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  2. Did he not have an open container in the vehicle, or was that bogus reporting?
  3. Antifa Gives in to the Dark Side. And so much more at the link, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.
  4. 1. The accuracy of Eratosthenes’s observations have been borne out countless times in countless ways since he first made his calculations. The lack of instant communication in 240 bc had no bearing at all on his applied mathematics. 2. Again, what Sagan “says” in the video is not what matters; it’s what he demonstrates with his elementary school experiment that validates Eratosthenes‘s original experiment and proves, once again, that the earth is round. Not that any sane people need further evidence and convincing. What Sagan “believed” in regarding the existence of alien life is irrelevant. He was a student of the scientific method and I suspect he would agree with what the math indicates.
  5. The beer can was for his dip spit. Breathalyzer or no, a failed field sobriety test (the stumbling, etc.) is enough for probable cause. Obviously he was exonerated by the subsequent drug test. However, how else do you think drivers impaired by non-alcoholic substances are identified?
  6. Well we know the guy is mentally tough to be on the bubble, released, hired, put on the practice squad, activated, and on and on. Sure he only had one great game, but that's one more than most can say! And he blocks well so... why not. It's on him to keep his place now. Hard to say as a WR, but for end arounds and the like, he is fast!
  7. The polls were for "who would win the presidency" NOT who would have the most popular votes. The 2016 polls WERE spectaculary wrong. As is Tibsy.
  8. The almighty dollar and the egos of big time college football programs can't take the hit of a cancelled season. I suspect this will be put to bed in a week or so when the NCAA does the job for the conferences and cancels all fall sports.
  9. Sounds like they are ready to take Duke Williams roster spot. His social media fans won't be happy.
  10. Ohio state’s president hasn’t even started yet... but joined that call and voted apparently
  11. So there is an abundance of information to support why he shouldn’t have been arrested and taken into custody, and you speculate based on nothing that there probably was a reason he was arrested but it was covered up after the fact due to his celebrity status? Uh huh. Okay 👌
  12. Good to hear. I would think both have a shot to make the roster or possibly protected on the practice squad.
  13. This is the kind of talk I like to see. Ed is going to have a monster year. Transitioning positions and from a second tier college competition level, I still like how Ed played last year. This year and next will show why Ed should of been picked top, glad he slid to us.
  14. So was yours. Thought we were doing rhetorical questions formatted as a bet thing.
  15. He told them, but whether they tested him for it is unknown. You would think they would have. If they didn't/don't take him out of it, again it makes me think he didn't have a TUE.
  16. Right over my head? Another person called the cops to say that a truck was speeding and driving erratic in a construction zone. The open beer between his legs along with the field sobriety test is what got him arrested. Just because you blow a 0.0 doesn't mean you can't be arrested for DUI. I have been involved with DUI's with 10 of my white friends who all got handcuffed and arrested, only one got off because he refused to blow and his dad was the mayor of west Chicago and by the way he was Mexican if that has anything to do with it.
  17. I’m NOT talking about your junk, but one thing has become clear. Your reputation had preceded you in Nashville. They heard your Sauvignon Blanc order at Bar Louie’s but just assumed you wanted them to keep it in storage. That has to be what happened!
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