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Belichick Post Game Conference


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6 hours ago, Big Turk said:

Hilarious. Cantekerous. Refused to shake McDermott's hand after and ran right past him 😂😂


No. They shook hands. Just went back and you can see it on the game video for an instant.




But he did indeed keep his feet moving and say maybe one word to McDermott.

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He knows what everyone else knows. Outside of a mini hurricane Buffalo has owned them now in two straight seasons. The prior luxury of the AFCE being in shambles outside of NE w Brady has changed. He now has to compete against an ALL PRO QB in the division. I respect him for everything he has accomplished but that press conference was sad. He basically said four things over and over.

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6 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


At least he did give us props in his presser: "we couldn't keep up with them tonight" "well coached, well executed" "they deserved to win tonight"


Edit: I think this is wrong gouge.  You can't see the hands being shaken, but that's McD with his back to us, they met up for a moment and exchanged a few words.



they did meet up. Shared 1 or 2 words then went to thaw out 



I just wish I could have seen his face throughout the game 

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7 hours ago, No Place To Hyde said:

He seems sad. Do you think he's sad? Wonder if his New Years Resolution is to find kryptonite for Josh Allen?




"What do you make of the game Bill?"


"Give them credit. They played well. We didn't do anything well. We didn't make any plays."


"Do you prefer milk or cream in your coffee Bill?"


"Give them credit. They played well. We didn't do anything well. We didn't make any plays."


And repeat....

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9 hours ago, K-9 said:

It’s never really been Belichick that irks me as much as the clueless pundits and sycophants who just can’t get off his scrote. Truth is, he’s always been overrated as a defensive “genius” who will just take away what you do well and dare you to beat them with what you can’t. That has never really been the case though, going back to SBXV, where his point per minute against defense was lucky that the Bills defense was on the field for 40+ minutes and it STILL came down to a missed FG. 

He was absolutely correct in his post game presser tonight. We were better than them. That simple. Perhaps all those clueless pundits who clung to their “Belichick will make the genius adjustments, Josh Allen can’t play in cold weather” pronouncements will open their eyes a little. The simple fact is that Josh Allen and this Bills offense have absolutely owned Belichick’s defense in three of the last four games and if not for a meteorological gift from the weather gods in the first meeting this season, we would have been the first team to beat Belichick four games in a row. 

The tide has shifted. Time for the pundits to recognize that. Belichick certainly seems to. Too bad Shula is no longer around to give Bill advice on how to handle passing the torch to the Buffalo Bills. 


8 hours ago, SUNTANBILLS FAN said:

Don’t you all realize when he is so quiet he realizes that A the bills blew him out. And B he knows it for the near future. Trust me he know Josh is a stud and will own him for years 


He's pissed because his defense just had the worst defensive performance in NFL history, in a playoff game no less.  He also knows he'll never win another SB and that Tommy will get most of the credit. 

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