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  1. After Pats* week I can’t help but wonder…where are the Falcons trolls???
  2. Hmm, almost sounds like an argument for the metric system 🤔
  3. The only thing hotter than Kay are her takes. She becomes more annoying with every show. Her flavour-of-the-week opinions are right there with Schrags. Whichever way the wind blows…
  4. Right, Indy exposed the Pats… Exposed, as in get them into 2nd and 7 situations? I guess that isn’t stopping them 100% of the time, but it’s pretty damn close.
  5. My gut feeling is that Josh Allen is intelligent enough to get his linemen Patek Philippe’s (or Rolex or whatever) instead of Bitcoin for Dummies.
  6. I can take just about anyone that’s on the show understanding they are all national talking head types…but Schragar? The worst.
  7. Kyle and MikeRob are welcome on the bandwagon. Schrager can GTFO.
  8. So Micah had 500,000 dollar signs flashing before his eyes when he snagged that last minute INT where batting it into the turf was the smart play. Don't blame him one bit.
  9. Watched the ESPN piece. To summarize, MNF the other week was an instant classic, Rex thinks Sullivan is a Debbie Downer, and Mortensen reports that Beasley has been fined in the range of $100K for Covid violations this season.
  10. This. Think we might see 6 OL a bit more this week where the Bills previously trotted Sweeney out. Maybe this is the week we see the tackle-eligible sneak into the end zone for a TD catch?
  11. Wow, jealous! Shred that thing like they shredded 90’s defenses.
  12. There once was a guy from Ohio, It’s off to see family he’ll go. We’ll miss his updates From the Twitter-space But YOLO missing his Bills? OH NO!
  13. Are you saying Touchdown Jesus is the Reason for the Season?
  14. Jake Fromm drawing his first career start today.
  15. Gabe’s super sympathetic, just look at those eyes…if only he was vaccinated.
  16. Gabe’s play on 4th & 4 versus Tampa was a thing of beauty. Catches short of the sticks going the wrong way, turns around with a defender wrapping him up and then drags him upfield to secure first down yardage. Don’t know if there’s another WR on the roster that could make that play after contact. So yes, more than toe drag swag.
  17. 14 mph winds look at Josh Allen and turn the other way.
  18. Playing the McD Clapping Drinking Game at 9am was not my best decision… https://www.buffalobills.com/video/mic-d-up-sean-mcdermott-x3384
  19. I've missed all of the Gabe Davis sideline grabs that seemed to happen on a weekly basis in 2020. He's the big outside target Allen has been missing this year. He clearly brings a different element to the offense with his size and physicality...it seems he is the only receiver on this team that is capable of YAC. He also appears to be the best blocking receiver on the team, and since he has been getting consistent snaps over the last 6 quarters of football the team has actually been running the ball somewhat effectively. Not all because of Gabe obviously, but interesting to note. So yes. Gabe should be starting.
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