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  1. Tazor Face

    Bills are the new Browns

    I guess you long for the 20 years of being average, winning 6 or 7 games and not a measly 4.
  2. Tazor Face

    Sam Young OT released

    He's not a good player by any means but sadly enough he may be our 2nd best starter on the line
  3. Tazor Face

    If we March Peterman out there again...I will....

    Watch and ask myself WTF numerous times
  4. Tazor Face

    Is Nathan Peterman Sean McDermotts love child?

    Was it Thad Lewis we signed mid season and he ended up having to start a few weeks later? He actually had a halfway decent game...isn't there one of those guys out there? He wasn't good by any means but it wasn't atrocious like peterman
  5. Tazor Face

    What Does McBeane See In Peterman?

    Naked pictures of his wife??
  6. Tazor Face

    Joe B: Zay Jones is the Bills #1 WR at this point

    #1 reciever on this team is the equivalent of winning a medal in the special Olympics
  7. Tazor Face

    Tre White’s mom arrested

    Damn CTE
  8. Tazor Face

    Encouraging thought about the future and Josh Allen

    The only thing encouraging is we won't have to trade up 2 first round picks to move up to# 4 to draft a wide reciever, heck we'll be able to trade back to 4
  9. Tazor Face

    Timing on Josh's dropbacks

    Remember all the horrid offensive lines we've had and made fun of on TBD for years...yeah this one's even worse
  10. Tazor Face

    Ease up on Allen

    The games to fast for him as expected this early in his career and he has no help. If the line could hold up a little extra for him to process, get a running game going, but we are lucky if they don't discinigrate immediately. Receivers need to catch the balls that are catchable, it's sickening. Every play a member of this offense is getting beat, Allen needs to be a game manager at this point instead he's seeing 3rd in long, has no confidence staying in The pocket (understandably) and being forced to make plays.
  11. Tazor Face

    My 2019 offseason plan

    IF Ducasse is still starting next year everyone at one bills drive needs to die
  12. Tazor Face

    Week 5 Preparation Titans @ Buffalo - experts picks

    We should just start preparing for the Jets and dolphins, they may be our only winable games left
  13. Tazor Face

    Josh Allen: A fawn in headlights

    Can you blame him, behind this line is like playing in the interstate during rush hour. Heck he probly has to change his underwear after every series
  14. Tazor Face

    Shaq Lawson move to DT?

    wouldnt Matthews be the first player youd identify when going to the line??