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  2. So......which do you think it is? I mean, if you had to guess.....
  3. Mariota in Reid’s offense with that talent is an intriguing idea.... what would the price be for him, I wonder?
  4. The ones where the foot was pointing up instead of down.
  5. Either that or the Chiefs DL all of a sudden turned into the ‘85 Bears
  6. If the Titans were smart they'd pursue that.
  7. How can anyone want a NE win this week just to bury the NYJ ? The Jets have 1 win and a NE loss and a win vs Mia puts us in a tie for 1st. With the schedules coming up, if NE loses to Jets there could be 3-4 more loses in the next 7 weeks..... before we go to Foxboro. any NE loss is a win for Bills fans everywhere!
  8. Congrats on your Special Gift from the Big Guy! 😋 I’m sure it sucks. The first time I saw it was playing college rugby and I almost puked, as the kneecaps I’d seen to that point in my life were always in the front. I eventually learned you’d see that almost every season. The guys I knew always bounced back fine.
  9. And yet a 6 point game with a legitimate chance to go ahead in Q4.
  10. What possible excuse is there for giving up 7 sacks in 35 minutes to a terrible defense?
  11. Allen looked better in the second half. If he doesn't go out with a concussion, it's plausible the Bills win that game.
  12. Josh looked MUCH better in the second half. He was very shaky in the 1st quarter, though note the game never got out of hand. The Pats aren't running away from our defense.
  13. Most TNF games are. The Broncos aren’t really bad but they’re not good either. Chiefs obviously a different team without mahomes.
  14. Flaco is like watching Jeff George or Bledsoe near the end. He can make every throw but is a statue. McCoy doesn’t look good either up to this point.
  15. I'm sorry but Allen and Daboll are not beating that Pats D. Allen looked totally lost in that game puking up the ball constantly.
  16. Are the Broncos even playing with an offensive line tonight?
  17. They showed the injury replay 4 times... I couldn’t even tell which legs were his.
  18. I'm thinking the same thing. The design of the shirt is OK. Just don't ask anyone what the hell it represents. The avatar is the bomb.
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