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Joe in Winslow

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So Joe Burrows appendectomy thread necrofloated on the Bills forum which naturally made me think: are there any songs about appendectomies? Only one comes to mind, and it’s just too much of a fun lyric not to post. It concerns the Royal Flying Doctor service for the Outback, and a physician that can’t keep from emptying the medical cabinet to treat himself, so to speak.

A Sheila in the bush by a Koolahbar tree 
Needed an urgent appendectomy 
The Flying Doctor like a true Australian, 
Performed the operation with a sardine can 
He made a rough incision and tried to chew it out, 
He had no anaesthetic, so she started to shout, 
She started to shout, when he was chewing it out, 
She started to shout, he tried to chew it right out,
He balled up his fist and scientifically socked her, 
Look out you'd better duck, 
Here comes the Flying Doctor

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Because Dan Darragh made a reference on the Cody Ford thread, we'll stick the YT here. These guys were essentially The Monkees, in that they wrote most of the songs and came up with that infectious pop bubble-gum sound. They never really scored on their own outside a couple cool hits, because image matters more than it should for being rock stars. On the other hand, publishing matters more than it should for cashing big checks...



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On 7/22/2022 at 10:41 PM, Ralonzo said:


This is like Phideaux meets Walkabouts with a pinch of Sigur Rós. Holy crap. I love it. You have lifted my mood from the muck. Those two in return (and above, redundantly):





Based on your samples, I got the album "Setting the Woods On Fire" by the Walkabouts (I love the Roeg film "Walkabout" after which they are named). While I do not see too many similarities to Heron Oblivion, I liked it very much and will dig deeper into their work.

With bands outside of the mainstream, it is generally difficult to find what you like. To me, one source is the Texas Tech student-run radio station KTXT; another source is this thread. One day I heard on KTXT a psych-folk version of Blue Oyster Cult's "Flaming Telepaths".



The band was called Espers, and the vocalist was Meg Baird. Looking further into Meg Baird, I came across Heron Oblivion.

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Here's the back story:


Elvis Costello - Less Than Zero & Radio Radio - Saturday Night Live 1977


On December 17, 1977, when he appeared on Saturday Night Live, Elvis Costello was 23 years old. His debut album, My Aim Is True, had just come out in America a month earlier. When the Sex Pistols were unable to appear on the show as planned, Costello and his recently formed band, the Attractions, got their big break. They were supposed to play his single “Less Than Zero' but only a few bars into the song, Costello put a stop to it. “I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen,” he said, “but there’s no reason to do this song here.” At that point he and the band launched into “Radio Radio,” a song that takes a jab at corporate-controlled broadcasting. Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels was furious. According to some reports, he raised his middle finger at Costello and kept it up until the unapproved song was over. Costello was banned from the show for nearly 12 years. Elvis admits that he was copying Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix had done the same thing on the Lulu Show, when he went into an unscheduled rendition of the Cream song 'Sunshine Of Your Love'. Most of the stills here are from that Saturday Night Show along with other pics from the period.

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2 hours ago, DaBillsFanSince1973 said:


I like the whole album but it is the only one I'll listen to. My 1st cassette ever purchased... at eastern hills mall. 2nd was Zoot Allures. 

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