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  1. BILLriant

    Who will be the Starting Center ?

    They don't unless of course they believe that the team overall is better with the additional player at another needed position or special teams ability that could not have been added with groy starting because they would have to carry additional lineman.
  2. BILLriant

    Who will be the Starting Center ?

    Having groy as a backup opens up another slot on the 53 man roster, unless he was marginally better he may have been viewed as a more valuable asset as backup to all 3 interior positions.
  3. BILLriant

    Who will be the Starting Center ?

    I think groy is a better player...but he is so valuable to the 53 man roster because he can backup all 3 interior position. I believe this is why he wasn't given a shot at RG last year. Another scenario is If John miller and ducasse don't improve I can see bodine at center and groy at guard
  4. BILLriant

    Should we look at Eddie Lacy

    Mike Tolbert and CJ Spiller are still available🤮
  5. BILLriant

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    So she claims he was beating a kid . But it wasn't reported, but will report Jim if it's her. She claims he was beating the dog but stayed with him so it couldn't of bothered her to much. Sounds all very "shady"
  6. BILLriant

    Bills Are 18th Best Fans in America

    If the Patriots aren't winning they have no fanbase, prior to the Brady era I think ive met like 2 Pat's fan. The majority of cowboy fand that I know are 90s bandwagon fans. I'd like to see some of these teams sell out in a 20 year playoff drought within a smaller market
  7. BILLriant

    Shady - OL losses matter

    No doubt the OL will be a major focus in next years offseason. Far to many holes to be able to address everything, Had we not of been able to trade up for Josh Allen Im fairly certain our second round picks would have landed an offensive lineman.
  8. Our oline is going to get somebody killed
  9. BILLriant

    theRALPH RANT - Bills Select Josh Allen

    Thanks for posting..actually made me feel a little better about Allen. Love the way the man states the issue and backs his opinions up with proof instead of making it argumentative. praying Josh becomes a franchise guy, seems like a good kid and would be fun to be a fan of.
  10. Will our offense generate a good enough passing threat to keep 8 men out of the box? Oviously shady will carry the load and take pressure off this young qbs, but how much help can we give him?
  11. BILLriant

    Are you a fan of Josh Allen?

    I did not like the pick I still dont understand it The last 3 Qbs weve taken in the 1st round werent that good in college. Between Petermans trick shots and Allens combine this regime seems to like qbs who look great in shorts. The terrible decision to start Peterman agains one of the top pass defenses in the league while the entire squad has been playing like crap for weeks isn't establishing confidence that this coaching staff can develop a qb. That being said, I hope Josh proves me wrong he seems like a good kid and would be fun to route for.
  12. Rex Ryan was a long hard lesson learned #hardknocks
  13. BILLriant

    Explain why we should trust McBeane on offense?

    And yet they won more games than we did when we had all those players..can't argue with the results
  14. BILLriant

    This made me feel better

    Agreed...he wasn't my choice I think he's another Kyle boller. But I hope I'm wrong and he works out, seems like a good kid.
  15. BILLriant

    AJ doesn't need arm strength

    But he doesn't turn the ball over and he can run and stuff🤮