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  1. Singletary and Moss are both very good in pass protection. I think Devin just wasn't expecting Dawkins to get beat that quickly on the edge (because it doesn't happen very often) He may have been assigned to pick up interior D-linemen considering we had a patchwork interior o-line with all the injuries.
  2. Last season, we were 7-6 at one point and still had an opportunity to get to the Superbowl. Every other team in our division is dealing with quarterback injuries and we have only played one divisional game so far. I am confident that we can win tomorrow, but even if we lose, we have a long season ahead of us and a lot of star players who will soon return from injury.
  3. This is terrible luck in the short term, but having Tre White and Xavier Rhodes come back in a month as reinforcements will be a big boost to our secondary.
  4. I just started a thread to let people know about bis charity. Just donated $17
  5. After the brutal injury Tua suffered tonight, there's been a lot of discussion with how the Dolphins handled his injury. More importantly, Tua is a human being dealing with an injury that could affect him for the rest of his life. Let's give him some support and show everyone why Bills fans are the best in the world! Tua has a charity called the Tua Foundation that supports a wide variety of Youth programs. Let's send in donations in the amount of $17 to show him that we are pulling for him to have a full recovery! https://www.tuafoundation.org/donate/
  6. I really think Spencer Brown's drop-off in play is due to the fact that his back isn't fully recovered from surgery. His height makes bending even more important to maintain leverage and he looks to be in pain frequently. I think they may try to have Brown and Quessenberry split reps at RT until he's fully healthy.
  7. It's hard to tell who's at fault in that situation. I'm not sure how much freedom Josh is given to change plays at the line. Kromer uses more complex run schemes that might not be easy to just flip to the other side of the line.
  8. It's not Josh Allen's fault that the defense gets penetration on every play. With the exception of Dion Dawkins, every one of our offensive linemen are playing at replacement level.
  9. I think the fact that Gabe Davis didn't act like it was a catch influenced the refs. If he celebrated with his teammates, there's a chance one of the refs signals TD and it would at least go to review.
  10. I was at the Titans game and I noticed that Spencer Brown kept reaching for his back and appeared to be in pain during the second half (Quessenberry later came in to replace him). He had back surgery during the offseason, so that's a very worrying sign. He doesn't look like the player we saw last season and may not be fully recovered.
  11. If Poyer is still out, we could sign Josh Thomas from the Cardinals practice squad.
  12. Runningback is the one position where we have good depth and no injuries. We need offensive line depth.
  13. It's funny because during the drought years, the only thing we could do RIGHT on offense was run the ball. We had backs like McGahee, Henry, Lynch, Jackson, and McCoy and some future HOF linemen like Ruben Brown and Jason Peters. We're built for the passing game and we've only taken one offensive lineman with a 1st round pick in the last 20 years (Eric Wood in 2009)
  14. Maybe he has a son who can play like Antoine Winfield Jr
  15. He has been lights out with 1-on-1 open field tackles so far this year. He is absolutely playing at a pro bowl level.
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