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  2. ICB is not a real source. The guy is a fraud and it's been proven.
  3. I can only speak from my experience. I don't discount the possibility of "others." What I do know is that after a lengthy career flying fighters at sea and over land, then airliners everywhere in the world except Africa, adding up to about 28,000 hours, and being with thousands of others who have done the same things, adding up to millions of hours, I have never seen anything that I would consider a UFO, and have never talked to anyone who has. I know there are a few people who claim to, but I have never met nor talked to anyone who has seen such a thing. I've seen hundreds of unbelievably remarkable things our solar system displays at night, along with others, who have witnessed the same incredible stuff, and there is a fair amount of chatter on the air to air frequency which we all monitor at night over international airspace, whether over the oceans, North Pole, Siberia, Amazon Basin or a number of other places, but nothing that couldn't be explained. That doesn't eliminate the possibility, but I am skeptical, and I was looking.
  4. Did you compare a rookie in Allen to Tyrod who sat multiple years?
  5. Yes Saints at Bills where McD defense gave up 300 rushing yards and the team quit on him. Just one of several blowout losses he has had as HC. TT was terrible in that game as well no excuses there. But starting Peterman on the road in a playoff race was shall we say unwise.
  6. I know McD drafted him, but if he’s true to his word about competition, then Zay should be cut or traded since he’s been clearly outperformed by others including McKenzie, Duke, and even Ray-Ray. It sucks cause I like Zay the person, but he just doesn’t have that big time play capability.
  7. I’m not sure who you are referencing but Shady has only missed a handful of games as a Bill and played hurt in a few more. You need depth at RB no doubt.
  8. Only if he's open. I'm fine with Jones. I still think the 6th spot is up in the air between McKenzie, Ray Ray, and the Duke. Maybe have Barkley play the whole 2nd half in Detroit to give these WR's a chance to make their case.
  9. Well Sweeney is 24 so “youngster” might be a stretch.
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  11. As a Bills fan who isn't too knowledgeable about QB mechanics I'm curious about your assessment of Barkley. Are there any starting QB's he's comparable to or is he significantly consider to have a weaker arm than any QB capable of starting? I want to know to what extent Daboll can plan around him even if he is limited as opposed to his arm strength being something that will haunt him no matter how great he is at all other aspects of the game.
  12. Minor frostbite can cause the symptoms we all (unfortunately) saw on the bottom of his feet as well. No necrosis, but the blistering seen is common. But - you may be on to something as well. I’m not familiar with high-end, expensive cryo therapy he supposedly engaged in. It could be a combination of both.
  13. In terms if backs and receivers to be honest my thinking hasn't really changed since the start of camp. Di Marco will make it, plus Shady, Gore and Singletary. Then the 6 receivers will be Brown, Beasley, Foster, Jones, McKenzie and Roberts.
  14. 1-No way 2-Seems normal 3-Seems normal 4-No way 5-That seems like a lot. Is that a lot? 6-No way Here's mine: 1-John Brown breaks 1,000 yards receiving 2-Ed Oliver gets 8 sacks (one on Brady) 3-McCoy gets 1,000 yards rushing
  15. That's a decent point about out passes, but if that is not in your arsenal it is a HUGE disadvantage, and also extrapolates into deep outs, and deep ins, and 15 yard curls, and other patterms, which are the problems he has had his entire career.
  16. Beasley will have more receptions, yards, tds than Edelman. The Bills will beat New England twice. Allen will have better numbers than Brady.
  17. A PDF of the emails Exclusive Luis Elizondo Statement
  18. Probably want to put Allen on the bench and let him enter the regular season at 100%.
  19. Let’s the tap the breaks. Allen & Barkley have done nothing.
  20. Here are mine: 1. Devin Singletary will have the most touches (rushes + pass receptions) and yards from scrimmage of all RBs 2. WR production: Top 3 will combine for over 2,000 yards receiving (Brown and Beasley combine for 1,500, #3 - either Jones or Foster - will have 500) 3. TEs will combine for over 60 receptions and over 600 yards 4. Shaq Lawson will have more sacks than Trent Murphy 5. Defense will have at least 20 INTs and 30 takeaways 6. Josh Allen will have less than 500 yards rushing
  21. The difference between Barkely and Peterman is Matt is simply smarter....he knows his limitations. That is actually what hurts Peterman....he could play in this league if he wouldnt keep making that cross the field cross body throw that gets picked.....and he cannot stay away from it. If he could you might have something. Matt wont do that....he knows what he can and cannot do.....he would NEVER make that throw that he knows he doesnt have the arm strength for....he would go somewhere else. And as a OC you wouldnt ask him to do it.....its all short game stuff and if you have an accurate QB you can do that (Brady lived off it for years and I am by no means calling Barkely Brady.....but he went to super bowls doing that) Good for 2 out of 4 games
  22. I was just going to nominate the '74 Bills. Tony Greene had 9 INTS. I could have swore he at least made the Pro Bowl, but I don't see it.............Robert James was 1st Team All Pro................Dwight Harrison I remember as being good. But, I can't figure out who even played strong safety.
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