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  1. Possibly. It's obviously not the entire reason for the inconsistencies this season and lack of execution from the offense, it just seems to me that they haven't been running as many of the wrinkles in the offensive packages as we saw last year. Occasionally in games you'll see them mix things up but from my undereducated perspective they seem to be running a mostly vanilla playbook
  2. Fair enough. I just don't see the reasoning in running full bore the entire season to run out of gas in the playoffs. If you knew you could get to a certain point in the season running out of your vanilla playbook why wouldn't you? When it comes time for the games that truly matter its a bigger benefit to not have all of your good plays on tape. Interesting perspective. I wasn't around yet for the late 80s Bills. You may very well be right and they're still growing and developing as a team on a longer term basis than most of the fans are patient enough for
  3. To your point on the contact with Allen. The defender, #41(don't know his name), Plants his foot out of bounds before initiating contact with Allen. Regardless of how gently you perceived him hitting Allen he hit him out of bounds it's pretty cut and dry.
  4. In the '21 NFL season the Bills held a playoff position in week 14, after week 14 (fill in the blank, could be negative or positive. Your choice)
  5. Considering they'd make it in right now if the season ended today. You're wrong.
  6. I'm glad they care. But I don't. They could have a losing record at the end of the year for all I care as long as they make the dance. That's what the season is all about. I didn't watch any post game since it was so late, so I can't comment on the players/coaches reactions. We've seen games this year where they look absolutely dominant like a contender should and others where they look out of sorts and more like a wildcard team. Either way it's playoff caliber football They missed so many opportunities and they should be ashamed of losing that game Monday night. Same with the other games. When you're that close it hurts so much more to lose. But they aren't going to dwell on the loss like so many fans are. They're moving past it so they can focus on the road ahead. They'll probably be extra jazzed up for the next Pats game, but they certainly won't treat it like their Superbowl
  7. People see a couple of losses for the Bills and they just want to blow the whole thing up and put heads on the chopping block. The last team to win every game in a season was the dolphins, the Patriots came close but they lost the only one that mattered. I can guarantee that every player on that team would rather sneak in the playoffs and win the Superbowl than have a perfect regular season. I appreciate you putting the other teams schedules up to really show where the Bills stand, which isn't a bad position honestly. They've 'underperformed' yet are still in a better place than almost every drought era team.
  8. I do think they'll look to get better at the positions mentioned. Probably not Edmunds this off-season. I'd imagine them going LT in the first to bump Dawkins in to LG then either CB or RB in round 2 and then an interior OL to push Morse, Williams, Feliciano, and Dawkins to be better
  9. I see where you're coming from but at what point in the Pats game did they have no chance to win? What about the Titans? I don't remember the way the Jags or Steelers game ended but I'd imagine it's similar. The point is that even when the Bills are playing poorly by all accounts. They're still in position to win these games against quality opponents. I don't necessarily disagree, although I don't think it's a huge issue. They're working on the run game on offense and defensively they do well enough that it only truly hurt them in the game against the Colts. The Pats only scored 14 points and they had the Titans within 1 yard of a win
  10. This iteration of the Bills cares not for the accolades of the regular season! They know the only games that matter are played in January and February. After the loss to the Chiefs in AFCCG with a hobbled WR room and feeling the effects of going all out for an entire season, the Bills aren't going to let that happen again! It's a long season and they know it. They know what it takes to win playoff football games. They're not going in blind and flying high like last year. They're grounded and focused on the ultimate goal. Many fans and pundits are down on the bills because of the 'disappointing' record and the inconsistency of play, however, the Bills don't give a crap what you or anyone else thinks. It took everything the Patriots had to win that game Monday night, and if the Bills connect on a small handful of plays it's a rout in the Bills favor, it's really that simple. The Patriots had to play an almost perfect game and they still had to scrape by with last minute defensive heroics to come out on top. Milano might've purposely 'gotten injured' at the end of the game because the Bills aren't going to embarrass themselves with some trash play to win on a punt return in week 13, in week 19 and beyond if they're in that position, they're going to have something special prepared for the occasion. Yeah they lost to the Pats. Who cares!? They're still in prime position to make a run in the playoffs. It doesn't matter where they play, they know they can beat the pants off of any team in the league, in their own stadium, Bills fans travel well and they'd love to see Blue and Red confetti all over Arrowhead, or anywhere else. It took the best efforts of the Steelers, the fully loaded Titans, the Jags, and now the 'white hot' AFC leading Patriots to get the better of the Bills on days where the bills were 'off'. These weren't a couple bad plays and the game was out of hand, these games were close the whole way through, with the opponents feeling great about themselves for a having a slim lead, even knowing the Bills could end it in a play. These teams hold this win against the Bills as a highlight of their season (or decade, in the case of the Pats) and the Bills don't care about the loss for one second, they only care about the one that ended the season last year. The Colts game was over at halftime after the Mckittrick fumble and the Bills were ok with that. Something in common with these teams is that they all had this game circled as a big one. The Bills only have one game circled on the schedule. THE big one. That's not to say that the Bills are a team who isn't trying to win. Quite the contrary. They're a team that is working out the kinks now instead of later. A team who doesn't get too amped up about a week 13 game. A team in the process of getting better. A team with quiet confidence even with their backs against the wall. A team who knows their best football is ahead of them. A team with Superbowl aspirations.
  11. I'm just feeling good about the team! I think Sanders has been the primary target in the offense and starting Monday Diggs is going to get a lot more schemed looks to make downfield plays. With a healthy Milano the Defense is going to come out swinging. The rotation on the D-line keeps them fresh upfront to stop Henry all game long and Tannehill can't handle the constant pressure.
  12. Milano and Rousseau shine as the Bills notch another primetime rout! Allen with a near flawless night before Mitch closes out the fourth. Stefon Diggs has a monster night with 3 td catches over 40 yards!
  13. Man, I get the satire but the Chargers video objectively sucked and I'm pretty sure the Falcons one was made by a drunk 18 year old who watches too much Archer. Not saying the Bills is the best, particularly since I haven't seen all 32, but to say those are better is a stretch
  14. It's ridiculous! It goes to show that the Bills D has a ton of depth but not necessarily high end talent in the front 7 right now. That's obviously subject to change depending on how the next year pans out and if we have a guy (or a few) who's heads above everyone else moving forward
  15. I think they're gonna roll with what worked last year and see if it truly is a position that needs to be upgraded. They love Dane and Levi has proved to be serviceable so why invest a high pick if you have faith in Dane taking a big step. If he doesn't then next year they'll know for sure and draft accordingly
  16. It's a disappointing turn of events but the defense hasn't had the sacks numbers anyone's been looking for this year, they've still been getting pressure, they just haven't been able to get home with it. Two games to go in the season and it's anyone's game really. Addison leads the charge with 4 sacks followed closet by Obada (3.5), Rousseau (3), Star (3), while Milano and Taron Johnson (2) are tied for 5th. My hopeful projection of DRoY for Rousseau looks like a miss even though he's shown some promise. Epenesa hasn't done much and Boogie had a few flashes. Overall nothing to get super excited about. I think the rotation hurts the overall sack numbers for the individual players, so maybe it will help with the players being fresher for the playoffs. Ed Oliver has looked good at times and Harrison Phillips has shown more run stuffing chops than I think anyone expected. Star in the running makes me laugh since he was such a afterthought as sack leader. I think it's between 3 players at this point and that's Rousseau, Obada, and Addison. I'm excited to see how the D-Line finishes the last to game. End of update. Simple question here guys. Which bills defensive player finishes with the most sacks this upcoming season? One of the two high round rookies, a second year player, one of the vets, the new guy, the under achieving DT, one of the LBs? Man, when I first thought about this I was thinking just DE, but none of them had big years last year and AJ Klein tied with Addison for 5 sacks on the year. Honestly I could see any number of players taking the crown! I'm interested to hear what the rest of you think. Personally I think Rousseau is going to light it up with the tutelage of Bruce, Hughes, and Addison. At this point in their respective careers I think the vets realize they can either help the new kids learn the ropes or they can hit the road. I'm going to put it out there that Rousseau is going to be in the running for DROY, and help turn the Bills D into a truly fearsome unit. Everyone is going to wonder how he slipped through the cracks and Beane is going to further cement his status as a top GM in the league!
  17. Hahah I've never seen I get that for sure. It's really just an abstract thought I had on the potentiality of moving up to secure higher rated prospects this year at the expense of the later picks for the most part. Quality over quantity and all that
  18. What do you find unsustainable about the trade? If anything I'd say it's more sustainable because the players your drafting this year will be better than you'd get otherwise and next year having a 2nd instead of a 1st wouldn't be tragic
  19. I didn't. So theoretically the Bills would have to choose to move closer to the middle of the rounds rather than as high up as the Panthers are. Not a terrible trade off. What I find interesting is everyone automatically shooting it down even though if this trade were to happen the Bills would come out on top by quite a bit (the value of a 3rd and 4th?)
  20. I don't know the composition of their roster but I wouldn't be opposed to it, especially if I have a number of late round prospects I feel good about. Realistically this would be the bare minimum it would take for me to do the deal
  21. Those were my thoughts exactly! Although I didn't necessarily convey them like you did here. It's obviously risky and there's almost a zero percent chance of it happening.
  22. It's not like I said it was some rumor or bound to happen. Just a thought I had about trading up
  23. I'm not thrilled about losing that pick completely. If we do it this way then we still have two 2nds to work with
  24. We'd still have the same amount of picks and with more players coming out. The talent drop off would probably be comparable from the trade down next year to the trade up this year
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