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Minicamp is over!!! TC up next! Predict who wins the starting QB job for Week 1

Winner of the Summer QB competition   

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  1. 1. Who wins the #1 starting QB job @ Baltimore week 1?

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i predict that if trans quit resurrecting this thread everyday, it would die a peaceful death and just fade into the ether.

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I think this is an interesting tidbit... pretty good indication of his room to grow:


The most interesting answer from Allen came when the quarterbacks talked about the rise in personal quarterback coaches and a growing camp circuit.


“I never did that growing up,” Allen told host Robert Klemko. “I came from a small town. I didn’t really go the camps. I was too busy playing different sports. … Watching kids grow up and play different sports, allowing them to develop different parts of their athleticism, to me was a big part of my success in college."

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On ‎6‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 12:44 PM, transplantbillsfan said:


1) Yep


2) Not when you don't have base-level NFL QB arm strength like Peterman. Rumors are he strengthened his arm in the offseason. Let's hope he did a lot, because otherwise he's never going to have a chance to start more than a handful of games in the NFL as a backup. And Allen is reported to have extremely high Football IQ.


3) I remember Peterman was called "Nate Favre" by Hyde. That, while seemingly intended as praise, to me seemed more like a Freudian slip of an insult, because that's exactly what Peterman seems to be, half of Favre, just not the talented half.


About #2... I've been reading the exact opposite when it comes to Peterman's football IQ. I guess if you're just referencing his ability to learn a playbook, he may be alright, but if you're referring to his ability to read a defense, that's usually one of his biggest knocks for as long as he's been playing.

He tends to get easily confused, and hasn't ever been known to dissect defenses on the fly. He might understand the plays that we're running, but doesn't understand how to find the opponents' weakness on the fly. Going through his progressions and finding the most advantageous matchups has not been a strength of his.

And it's unlikely that he'll suddenly get not only better at it, but actually "good" or "great" at it, at the highest professional level for the first time ever. Miracles can happen, but believing the Bills will be the team to finally solve is problems seems like a hell of a longshot considering our history with developing QB's (and our fanbase's desperation to finally have a franchise guy putting mounting pressure to see results now).

I dunno, I read any & every article, breakdown, and analysis I can find on Allen as they come out, and outside of these forums & the typical fluff comments from coaches/players that come around every year, consensus is he is the riskiest QB in the class by far, and his stock is based purely on what he "might" be able to do if x, y & z fall into place, rather than what he actually DID do on the field, whether in HS or College.

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