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Only keeping three running backs seems odd. Another signing at that position coming?

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2 hours ago, Logic said:

Has McDermott, in his time in Buffalo, EVER just had three running backs on the roster? 

If I'm not mistaken, in the first two seasons, he had five and four running backs, respectively, not counting Pat DiMarco.

I thought this was one of the weirdest cutdown day decisions. I'm surprised either Murphy or Perry didn't stick for special teams work and a "break glass in case of emergency" option.

I can't help but wonder if Buffalo will look to add a player at this position in the next 48 hours.

...good call...we got caught short with injuries to Murphy and Jones, as well as Shady's sometimes hammy......Ford got pressed into service.....Wade is #11 exempt (see ya in 2020) and can't count DiMarco as an integral offensive piece (on the "FOR List"; For Other Reasons)....I did like the Murphy kid...so what gives?............

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1 hour ago, whatdrought said:

I would love to add Josh Adams unless he got claimed.


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6 hours ago, HOUSE said:

I am feeling the love....


Image result for freddie jackson nfl


Fred v. Yeldon for 22.  Tickets on sale now....


Actually, would love to see Charlie Murphy back,  he actually brought class to the 22 that Reggie Bush tarnished.

Edited by Freddie's Dead

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