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  1. Anyone stay at the Red Carpet Inn just so the bed bugs have something to eat during the off-season?
  2. This is not a "simple pole" My ancestors came from Poland, so I consider myself a "simple Pole" Also, a poll with 5 answers to a yes-or-no question is not simple. But to answer the question, I think he will have fewer yards due to an improved defense and run game, and only regress slightly in terms of QBR due to the return of live crowd noise.
  3. I applaud him because that definitely took a lot of guts considering the macho culture of the NFL. There must be a lot more gay players in the league who will probably never come out. Statistically there are probably about two full NFL teams worth of gay players.
  4. Too small. According to this board we need a nose tackle who is 6-8 495 pounds
  5. I dont think anyone looked particularly good in run blocking. Maybe Feliciano when healthy.
  6. Daryl Williams doesn't get enough credit. He was lights-out in pass protection and allowed half as many sacks as Dion Dawkins. He's been our best RT since we had Jason Peters play there back in 2008
  7. Odaba is 2nd in High quality sacks per snap to Aaron Donald 👀 I really hope we keep 6 DE's active on gameday and rotate them a ton (and maybe move some guys inside in pass-rushing situations). The only way we could do that is if we have versatile backups at other positions who can step in at multiple positions. If Ryan Bates can play anywhere on the O-line in a pinch, then I don't see why we would need 9 O-linemen active.
  8. According to an American Medical Association survey, over 96% of doctors have been vaccinated for covid. That's higher than the percentage of people who believe the world is round. https://www.ama-assn.org/press-center/press-releases/ama-survey-shows-over-96-doctors-fully-vaccinated-against-covid-19 The numbers you posted (58%) are for the total hospital staff, including cafeteria staff and the guy who sells balloons in the gift shop. This number is still significantly higher than the vaccination rate of general population of the US.
  9. The only reason we're able to go back to living normally is because the majority of people in the US are now vaccinated. So basically Cole wants to reap the benefits of having unmasked practices and fans in the stands and a higher salary cap without actually taking the vaccine himself because of some unfounded fear.
  10. These players are intriguing because I could see any one of them either emerging as a star or being nearly phased out and given limited snaps. Cody Ford's job as a guard is the most in danger considering the additions of Forrest Lamp, Jamil Douglas, and Jack Anderson, plus the return of Ike Boettger, Feliciano, and Bates. Then when you consider they drafted Spencer Brown and Tommy Doyle to be the tackles of he future, it's tough to see Ford making the starting lineup unless he is absolutely dominant in preseason. I really like Singletary and he's great in pass protecti
  11. The only way a new stadium is worth it is if it's built downtown and gets a ton of major concerts and events year round. Enjoy the relatively inexpensive tickets while you can. We will pay for the new stadium with increased ticket and concession costs, personal seat licenses, and higher taxes. However, I think it would do wonders for Buffalo's economy and the shops and restaurants within a few miles of the stadium would thrive. Finding a parcel of land that large near downtown that also has the proper infrastructure is no easy task. With the cost of land reaching a peak right now,
  12. The pilot: "Sir, could you please stop clapping? It's extremely distracting"
  13. I think the Titans should definitely be in that group, maybe even as high as #3. They whooped us last season and now have an elite receiver in Julio Jones to pair with AJ Brown. They also got a lot better on defense both in free agency and the draft.
  14. Hoping the Bills will release alternate Zubazz uniforms. They'll be ugly as hell, but the wavy pattern will disorient our opponents
  15. Aaron Donald or Derrick Henry. They're each the best at their position and coming off stellar seasons.
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