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  1. Very well stated...I couldn't agree more on all points. I am so excited about our 5-1 record, but even more excited by the fact that we are 5-1 and we haven't played a full game yet where we were running on all cylinders, offense, defense and special teams. Combine that with the fact that Josh is nowhere near reaching his full potential, and is only going to get better...
  2. I agree with you on all points, with the exception being the need for another WR. I truly believe we are in good shape at the WR position. Brown is proving to be an every down, sure-handed, AND speed receiver for us. Beasley has yet to be fully utilized. Duke Williams, if he can stay healthy, has a chance to be a solid WR, and we have great depth with Foster and McKenzie. And Andre Roberts has tremendous speed as we saw yesterday how he torched both the CB and the safety... I think Josh just needs to get settled in and find his groove, and start connecting on those long balls. Once he does I think our offense can be SCARY good.
  3. I agree completely. He was rough to listen to yesterday, as that was my first time hearing him(unless I'd heard him before and just didn't know it was him). I too thought he was really overdoing it with that Knox drop especially about the touchdown celebration comment. There were a few times I felt he was either overdoing it or just flat out inaccurate. I don't remember if it was him or the other guy, but I didn't agree with them on that Allen miss to Brown. He felt like the miss was on Brown turning his head too soon, but IMO I thought it was clearly an Allen overthrow, by a mile.
  4. As much as I'd love for us to get that number 1 seed, that's a tall order my friend. Yes, anything can happen, and there is alot of football left to be played, but New England technically has a two game lead on us, since they own the head to head tiebreaker. I'm truly excited to see how this season plays out, and I haven't been this hopeful for the Bills in well over a decade. A 5-1 start, no matter how you look at it, is a 5-1 start, and I absolutely do not see the Bills having any kind of collapse or meltdown. McDermott is too good of a coach to let that happen. At this point in the season, I'm predicting us to go 11-5. I will be watching the game tonight and screaming for a Jets victory, which I think is very possible after seeing what they did to Dallas...
  5. Honestly, if it weren't for Knox drop and several penalties, that game could've been today....
  6. What a game that was, I remember it like it was yesterday. Remember on the very first drive, the Bills marched down the field so fast(No huddle), the Raiders had to call a timeout...and then when we were down to the Raiders 12 yard line, Kelly dropped the ball on the snap, had time to pick it up, dust it off, and then threw a touchdown....😂
  7. My sentiments exactly.....I get nervous seeing all these predictions of a Bills blowout. I know we are by far the superior team in this matchup, and I'm EXPECTING a victory, I guess I just have that battered wife syndrome. WE already know it, but this game is a great, great opportunity for the Bills to show the nation they are for real. Let's do this Buffalo!
  8. Having to pick your hottest cousin.....hilarious!!
  9. Yarborough Patrick DiMarco
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