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‘83 Week 11 GOTW Bills at Jets for 1st place in the Division


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1 hour ago, BringMetheHeadofLeonLett said:

Great video - love the music... especially the ancient Rome themes.   

Lot of it sounded like 70s porn music. 😂

35 minutes ago, ProcessTruster said:

and then it all went to crap in 84 and 85

But, but we got red helmets!  

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Yeah the magic of Kay Stephenson to lose pretty much everything from this point forward. There was fun stuff this game tho:

The original FWB Mike Moseley

Steve Freeman with the Hyde

Joe Cribbs making Bob Crable look like a traffic cone

Eugene Marve filling holes

Ferguson did throw a pretty ball

The guy picked two spots ahead of Jim Kelly (Tony Hunter)

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17 hours ago, WotAGuy said:

That last TD catch by Cribbs would probably be overturned these days; looked like the all moved and hit the ground. I forgot the Bills were in contention that season. Weren’t they 8-8?

jmo, but I think it would be a catch even in todays anal-retentive replays. He made the catch and did a ‘football move’ going into the endzone, only to have the ground knock it loose from his arms. 
Granted, todays reviews would have taken 30 minutes and been interpreted by 30 geeks in NYC, but I think it would count.. 🤷‍♂️

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1 hour ago, Billy Claude said:

A fake field goal on 4th and 24?   You don't need analytics to figure out that was stupid.

That may have been the best pass Matt Kofler ever threw. The Bills had the worst backup QBs ever during the 70s and 80s. 

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