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  1. Considering that we're up against the cap, it wouldn't make sense to resign any of them. We drafted defensive ends back-to-back because we wanted to get younger and cheaper at the position. I expect the Bills to be pretty quiet in free agency for the foreseeable future.
  2. I checked the roster and we only have 6 guys over 30. I also noticed that a lot of our rookies are older than you'd think. Hamlin, Doyle, Brown, and Basham are all 23. I think our scouting department prioritizes 4 year starters and stays away from one-year-wonders (Rousseau being an exception)
  3. I think he was pretty solid vs the Steelers, who have 3 really good receivers. He was always blanketing his man, but just couldn't get his head around a couple times. He allowed two big contested catches despite having perfect coverage. He will continue to get targeted a lot because teams will avoid throwing to Tre White's side, but I feel comfortable with him as our #2.
  4. Week 1 kneejerk reactions won't age well. Pittsburg is a playoff team. We played poorly and lost by a flukey special teams TD. If Pittsburgh can adjust to having a sub-par offensive line by getting rid of the ball quicker than so can we.
  5. Ben got rid of the ball so quickly that it was difficult to assess his pass rush skills. As a whole the line looked solid and did a good job against the run. I think he'll have a bigger impact next week.
  6. It's a shame society is frowning on old fashioned tough-guy activities like spraying mustard all over a guy's chest 🤣
  7. With the scratches of Moss and Basham I think the Bills will have rotating inactives at RB and the defensive line in order to keep guys fresh over the course of a 17 game season (hopefully 20 or 21 for us)
  8. They'll be wearing the all white uniforms John Hussey will be the referee
  9. I think it's just a boxing bell sound effect. This isn't the exact one but it's close
  10. I would like us to continue to be known as the fanbase that bombards charities with donations
  11. I don't work for you anymore Mr. Kraft! You'll need to find someone else to put oil on your footlong!
  12. Russells by far. It's not right in the city, but it's worth the drive out to Williamsville. Best steak in WNY for reasonable prices and always excellent service
  13. It's for the best in the long run in a survivor pool. Neither one is a good team, but the Jaguars are on the rise with some good free agent signings and a potential star rookie quarterback. The Texans have an incredibly distracting situation with Deshaun Watson and a stopgap qb in Tyrod. They lost their offensive star in Hopkins last season and now lost the best defensive player in franchise history in JJ Watt. I Believe the GM consciously wants the team to tank so they can get a new qb #1 overall next year.
  14. 2006 Bills vs Patriots Opening drive- Takeo Spikes strip sacks Tom Brady, and London Fletcher takes it to the house. I was at a Bills party and everyone went absolutely nuts. It was an outdoor party and drinks went flying and people started singing... Unfortunately we ended up losing the game on a JP Losman safety, but there was that one moment of euphoria and hope that maybe we could defeat the mighty Patriots who had just won 3 of the last 4 Superbowls.
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