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Patriots disciplined for violating offseason rules


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On 5/25/2023 at 12:45 PM, GustheDog33 said:

According to PFT, they put an optional meeting (15 minute Special Teams) on the formal schedule, which in turn made the meeting mandatory?  I am thinking the NFLPA observer was a player in the Union with a dinner date.

Yes, I was listening to the Brown and Tasker radio show and they said this: That by putting an "optional" 15-minute special teams meeting in the team calendar that's a no-no according to the CBA and that's the offense. Doing so implies it's mandatory and not optional.

If this happened to the Bills, many would cry foul. But as Tasker said, "it couldn't happen to a better team."


Not deflating balls and not video-recording practices but it is against the rules. Suggests to me that once the Golden Goose is off the team, the Pats no longer get league special preference. 

The fact that this relatively new status for the Pats coincides with Josh's tenure is a good thing. Perhaps Josh will be a Golden Goose for the league and start getting some of the calls that Brady got for years. Maybe not to the same extent, but every pro sports league wants its stars to shine and Josh is a star. Maybe not quite Alpha Centauri at this point but a top-5 star, I think. And the jersey sales are proof of this.

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On 5/25/2023 at 1:03 PM, Just in Atlanta said:


  1. Loss of an OTA
  2. No massage parlors for a month


…..AND, they get a comp pick, but it’s a 5th rounder and they prefer the 3rd round. That should tick them off! 

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58 minutes ago, Nuncha said:

The league didn't want the "goat" to be exposed.

I was being a little tongue in cheek, as I totally agree with your take.  When the Pats were winning Super Bowls, the last thing the league would want is for a crowned Super Bowl champ to be deemed a fraud.  The league had a lot of incentive to turn a blind eye and downplay anything the Pats were doing against the rules at that point, because it would bring into question the entire integrity of the NFL.  Now that the Pats aren’t winning, it makes one wonder if the league is quicker to punish them for their violations of rules. 

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