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  2. All is forgiven if Shaq gets 20 sacks this season...
  3. UNTIL now, yes. I failed to mention the "now."
  4. Shooting down our drones! No respect. Trump puts all these sanctions on Iran and looks like a really confused pus as they shoot at our aircraft. Sad. Weak president
  5. well, i probably spoke it as a generalized term when i should have more correctly said that i hate NYS politicians. i absolutely love NY and all it's glory. i have been to many places in this great nation of ours and i would be hard pressed to say that there is anywhere i would rather be. we have it all. if we could only wall off NYC or secede from it west of NYC, we would be a lot better off. let the liberal lunacy destroy itself outside of my purview.
  6. I dont think so. Her head reminds me of an eggplant.
  7. Don't quote him. Don't even respond to him. And...he doesn't perceive the mammoth personality cult that is the ONLY thing Hillary had going for her?
  8. Lol, why do the average citizens of red states have less money in their pockets than blue state citizens?
  9. Three Stooges its timeless I was showing my 6 year old some clips and he was on the floor laughing
  10. Some brain surgeons are, but very very very few. Because they get weeded out earlier in training. Same with the top tier of most any profession including coaching. Turnover is higher with coaches because expectations grow more unreasonable with time.
  11. Trump had a jumbotron to hide the swastikas behind?
  12. Liked her enough to vote for her for President. But they didn't have the cultist love you guys have for the idiot Trump, that's for sure
  13. i think internment camps are probably a better descriptor of them than what the connotation concentration camps carries along with it.
  14. @Deranged Rhino put the ABC article in another thread, so I will toss this article in here: Former Ukrainian Prosecutor: ‘No Doubt’ Joe Biden Forced Me Out to Protect Hunter Biden A former Ukrainian prosecutor general is speaking out after Vice President Joe Biden forced him out of his job. Speaking to ABC News, former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin said he has “no doubt” Biden wanted him gone to help protect Hunter Biden’s employer. At the time, Shokin was investigating Burisma Holdings while Biden’s son Hunter was on the board earning as much as $50,000 a month. </snip>
  15. Bad hires get fired, true, but people get fired, true./ But most people at the higher levels of the NFL get fired because their teams didn't win. Each season, three quarters of the teams in the league are unsuccessful, and upwards of half of their head coaches get fired. Most of those teams had inadequate quarterbacking, but the coach still gets fired. There are very few guys hired as head coaches who are not qualified, who haven't had a lot of success for many years in the NFL or college. They get fired because almost all coaches get fired, not because they aren't competent.
  16. Or we could have been bought by some washed-up, has been rock star, "actor". Who had no intention of moving us to Canada.
  17. Presidential behavior wise which is what I was referring to? Absolutely. This is school yard bully nonsense. And the really sad part is this is setting the bar for presidential behavior. I suspect the next president whoever it is, might very well do the same. This is what the social media and twitterization of our society has resulted in (among other things) IMHO. I see no reason to think it will get better anytime soon regardless of who the prez is going forward.
  18. Changing the schedule before November will jinx the team. You'll be sorry... ..
  19. I thought Ching was the guy they brought in while Chong was appearing on That 70's Show?
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