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  1. Why not Eric Decker?

    Let's sign every player with a hot wife
  2. Bills hosting Bengles FA C Bodine

    Juan Castillo could take him and Ducasse and create the greatest offensive line ever
  3. Even if he isn't a run first he's a run often
  4. No more run first quarterbacks, even if he is in Vicks talent level, sure he was fun to watch and a freak, but how often was he banged up and didn't he even break his leg. We need a guy who stays in the pocket the majority of the time, stat healthy and be around for 10+ years
  5. Tremaine Edmunds*, OLB, Virginia Tech thoughts?

    Only issue I see here is if both become the studs you hope for it becomes difficult to retain two lbs after their rookie contracts. With your first round picks your shooting for career players to retain
  6. Its looking like the more coveted QBs in this draft will be long gone before the 12th pick and those that do fall to 12 McCarron may have more upside than. Possibly QB in round 2. Im thinking they're shifting gears and aiming at getting a stud linebacker. Its obvious by looking at Carolinas LB core that McDermott greatly values having top notch Lbers in his system. As of right now we have absolutely no obvious starters on our roster. If not Tremaine maybe Roquan Smith*, OLB/ILB, Georgia ?
  7. Possible trade to #1?

    You'd have to give up a kings ransom...unless your without a doubt getting a future HOF...it's not even worth considering
  8. Question on LB

    He was injured most of his pro career and the little that he did play he was less than impressive and was getting buried on the depth chart. It's not as good as the Sheppard for Hughes trade but something for what was becoming to be nothing is good. It was a poor draft choice to begin with
  9. Question on LB

    Traded for a 4th round pick, nobody really replaced him he was viewed as a 3-4 guy for Hex Ryan's scheme and wasn't a fit going back to the 4-3
  10. My concern with Allen is that he seems to lock on to a single reciever and uses his athleticism to get that one receiver open instead of.gping through progressions. he may become.a very good qb who knows but most likely it will take time and the bills fan base may run him out of town to soon
  11. possibly they can't find a dance partner that's interested in letting us trade up in the draft and they know they aren't going to get the guy they want. So using Tyrod as. a safety blanket until they can obtain a better stop gap.
  12. Jordan Matthews not coming back

    we'll never be able to resign a decent receiver in till we solidify the quarterback position
  13. Bills Sign Ivory

    true but to many holes to address everything this year
  14. I so want one of those big dick Nick shirts
  15. Coach McD - “We are not as far along as people may think”

    we basically made the playoffs by default...AFC was real bad.