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HFBD Tony Bennett, 96


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3 hours ago, BringBackFergy said:

I got $50 says there will be an "RIP Tony Bennett" thread in the next 12 months.


Anyone want that action?




If I were not such a decent and civilized human being…………I’d ask for good odds. 



He was the voice from my childhood. I remember laying by the fireplace while my dad played Tony Bennett. Very fond memories. 



RIP/HBD, whatever*


EDIT: Remember the guy in France (Paris?) who bought a place from an old lady, in her late 80’s I think. He got the place cheap because he gave her a life estate so she could live there the rest of her life. How long could it be? She’s almost 90!


I think she lived until she was 113. Things didn’t go well for the guy who…….well, you know. 




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