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  1. Definitely. The AFC North and AFC West are brutal this year!
  2. *The Bills have young leaders learning how to lead a team to sustained success. None one is looking at Addison, Star, Hughes, Darryl Williams, Mitch Morse, Emmanuel Sanders, or any other aging vet and expecting long term returns from them. Everyone knows that these players are long in the tooth and will more than likely be replaced in the coming seasons. That being said they're important to how the roster is currently structured and while they play their roles the true team leaders Allen, Diggs, Ed Oliver, Dion Dawkins, Edmunds, Milano, Tre White and others are still early in their NFL careers and hence are still learning how to be a great team. All of these players could feasibly play another 5-10 years and it wouldn't be considered a stretch. So the fact that they aren't even halfway through their careers I consider them young players. There's context to everything and while the Bills have one of the oldest rosters on paper, they have a solid young core of talented players that will be in the league longer than they've been thus far. While the Bills, as an organization, are looking to keep as much of this roster intact for as long as possible, given the salary requirements each player will demand. Ideally most of the core players will be staples of the Bills organization for the foreseeable future and will help to train those that they know will eventually replace them. Everyone on here likes to talk about the Bills Superbowl window being only a few short years, while the Bills organization is planning on keeping it open indefinitely. They're looking to be the next Pats, Steelers, Colts, Packers, etc.. (perennial contenders) not some flash in the pan team
  3. The way I see it is the NFC is more top heavy compared to the AFC and the AFC has more depth at the top end than the NFC. Just looking at it briefly there's only a few AFC teams that are truly awful. While the majority of the NFC teams are bad
  4. Honestly I hope they put McKenzie in that spot and see how he does there. He might surprise. From what we've seen last year he won't disappoint and has the speed the Beasley lacks. Not that Beasley doesn't get open. I'd just like to see McKenzie more involved offensively and this is a prime opportunity for him
  5. I appreciate the insight bud. I'm sure you're a hit offline!
  6. I mean Bill Belichick told his team they might remember the game against the Bills for decades. How did he feel about it?
  7. Chill out bud, you think I care what random internet strangers think about my opinions!? 😂 It's a message board not a job interview. We haven't lost 1 this year. The Bills are focused on the real one. Get it straight. The Bills are a young team learning the ropes. They aren't some perennial contender looking to continue their success, in a few years we might look back and think how did this team lose 6 games back in '21.
  8. The Bills have more wins than losses and when they win this weekend are in the driver's seat for the AFCE. We won't know for a few weeks how this will play out but I'm betting the Bills are gonna end up better for it at the end of the day
  9. After 5 of the Bills 6 losses this year the team who beat them has lost the following week. Most recently, in convincing fashion, the Patriots and Bucaneers lost, while being atrocious on Run defense and on offense in general, respectively. That being said, have the Bills become such a massive game for opponents that they're so drained, physically, mentally, and emotionally, that they can hardly compete the following week!? The only team that won the following week was the Titans at full strength who were a load for any team that faced them.
  10. The Bills defense narrowly missed out on multiple interceptions at that point and the offense wasn't playing terribly. I still don't agree with your assessment but I do agree with the point you're making about how they can both be true
  11. The Bills at this point have more than double the points as the Panthers. Are they still getting out-played!?
  12. To say that the Bills are getting rocked by the Panthers would be silly. There's certainly levels to how out-playing a team looks, if anything it's been an even game with the Bills showing they have more talent on the score board.
  13. I don't understand that flag. If anything I was expecting it on Ford
  14. I get it. He does come across as whiny sometimes looking for the flags. It really only burned him in time that I can remember and I don't think it's something that's going to hurt long term.
  15. He tried to but got hit as he threw. Then after he saw the result of the play pointed it out to the ref
  16. I think so too. You saw it on the first throw, the out to Beasley, it sailed in him and a few others have as well
  17. Daboll needs to scheme up about 5-7 touches for him per game. He's dangerous with the ball in his hands and can take it to the house from anywhere on the field. Then when you use him as a decoy the defense actually bites on it for another 5-7 plays a game. Honestly I'd rather him have touch the ball than Breida on offense.
  18. Yeah, I think he had one sweep and was just a decoy on maybe a few other plays. It makes no sense to me because in the limited action we've seen, he's been a playmaker when he does get the ball on those plays. Not that he's incredibly shifty, making people miss left and right, but he's good at seeing the creases in the defense and getting there before they close up. He looks to have pretty average hands and I can't comment on his route running prowess but it seemed like he got open well enough when the Bills used him more last year. We have know clue what the coaches see in practice though so we don't have the full picture
  19. It's a mystery wrapped inside of an enigma. Only known by an elite few here at TWS, the rest of us can only provide musings at the origin of this one
  20. I think so too.. I will say I thought Stevenson appeared to have more breakaway speed though. When he decided to go it was like lightning in a bottle. But it seemed to take him too long to actually decide when to go so he got caught up in the mix. I'm not sure Mckittrick would hold that job past this year Obviously I'd never call him that in public but I think on the boards it's the perfect thing to call him. When I'm watching the games at home I'm always rooting for 'McKittrick' instead of McKenzie when he's on the field.
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