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Wow...Darren Waller...from Drug Addiction to Grocery Store Clerk to NFL Star...great video about his story

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Had no idea...Waller got into drug use heavily as a teenager, used all through college and into the NFL...said he was always the last person in the building and the first to leave. Said being good in the NFL takes a lot of time and hard work and he didn't care about that, only about how soon he could leave and get high again that day...


Crazy to think how many players might never reach their potential due to things like this...Waller had 90 catches for 1145 yards last year for the Raiders and is having another great year this year...


He washed out of the NFL with Baltimore, had to go to rehab and came back a changed person, working in a grocery store for a while...


Oakland snatched him off Baltimore's practice squad and the rest is history...



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41 minutes ago, ALLEN1QB said:

Love these kind of stories! Kudos to you young man.


I love it more than I can express. The football part is great, but in my opinion mostly because it should help keep him focused most of the time. I had no idea about this story, but I’m now a big fan.


Sadly, the risk will always be there in the years ahead. This is why we should enjoy every good moment and take nothing for granted. 

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Anyone who doesn’t understand addiction should gain awareness. Odds are you will encounter it in someone you love, if you haven’t already. I knew this story after doing some poking around online after Hard Knocks, I hope Waller can remain on this path and provide inspiration for others. 

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On 11/21/2020 at 5:56 AM, mannc said:

Great story.  I knew nothing about where Waller came from. Gotta give Gruden credit for recognizing his potential and snatching him away from the Ravens...


I had no idea either...and Gruden saw him on their practice squad and was asking who that was and before they got back home he was signed to the Raiders.

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