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Good interview Lorax on CBS radio 1/21

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Really good interview.


Dude talks FAST ūüėõ¬† I almost stopped - but as a good McD disciple I decided to grind it out...¬† ¬† By the time I finished rewinding my DVR 1000 times the audio was already posted :)



- How was 1st season of retirement

- It was really good.  It was a decision I made over the last 4 years, decised to move on - my body definitely thanked me throughout the year especially as the weather got cold.  Got to spend time with my family during the pandemic - also got to coach my kids in flag football been having a lot of fun with them.   Just really enjoying the time.  My time had come and gone and i was ready to move on.


- Emotions watching the Bills this season

- Really just a lot of enthusiasm for the guys, almost like their proud uncle.  Knowing a lot of those guys, knowing where the organization came from - you know I was there before Sean and Brandon Beane and the Pegulas really put their mark on the organization.  Seeing the transition in culture has really been cool.  I was a part of it, I had to get out of the way to allow other guys to grow up and grow into the leaders they are - we've seen the maturation of Josh and Tremaine Edmunds - and to see those guys really take the lead and go a lot further than  I ever could is a really cool thing to see and i hope the guys can pull it out this weekend


- How teammates love Josh - what makes him special

- Guys want to rally for him, run through the wall for him.  It's like having a great coach that everybody respects and loves because they know that they truly, genuinely love you.  He's not a prima donna - he had a lot of adversity in terms of naysayers in terms of ability and he never allowed that to bother him, and to see that work ethic.  If you're ever in the locker room with him, he was never unapproachable.  A lot of times guys have this persona about you being a QB and being the man that you almost can't approach that guy - and you never got that with him.  He just has a great ability to relate to guys.   Even with Diggs - him getting there and immediately feeling welcome and a part of the family, a lot of that has to do with Sean McD and Josh just ran with that and embodies that whole city very well as far as being blue collar, hard-nosed workin' - he comes from Wyoming, a cold weather city he just really fits in well there and has been a great ambassador for the culture as well as the city


- Diggs - any concern at first

- Knowing the culture that has been established, what a good job Sean has done and the veterans in the locker room - any issues that Diggs had in Minn I knew woouldn't transfer over.   You hear a lot of people talk about it - things happen when a relationship breaks down and you need a change of scenery.  I knew the guys would lift him up, hold him up, encourage him - obviously that helped the transition.  I have a lot of respect for Brandon Beane and what he's done.  Moves that he's made prior to that sometimes people question but they always seem to work out.  He's done a great job along with the front office staff of identifying talent, understanding who guys really are, and that our locker room can absorb certain guys.  Buffalo is becoming that place where you adopt that culture in the locker room


- What is "the Bills way"

- It's all based on love, respect and allowing guys to be who they are within the context of team.  I think sean McD does a great job, better than any coach I've been around emphasising those principles, living by then daily.  And always revisitng.  Sean is a teacher at heart - does an excellent job of communicating his vision to the guys, and also empowering the players to extend that vision and culture into the locker room.  And guys who have earned it have a lot of input and impact to the organization and him personally, and also on the younger guys in the locker room


- <Discussion - no doubt Mahomes will play  If Henne does play, the system will be the same so not much diff prepearation>


- Defend Mahomes

- Have to mix it up.  Have to have personnel.  Have to mix and match <Tre on receivers, Milano on Kelce> then have to have guys step up and make plays.  in the end this is a players league and it's always about winning 1-1 matchups.  <names a bunch of players - someone making a big play will be the difference in the game>  Players making plays is what it's going to come down to in this game


- Taron Johnson play

- Play will live forever.  there's no fan base like Bills mafia.  And I've played in a bunch of different places and there's nobody close that i've experienced, on and off the field.  They revere all <those guys who played on the SB teams> Taron making that play being a part of this new era of Bills players, will always have a free meal [ed. take note Buffalo residents], esp if they win the SB, he'll always have that respect from the city


- Win it all

- Hitting on all cylinders.  Playing good football at the right time.  I'm obviously biased, but even when I step back from it - still think they have a great chance.  The way Josh is playing at an elite level.  His growth as far as handling situations - being calm and collected and making smart football decisions.  Unlike some times we say last year i don't think the moment will be too big, I think the'll be able to put up points.  And the defense has really come on here, being opportunistic and making plays.  if they can play sound football and minimize their mistakes and make Patrick and them boys earn it - they have a great shot.  Obviously a lot of people are going to be naysayers - if you've watched this team all year and you've seen them grow - right now they are playing good football in all phases.


-  <GB/Tampa discussion>


- <Urban Meyer discussion>

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1 minute ago, Limeaid said:

I think Lorax and Kyle should be made defense assistants for AFC Championship and Superbowl games.


Would THAT not be the BALLS!!!!!!


Go BILLS!!!!!!!

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Thanks Stevewin. enjoyed  reading your post !
Zo will be a well remembered Buffalo Bill for many years to come i think :)

So much positive being generated by Pegula's Bills.

Big stumble out of the gate, but hiring McBeanes ? and who they have hired Etc etc :)

Over the top awesomeness!
Proud to be a Fan of this "Process".

Go Bills

35 minutes ago, Steve O said:


Be nice to see them on the sidelines in some form :)

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1 hour ago, YoloinOhio said:

Thanks so much gave me something to listen to instead of Schopp 

Have you heard of this thing called music?  I haven't tried it yet, still sticking with AM talk and HAM radio, but it seems to be a big hit with the kids!

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12 minutes ago, Jauronimo said:

Have you heard of this thing called music?  I haven't tried it yet, still sticking with AM talk and HAM radio, but it seems to be a big hit with the kids!

I almost never listen to music 

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