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  1. Mack worked out well and made a huge impact in my opinion, they need Trubisky to take a step. edit- that playoff was loss was a score of 16-15.
  2. Bears traded for Mack at a similar point in their cycle that we're talking about here, it worked well for them. Clowney isn't Mack but neither is the trade cost
  3. If anyone is worth that much, he is. He's legitimately as good a quarterback as the hype says
  4. Bills have moved up to 6.5 everywhere I've seen
  5. I'd really like to see the Bills break their mold and go with the stud pass rusher. Hughes isn't the prototypical size they look for at DE but they were forced into it and it's worked out great. The front 4 has to get home. I'm not expecting it either but If they draft Burns I'll be ecstatic.
  6. Very nice. They've gone hard after the O-line I also like that Dawkins has a good veteran pass blocker next to him at LG to remove that excuse
  7. Even a know-nothing average fan such as myself can see this throw is caused by poor mechanics, you're supposed to step toward the target, Allen steps upfield here while throwing to the sideline. Seems correctable
  8. Being in NJ, I checked Draft Kings, Borgata and even William Hill - no win totals. Maybe they go up tomorrow?
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