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  1. I don't understand why Feliciano thought he could have brought attitude and physicality to the offense against the Chiefs when he got outplayed by Boettger and Bates all year.
  2. I'm very confident in our starters, but we have aome positions that have a concerning lack of depth Backup QB: Keenum is a big step down from Trubisky. Barkley has been terrible anytime he's had to play. I'm surprised we don't have a development qb with upside. Offensive line depth: Cody Ford and Tommy Doyle aren't capable starters yet could be forced into starting roles with a single injury Safety Depth: Jaquan Johnson and Damar Hamlin are unknown quantities and we have no veteran depth Cornerback Depth: Tre might not be back week 1 and we need to add veteran depth. We play almost 100% in nickel so this is even more important for our defense.
  3. $10 Million cap hit would be too high for us. He also may not have wanted to come here considering the top 2 cb spots are essentially taken. I think we wait until training canp starts to add a cheap veteran.
  4. He had an MRI and confirmed it's a torn Achilles. I feel really bad for him. He's fought back from injuries before, but this one might end his career. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10036067-report-former-bears-rb-tarik-cohen-suffers-torn-achilles-injury-on-ig-live-video
  5. The Jets are a team that has drafted very well the last couple years and could leapfrog the Dolphins and Patriots. Elijah Moore, Garrett Wilson, and Breece Hall could make their offense dangerous as long as Zach Wilson continues his development.
  6. I think the combo of Jaelen Phillips and Melvin Ingram will be very solid this year. They might even be able to get close enough to Josh Allen to get stiff-armed to the turf.
  7. Sorry Taylor, but if you're not pleased with your pff score, it's probably because you gave up 5 sacks week one vs Chandler Jones.
  8. I'm also suprised that we're favored by 7 against the Titans considering they've beaten us the last two times.
  9. I'm glad this deal never happened. We would give up a draft pick for a rb with a $9 Million cap hit who can't stay on the field.
  10. If our biggest weakness is the holder, I think we'll do alright this season.
  11. Schobel always seemed like a quiet, reserved guy so I'm not surprised that he doesn't have much of a media presence. He has extremely productive, but the team was pretty lousy during his tenure. In my opinion, if we have to debate whether a player is worthy of the Wall of Fame, then they're not. Hughes was a productive player, but the Bills WOF should be reserved for legendary players who won championships. Also, we need to take OJ Simpson's name off the wall.
  12. Basham had just one sack fewer than Rousseau despite playing less than half the number of snaps as Greg (531-201) I think there's a realistic chance that Boogie could end up being the better player in the long run.
  13. PSL's are the time shares of the sports world. They are just there to make you feel like you have ownership of something. If we accept it without backlash, owners will just find a new way to overcharge us in ten years.
  14. Algeria has a lot of Bills fans because of all those Bills Superbowl Champion t-shirts we sent them 30 years ago.
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