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  1. I've been thinking about the idea of using a 2nd next year to move up in the 2nd this year along with 2 of the 6ths the team has. It would depend on how the draft plays out but we'll just say in the 1st they draft Franklin or Thomas, then around pick 40 or so, one of the other highly touted WRs starts to slide (Worthy, Leggett, McConkey, etc.) How awesome would it be to see the team say you know what, let's force the other teams to play catch up, and add 2 guys to the mix that are going to make the Bills absolute matchup nightmares!? The amount of different looks the offense could come out in and just dictate to the defense what's going to happen would be absurd. The Bills could go from ground and pound to air-it-out and everything in between. Ideally you'd be adding 2 WRs that are better than Davis and then saying try and stop us... The more I think about it, I'm all aboard the RD2 Trade Up Train
  2. He hasn't done much and the plan to force it to him so he gets his (along with a lack of other threats), has hurt the team
  3. What's worse is the very questionable pi call and then the no hold when Floyd clearly would've had a sack
  4. Fair enough. I think there's a few teams who've been in the mix the past few seasons, similar to the Ravens, Colts, and Steelers, during the Pats run that had potential to win any year. I'd put the 49ers, Eagles, and maybe the Lions, and Cowboys in that category, in the NFC. The rest are borderline.
  5. Tampa can hardly beat their way out of a paper bag. The Rams have definitely been playing better but they don't look like a top team.. and Geno Smith is.. Geno Smith.. not a guy who instills much confidence. I could be wrong but I would be shocked if last year's league runner-up was one and done this year. Even if they lost to the Cardinals
  6. So you think they'll lose to either the NFCS champ on the road or the Rams/Seahawks at home?
  7. Yeah, it's frustrating that Allen for whatever reason has a hard time seeing when he has open guys. Not just for TDs but to extend drives. Whether it's an RB in the flat, or someone in that 5-15 yard range and he'll let one rip, or hold on too long and try to make something happen with his legs. It's almost like he gets tunnelvision on what he wants to happen. It's why he hasn't been MVP yet
  8. I'm glad he did it, and credit to him for 5 TDs, but there's such a difference in the playcalling/playmakers. Not to say that Josh should be it this year (he doesn't deserve it) but how many times have we seen Josh throw to anyone this year as wide open as Flowers was on that TD? And then finish the play like he did? Or one of our WRs make a catch like OBJ at the 1? At this point Lamar's really the only player who "makes sense" to win it but like you said it's been a funky year.
  9. I'm curious if anyone here knows how the Eagles did today? The best teams always look like world beaters no matter the opponent, right? Right!?
  10. I just can't understand why people like you are fans of the team. I understand looking at things from an impartial/nonbiased perspective but you're literally looking for reasons why the team won't succeed. You could very easily look at the Bills performance over the last 5 games and think this team is going to roll their way to the AFCCG and have a battle with the Ravens for the Superbowl. I hope you have a better perspective in real life, because it's honestly sad to see you so vehemently deny any positive aspects of this season.
  11. For the record he's actually had a negative impact. Starting with the 12 men penalty and culminating in the lost fumble on the punt return vs. The Chargers. He was literally feet away from where the ball ended up and would've easily been the first player there. Instead he starts walking towards the bench while the play is happening. HOT TAKE ALERT!! He shouldn't have seen the field when he died and he shouldn't now. The whole reason why he was hit in the chest and stopped his heart was because he decided to try and tackle a guy who has 5 inches on him by standing in place and going high. He got trucked and it was his fault. He's not a good football player. It's that simple
  12. I will say, that variety of takes that people have on here (good or bad) is one of my favorite things about this place. For the most part the posters with some of the strongest opinions are often times well spoken and provide sound rationale for their takes. There's generally a lot of good discussions on the board. I don't think there's a team in the league that's heads above everyone else, save for maybe the 49ers, so I see a path for the Bills to win the whole bag. Beane has made some seriously solid moves this year (starting with the Oliver ext, and the draft) to get the team to be in position to make some noise, unfortunately a lot of that has been squandered by incompetence. I still hold out hope that Elam will be a plus player, especially on the latest news regarding his injury. Having Benford playing well takes the sting out of Elam's performance thus far. The team is just brimming with potential and I'm looking forward to see how they close out the year!
  13. You know, @Einstein, you've been so much more positive than most in this latest Bills stretch. I'm grateful for you and your contributions to the community and am pleasantly surprised by your latest takes. Thank you for the positive outlook you've provided this season
  14. He knows the code. When it comes down to it, put it in the refs hands. Just ask Collinsworth
  15. It's not the team, it's the fans 🫡
  16. PR department's in meetings like; you guys gotta make it look like you don't want to kill each other.. lol
  17. Do you want him to say Dorsey has been trash and that's why we fired him? Or Josh is the reason we're losing games and now he's down on himself? There's about a million things right now he could say to throw gas on the fire and he's doing his best to mitigate any psychological issues he can. Why would he willingly damage his reputation with not only the team, but fans as well, by giving more info than necessary. I swear so many people just want to raise the pitchforks and have anything to gripe about
  18. I'm just being a 'realist', right. That's what they all say. I see it everywhere, Bills fans just can't wait to spew vitriol and hate when the team encounters any sort of obstacle or meets with rough waters. So many just sit and lie in wait so they can be the first ones to be right with their negative takes. It's embarrassing. This loser mentality among a large contingent of the fanbase is honestly sad. Curses and jinxed live on in our collective psyche and Bills fans thrive off of being the lovable losers. Sure, fans donate to all these charities, but then they go around acting like drunken asshats at the tailgate. Woohoo! Our fans are the best because they know how to party and donate to other teams charities! On the other hand half these fans take it personally when the Bills lose, as if the team is doing it to spite these individuals. Get over yourselves Bills fans. The team will be good or bad regardless if any of us are on the bandwagon or not. Good riddance to those who no longer support the Bills! I'll still be here and I'll still BILLIEVE this team can win the Superbowl until they're finally knocked out of the race.
  19. You might be right about that. They just can't help snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
  20. What a way to lose! They missed the kick and before that the Bills got excited and pooped their pants
  21. Jesus, how many fans were going into this game expecting this or something similar to happen. This is exactly what these fans deserve. The constant bitching, and moaning about how when this team wins its not perfect and nothing they can do is ever good enough. It's actually quite comical and fitting exactly how much this loss suits this fanbase.
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