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A Quick Laugh to Get By


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1 hour ago, Big Turk said:


See...this is what you are missing.  I don't see "all" women this way, I simply understand that all women are capable of this given the right stimulus and right situation. She is never yours, it's only your turn.  Some are more resistant to it than others.  Ever see what happens at a bachelorette party?  I've seen probably hundreds in my days in the clubs, and suffice to say there are women who are "goody two shoes" normally that will do some pretty wild things in these type of moments.  Of course these are never discussed ever again...kinda like "Whatever happens at a bachelorette party stays at a bachelorette party" type thing. Although I was at a party thrown by friends once where a friend of a couple that had been married 6 or 7 years got a little too tipsy and blurted out something about the male stripper she banged at the bachelorette party in front of everyone as they had been talking about that night(obviously everyone else gave a tame version of what they did). He filed for divorce a few days later.  But yeah, you are right.  This stuff is so rare and never happens.  I've got a bridge in Kansas to sell you with oceanfront property...interested?


I would place money I've slept with more hot women than 98% of posters on the forum, so if that's what scorned is than OK, sure.  Most nights I had my pick of which woman I wanted to go home with and did zero work making that happen, they did the work for me.  Club DJ is like rock star on a lesser level, you should know having bounced there...which is also a job with high return rates on getting women. But keep pushing your blue pill narrative.  One day you'll wake up and realize it was all just a dream, right? You don't believe in any of this stuff. 😅


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