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  1. I only would consider this with no time remaining. Missing the 2-point conversion lets the Eagles win with a field goal, while making it forces the Eagles to score a td. Neither scenario is an instant win.
  2. Yeah, America is really falling behind by having proper plumbing and electricity...
  3. The loss of Daquan Jones has made our entire defensive line less effective.
  4. The offense was more varied and produced consistent positive yardage even if we struggled to get in the endzone. Punting twice in Bucs territory on 4th and short is the reason why this game wasn't a blowout.
  5. I'm puzzled by the decline of Hunter Renfrow. He played great in the slot with Carr, but he seems to have been phased out of the offense this year. He's only 28, but he has a $13 Million cap hit this season, making a trade to any team difficult.
  6. We need the help at 1T. Phillilps, Ford, and Settle have underwhelmed and opposing offensive lines have been able to get to the second level and push our linebackers off the play.
  7. The league needs to do a better job at maintaining their playing fields. Natural grass is the safest choice and a multibillion dollar league shouldn't cheap out on astroturf while claiming to promote player safety.
  8. I don't consider holding Saquon Barkley to 3.9 YPC getting "shredded"
  9. Dodson got twice as many snaps as Williams after Milano went down, and Dodson played much better in my opinion (Dorian whiffed on a number of tackles) It's up to Rousseau and Miller to elevate our pass rush to make up for other deficiencies on defense.
  10. Spencer Brown requires TE help in order to block any speed rushers, so they are locked up in assisting the O-line instead of running routes downfield. When they're not kept in to block, they are chipping the DE's which delays their route. RT is the weakest position on our offense and needs to be a major emphasis of next year's draft and free agency.
  11. Considering they're 0-5 and have a strong connection to the Bills' front office, I think the Panthers are a good bet for a trade. DT Derrick Brown would be a huge pickup after losing Daquan Jones.
  12. The Giants play the Dolphins and Bills after starting 1-3 with terrible qb play. I don't think there's any way Daboll makes it through the year.
  13. If that's their theory for why they lost in Buffalo, what's their excuse for us kicking their a$$ at home?
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