to confirm) she was not married to a man she was claiming was her spouse. I "think" (and this is where I may be wrong) she was still married to her brother at the time. Since she is a naturalized citizen, tax fraud and immigration fraud should get her a nice prison term. But, who knows it it will?
  8. it doesn't matter...roster is set except for probably 10 spot barring injuries
  9. Beane is the ONE person i have the most confidence in on both Bills and Sabres organizations. How could anybody even consider getting rid of him?
  10. Metcalf is gonna light it up. I will be vindicated.
  11. “Sean, I hear you saying you feel frustrated because my approach to building an offense has seemed delayed, haphazard, and incompetent. Do I have that right? I understand why you feel that way, it must be frustrating. Your feelings are valid.” ”Brandon, I hear you saying you feel scared and angry when it seems to you that I’m coaching not to lose, as opposed to going for the win. I get why that might be scary and annoying to you. Your feelings are valid.”
  12. ummmm we all suspected the size of your digit was small ...... now we know. Now there's a surprise .......
  13. To be fair to the Apollo mission, they were just following in the footsteps of history. Villains like Galileo and Newton contributed to the stifling of women and it would be just and right to strike them from the annals of history.
  14. Been there a few times myself, but not in decades. It's close to flooded there now (4th July)
  15. i just moved to Jax also. where are these micro bikinis you speak of?!?!?? LOL
  16. our front office and brain trust are really solid. Maybe the best since the Polian/Butler era
  17. There is software out there that can take out the jerkiness of the video. No idea how long it takes to process however.
  18. I hope you guys don't mind if I put the thread back on the rails ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- As the Denver Broncos became the first full team to report for training camp Wednesday, president of football operations/general manager John Elway made it clear that he hopes Joe Flacco can break the team's disappointing run at quarterback. The Broncos have used four starting quarterbacks over the past two seasons -- Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, Brock Osweiler and Case Keenum -- and have finished with back-to-back seasons of double-digit losses for the first time since 1966 and 1967. Not one of those four quarterbacks is on the current roster for the Broncos, who haven't finished above 19th in passing yardage in any of the past three seasons. We're not alone in past QB disappointments !!! https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27209577/broncos-hope-their-poor-qb-play-ends-flacco How much longer will Elway remain in charge of Operations? https://www.espn.com/blog/denver-broncos/post/_/id/33368/john-elway-at-a-crosswords-needs-answers-for-broncos-future Maybe Elway’s job as the Broncos' general manager and vice president of football operations is as difficult and all-consuming as his 15-year quest to win a Super Bowl as a player with the Broncos after three trips to the title game. The bottom line, as Elway approaches the decade mark as a team executive, is that the franchise he has called home for more than 30 years is on wobbly legs, and he has been unable to steady it.
  19. Agree. Watched some baseball with a camera on the facemask. Too jerky to watch for long.
  20. I really like both of these guys. Leadership is one of the hardest things to get right because everyone has egos and everyone wants things done “their” way. The quote: “You do have to be honest. We don’t always see eye to eye. You never are. There’s too many things,” Beane said. “I don’t see eye to eye with every scout I have. But we encourage people to say what’s on their mind and I think that gets you to the right answer. Don’t take it personal. And if you don’t take it personal you can get over it even if you disagree.” That is what true leadership is about. A great leader understands that discussion and communication make a stronger unit overall and that your team needs to be able to speak freely and truthfully and you need to listen. Great find Yolo.
  21. Are they mad about the stolen billions or the group chat memes?
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