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  1. I dont think there's much question Patricia did a nice job of keeping Allen in the pocket, the best he'd seen to that point since he'd raised his game midseason, and it did hurt our offensive output. Howevet I re-watched that game a couple months ago and I was actually shocked to see how well Allen played in a game in which we only scored 14. I'm pretty sure that's the game where he converted a 3rd & 10-ish, had a penalty, re-converted again on 3rd & 20-ish, suffered another penalty and we had to punt. There were a number of examples in that game of poor execution by the offense as a whole-- penalties, drops, poor protection and a wanting running game. However if you think Allen himself was stifled being forced to work from the pocket that day, I implore to watch that game back play-by-play because I don't see it that way at all. I actually think, despite numbers, it was low-key one of his very best days so far. He was accurate and decisive and did not make many, if ANY mistakes. The numbers are what they are but even so, in my opinion 17 balled out.
  2. Cover 1 Buffalo isn't bad. Weekly show. I like hearing from Greg Thompsett. Now and then they have Nate Geary on which is great
  3. Chris Simms has talked about offensive coaches talking to the QB and calling what they like and feel most comfortable with and not calling what they don't like, and made it seem like it's pretty standard stuff around the league.
  4. Yeah that's why Cody and Dustin were the best match, I legit cried when Cody said to him "I need my big brother." The Young Bucks are basically spot monkeys, to me. I feel that there's room for one of these matches on a big PPV card where they just go crazy and wow you with acrobatics. Think WCW's cruiserweight division back in the day. Wrestling should be a variety show with a little bit of everything. The Young Bucks do some fun spotfests but a lot of the time it won't have flawless psychology. They won't take the time to sell moves long enough to give them maximum impact for the audience, and it turns into crazy spot KICKOUT! Crazy spot KICKOUT! Crazy spot KICKOUT! But again I feel it's great fun to have one of those on a card. Omega can do a lot of different stuff but is also a master storyteller, as I see it. The matches with Okada I referenced were usually ~60 minute marathons where they did big moves but also took the time to sell and tell a proper story-- really great matches all-around.
  5. Double or Nothing kicked butt! Cody and Dustin Rhodes tore it down. Kenny Omega is my favorite of the bunch-- the stuff I saw of him in New Japan were some of the best wrestling matches I've ever seen. Jaw dropping I can't believe what I'm watching kind of stuff! Particularly his matches with Okada if you ever get the chance. I'm excited for there to be another major promotion on TV again and for the country to get to know these guys.
  6. You're the one labeling them "negative." Why are you such a pessimist? They're simply discussing the team.
  7. Oh right on, on my phone it looked different but on my desktop they all look the same.
  8. Why are some names in bold? I would have Julian Stanford as a blue.
  9. Rodak says it's a 2-year, $21.5M deal but the cap numbers he gives for those 2 years are $9.5M and $9.45M, totaling just under $19M. Does anyone know how that works? Are there ways to pay guys without it ever counting against the cap? Great deal for the team in any case.
  10. You do bring up an interesting point. Despite the huge contract to Lotulelei and the 3rd rounder on Phillips, the Bills still don't have a high-end 1-tech. That spot is going to have to be invested in again in a year or two when Star is cut, and we eat some dead cap.
  11. Yeah man that's why I drove down there a few weeks back to get in before it moved like that. I learned during last season some of these lines that look juicy disappear real quick. If you go to the Draftkings sportsbook in the Resorts Casino, you can still get over 6.5 wins at -134, meaning you lay $134 to win $100 is the ratio you're getting. You also can bet the Bills to make the playoffs at +325 (you lay $100 to win $325) or Ed Oliver to win DROY at +1200.
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