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  1. All week I've heard from countless posters here and national pundits saying that the Bills have the better roster top down. Watching the game Sunday got me thinking. Where exactly are the Bills better than the Chiefs. RB- KC WR- push TE- KC OL- push (leaning KC) DL- push (leaning KC) LB- KC (unless you're an Edmunds truther) CB- push (without Tre) S- Bills So what else does that leave? Oh yeah.. QB- Bills (by a billion) People subconsciously have put Mahomes leagues ahead of Allen and therefore put the rest of KC down in terms of talent. When realistically the opposite is true. Not to say that he, Mahomes, isn't a great QB(from a talent perspective), he clearly is (not even mentioning the accolades he's accumulated). But It's just so obvious how much more Allen does for the Bills than Mahomes does for the Chiefs. If you swap teams I can almost guarantee that Allen has more success than Mahomes. (Although without the adversity he's faced would Allen be the QB he is today?) Look at team defense for example, the Chiefs have had a better defense than the Bills, or any team for that matter, since week 5(?), is what they've been saying anyway, and Allen shredded them. Just like Mahomes shredded the Bills(without Tre). On top of the fact that the Chiefs before Mahomes had already been established as a contender in the league with Alex Smith at QB. The team around him has always been loaded and people seem to disregard that that since he's the league darling, an über-talented wunderkind. Just a little perspective, unless you don't like objectivity. If you disagree I'd love for you to break down the rosters for me player by player or group by group, prove me wrong. Allen elevates the Bills more than Mahomes does the Chiefs and it isn't particularly close.
  2. For sure. The loss sucks but everyone complaining about it has to realize that Mahomes and the Chiefs literally had to play a perfect game to beat the Bills. This was a battle of two behemoths and the home team won. Simple as that.
  3. Letting him get some rest against the Pats was definitely the way to go and I'm excited to see what he can do this weekend. It might be one of those games where he's simply uncoverable, unlike last year against the Chiefs he's fully healthy and ready to go. I'd imagine he's going to be a major part of the game plan moving forward. Even though the Bills don't necessarily need him to win, having him out there certainly increases the chances of getting the W.
  4. I have no say in the matter of whether or not he suits up on Sunday. That means I'll just have to root for the players the are out there. I'm not saying that he doesn't help the Bills win that game. The Bills are the better team by more than Stefon Diggs and that's not a slight on Diggs either, the Bills just are a much better team based on the results of the season until now, and you might have noticed, the Bills WRs outside of Diggs are kinda good. He didn't even lead them in snaps last week
  5. Diggs could sit this week and the Bills would still whoop the Chiefs. Grow up
  6. Bass is just drunk right now. He started celebrating early since he knew the team wasn't gonna need him. Hopefully they don't trot Haack out there... 😅
  7. To me the Sunday 1pm game is for boring teams/games it's like @TheFunPolice was saying; the better the team the more primetime action and I want the Bills to get as much showcasing as they can stomach. Also, the extra day of rest is really overblown by a large portion of fans, there's not many times when one extra day of rest/recovery keeps players out of games. In terms of game planning and schemes, the coaches aren't going to radically alter the playbook or add entirely new plays in between games. At his point it's about adding wrinkles to the game plan and expecting that the players, who know the system, can adapt and adjust. For all of the fans who suffer from bbptsd(or whatever it's called) how cathartic will it be when the Bills crush the Patriots, in the playoffs, and in primetime. There's nothing I look forward to more as a fan of this team than the prospect of embarrassing the Patriots, and showing the league who's the class of not only the AFCE, but the entire NFL. P.S. Don't look now; but the Bills have won 3 in a row, and might quietly be, the hottest team in the league 😉
  8. What a great sentiment. I have two young kids and staying up late to watch the game with my wife can be a hassle. But man, you just can't beat it. I get so pumped for those games and stay up way later thinking about it. I never regret it in the morning and win or lose I'm wearing my Bills gear proud the next day
  9. I'm curious why not? I get the extra day of rest but I don't think that's a huge deal breaker. (I'd be curious to see how teams fare the following week after a Monday night game, a very brief Google search yield no results) I can't imagine a better game for Bills Mafia to go absolutely mad for. Would Mac Jones even be able to complete a pass? How much extra juice would the defense get in front of the home crowd. What a fun game that would be
  10. Imagine if you will, it's 8 pm Monday January 17th 2022. The temperature is 17° with a wind chill of 12° the slight breeze feels bitter cold and there's a few flakes falling, a light dusting of snow coats the field. The Bills led by Josh Allen enter the stadium and the crowd erupts. The noise of the fans seems to be magnified by the Monday night lights and the frigid temps. The stadium is absolutely electric as the fans get ready for the show. These Bills have been preparing for this moment for a long time. The quiet confidence they exude riles the fans up even more. It's time for Bills vs Pats PT. III
  11. Week 17 bump. Edited OP. Added close to poll before kickoff Sunday
  12. Not necessarily that interpretation of it. Just that a team is less likely to win a particular game based on how long the winning streak is. So if all things were equal a team would have a lower chance of winning the further along in the streak they are. It would take some serious statistical analysis and a look at how likely a team is to win in a given week (DVOA?). Someone may have compiled the data I'm referring to but I'm not going to put in the effort to find it.
  13. The thing about winning streaks is that they inevitably come to an end. I'm not sure the statistics on it either, although it always seems that the longer the streak goes the harder it is to maintain. I.e winning the fifth in a row is easier than winning the twelfth, obviously the opponents have a lot to do with it but that's my perception of it
  14. @JoPoy88 @Chandler#81, et al. I've mulled it over today after lunch and I'm doubling down on my initial assertion that the Bills are quietly the hottest team in the NFL. After listening to some wgr and realizing just how proficient Josh has been along with the emergence of the run game and overall solid defensive play. The Bills have lost their last game this season and the win against the Pats in Foxborough is the type of game that defines seasons. The Bills are getting hot at the right time and the league is about to get put on notice
  15. If that's what you'd like to call me, so be it. If positivity and optimism are the triggers that get you and others upset, that says more about you and them than it does about myself. It's also interesting to me that, in this instance, I'm the troll when you come into a thread started by me and attack me personally while posting comments not relevant to the thread itself. If you don't like the content you can choose to disregard it. With all of this said I am enjoying the banter we find ourselves in and I hope you are too
  16. It's funny that everyone talks about the Bills lack of balance on offense yet the Dolphins passing attack isn't anything to write home about. The defense does so much for that team to stay competitive
  17. If you don't like it, don't post in the thread. It's simple really. What I don't get is why you feel so compelled to get so upset about what someone else has to say on a message board. People are entitled to their opinions regardless of how you perceive them. It's called a hot take. Not sure if you've heard of them. They allow for discussions that might not normally happen because someone takes a stance that isn't necessarily popular or correct. Which I feel this thread has provided.
  18. Honestly I make posts like these knowing that I'll face the vitriol of some board members, but I'm always more than happy to back up my opinions and even walk back to a more reasonable perspective depending on what other posters have to say
  19. That's exactly how I'm feeling about it. As long as the Bills take care of business here they're gonna head into the playoffs with a ton of confidence, essentially winning 4 playoff games in a row to get to that point. Fingers crossed they finish the job the next two weeks.
  20. I get it and admittedly the Bills probably aren't the hottest team in the league. If I had to name one, it would probably be KC, Colts, Rams, or GB. There's still two weeks to go and the Bills could turn it on and look like world beaters, or worse, they could lose out and squeak into the postseason or miss it all together. While looking at the Bills objectively I'd prefer to stand on the positive side of things and make points to that regard. It's like you said all teams have flaws and to cast them aside because they afflict your favorite team is to wear the proverbial rose colored glasses.
  21. Oh ok. Well the idea is that the Bills are one of the hottest teams in the league based off of recent performances, even though they've lost. I'm not sure how many people were saying the Colts were a garbage team, but I don't recall much of that on the boards here. Honestly I remember a lot of 'I told you so's about the Bills run D and the team overall being overrated
  22. Bills 37 Falcons 16 Singletary has a big day going for 100 on the ground 40 through the air and 2 TDs. Allen throws another one to Diggs and has an otherwise solid yet unspectacular day. Mitch plays the final 7 minutes and throws a screen to McKenzie for a TD.
  23. That's a fair assessment. Honestly I still don't the the Bills have fully hit their stride. I mean they've played great in this one and against the Chiefs earlier this year but it still feels like they have so much more in the tank. I'm just waiting for the game where they finally turn it all on and never look back The Dolphins scare no one and the Colts are a legit team. My apologies for injecting some optimism into the aether. I should just wallow in the 6 losses the Bills have collected and accept they'll never be the perfect team all of us fans so truly deserve..
  24. I highly doubt a game against them plays out the same as it did last time, everything went right for the Colts from the first snap and being a midseason game the Bills packed it in at the half. Another team who has given them trouble is the Titans. I'd honestly rather the Bills play the Chiefs than either of those two
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