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Who dey? Any Mafia familiar with Cincy or attending the Monday night game?


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On 12/20/2022 at 7:35 PM, loyal2dagame said:

I bought tickets to the game in Cincy.  

Can anyone give experiences with the area? What's the must see spots or must do things? 

Where's the Bills bars,  ect. 

We'll be there for a few days before we hit Ky for the Bourbon Trail. 

I'd love to meet up with any TBDers.


I know a good bar there - The Palm Isle. F***** the barmaid last trip.

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On 12/21/2022 at 11:02 AM, CincyPete said:

Greetings Mafia,


Surprised nobody in the Bills Backers of Cincinnati/Northern KY has responded yet.  Sorry about that!


Born & raised in Bflo.  Been in Cincy since 84.  If you haven't been here in the last 10 years, lots of positive changes in the places you will be interested in.  We have a Bills Backers group here. not the biggest, but pretty passionate.  We have hosted the last few games between the Bills & Bengals here.  Each has had a larger crowd than the previous.  


The following is the gameplan as it exists:

1) Mafia Meet-up @ our home bar- Barleycorn's, 2642 Dixie Hwy, Lakeside, KY 41017  between 1 & 4 P.M. on Sunday the 1st.

2) Mafia Meet-up 2 Sunday the 1st 7 P.M. to ? at The Banks. Freedom Way, Cincinnati.  It is the area between the 2 stadiums.  Lots of options there.  Hoping we've got lots of people representing!

3) Tailgate- Starts at 4 on the 2nd at approx. 500 W. 3rd St, Covington, KY.  Hard to beat this location.  We basically have it to ourselves, lots of "free parking", and it only costs a buck to catch the shuttle from right there over to the stadium.  How can you beat that?


As hosts, we do our best to supply Sahlens, Webers, Chili and other items to share with our fellow mafia members.  Last game between the 2, we even had a few RV's and a bus from Bflo.  I really helped us feel like we were at a home game!


Filling in some blanks from some of the other comments:

- Montgomery Inn is definitely good, but there are other BBQ joints too that are good.  Just not sure who is open the 1st & 2nd. Lot's of ball teams go to Mont Inn when in town.  Lots of local sports memorabilia.

- Graeter's can't be beat if you like ice cream.

- the Newport area has lots of entertainment options and is a really good view of Cincy since it is across the river in KY

- Another area that has lots of food and drink options including the Rheingeist that was mentioned in another post is the "Over the Rhein" area.  Not far from the banks  (a little north and west).  There is a tram from the backs that goes there for free.


Definitely hoping to see as many as possible throughout the week-end.  Hope this is helpful.  I don't have Facebook, but we have a Backers page there, and any updates would be listed there.


Go Billls!!! 


Staying in Covington as well. 

getting in Early Sunday. 

looking for a good place / local distillery. 

Any recommendations? 

will pitch the idea to the group about parking over by that area. Would be good to be around other bills fans!

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On 12/23/2022 at 9:35 AM, Johnny Hammersticks said:

I tried Skyline chili.  It’s freaking gross.  No idea why it’s so popular there.


It's OK...I preferred Goldstar when I lived there tho...


5 minutes ago, CountDorkula said:

Staying in Covington as well. 

getting in Early Sunday. 

looking for a good place / local distillery. 

Any recommendations? 

will pitch the idea to the group about parking over by that area. Would be good to be around other bills fans!


Hahaha, I had many a fun night down in Covington when I lived in Cincy...used to be a giant bar/club/music complex down on the river there that was super popular on the weekends and was the "place to be" Sunday night.  Those Kentucky women are underrated...

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Just now, Gugny said:


Cincinnati chili is always seasoned with cinnamon, allspice, cloves, cumin, nutmeg, and chili powder.




OH, yeah it's in the spice mixture...honestly it isn't very noticeable...spices tend to blend together to form unique flavor profiles. I thought Cinnamon and Cumin in Mujadara would be disgusting but it tastes amazing actually.

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On 12/21/2022 at 9:48 AM, plenzmd1 said:

They offered a shuttle bus for like $1, but the stadium looked real close, so me a few others decided to walk it. BIG MISTAKE...it one those "cant get there from here " walks..took us like 30 minutes. If they have the tailgate in that lot, and offer the shuttle, take the shuttle!!!!!

Late but stories like this always remind me of the story Graig Nettles told in his book about the Yankees’ first trip to Toronto.  He was rooming with Dick Tidrow, who, I guess, liked to walk to the ballpark.  They’re getting ready to leave the hotel for the game and Tidrow asks Nettles where the park is.  Nettles points out the window and says “it’s right over there, you can see the lights.”  So Tidrow decides he’ll walk it.  If you’re familiar with Toronto and the old park you know the hotels are all downtown and Exhibition Stadium was way the ***** down the lake, across the expressway, where you can’t really find a cab.  Tidrow ended up walking into the clubhouse a half hour before game time, sweating his ass off. 🤣

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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