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  1. Seriously. Try to stock the cupboard with young talented players. What isn't a need this year might be one in another year or two. Which is why I'd say the Bills are more likely to trade up for a CB than any other position. If they can't make something happen for a guy they really like they'll just sit and take the best player they can get. Then look to move back up in the second, package next year's second and get as low as you can get for another high impact player. In the middle of the draft they could look to swap picks into more value based positions relative to their draft board.
  2. With the 47th pick in 2022 TSW mock draft, the Washington Commanders select, Skyy Moore, WR, Western Michigan. Adding options to the WR room to take some heat off Scary Terry is a high priority after adding Carson Wentz. While we don't believe he's an elite QB, Wentz is better than what we've trotted out since Cousins left and surrounding him with playmakers is imperative to our offensive vision. Skyy Moore adds a weapon in the passing game, he may not have the elite upside as others in the class but he's a solid player who can take advantage of the attention defenses give to McLaurin. The Chicago Bears @Philo are on the clock
  3. Man, here I was hoping Gordon would make it a few more pics and the Commanders D would've been complete!
  4. That's gotta be a bad April fool's joke, right!? ... right?
  5. I like the idea of doubling up on early round positions. The idea would be to pay one and recover a pick for the other if/when the need ever arises. You still stay flush with young talent if you can cycle this through multiple years as a longer-term draft strategy.
  6. I know we're not going to have the best offense so we're looking to have the best D. Load up on playmakers at every level and just let em loose I know we're not going to have the best offense so we're looking to have the best D. Load up on playmakers at every level and just let em loose I know we're not going to have the best offense so we're looking to have the best D. Load up on playmakers at every level and just let em loose I know we're not going to have the best offense so we're looking to have the best D. Load up on playmakers at every level and just let em loose
  7. With the 11th pick in TSW, the Commanders select Devin Lloyd, linebacker, Utah. A few different positions were in play with this pick, ideally we'd like to trade down and recoup some picks. That's not possible here, so we picked the centerpiece of our defense. With the Dline set, Lloyd will have free reign to wreak havoc on opposing offenses. He's a do-it-all LB and will elevate our defense the way Keuchly did in Carolina. With a solid defense we're hoping that the offense can take a step with Wentz and get us into the playoffs The Vikings, @Doc Brown are on the clock
  8. I wonder if Schoen, Daboll, and their cronies paid attention to the Bills training and treatment facilities. It would help
  9. If he was there for the Commanders I would've considered him. I think Wentz would be a good fill in for a year, then groom him to be the man next year. * I like the idea of pairing his athleticism with McCaffrey's. They make an interesting combo for a creative OC
  10. I've watched a few of these here before and they always seemed like fun. My brother in law is a fan of the Commanders so I'll try and do right by him
  11. Well I can't say she's happy about it...but she's the one who broke the news. She knows what's up.
  12. My wife bore my child twice and yet I'm happier today than I was either of the days my children were born. Welcome home to the face of the franchise!
  13. That's the one. By all accounts he's had standout performances the last two training camps although not enough to breakout on the gameday roster due to injuries and other reasons
  14. I forgot all about him honestly. It's going to be interesting to see if the coaches feel the same way. He's a later round pick, same with Stevenson, so I can't imagine they're going to bank too much on them taking big steps but you never know.
  15. If they draft Jameson, I don't care how the rest of it plays out. That's a successful draft in my mind. One of the most explosive players coming out would be dangerous to add to the offense. It would just help free everyone else up to make plays
  16. I suppose I'm just preparing myself for a bit of a let down. He's shown that he can add a lot to the offense and is a solid, yet underutilized talent. I have no idea how the coaching staff and Beane view him and I don't want to get my hopes up that they bring him back. Even if they do I could see them adding another 2 WR in the draft/FA. Adding speed to the offense is, in my opinion, a no brainer. Particularly in a record setting year for draftees. There was actually a thread about Ken Dorsey and his offensive philosophy, which essentially said his background is in running 2 TE sets. So the Bills could go TE too (Gronk or otherwise)
  17. All I'm hoping for is at least one new starter on the IOL, maybe two if the Bills are serious about protecting Josh. I don't see them replacing Dawkins or Brown so that leave 3 positions up for grabs. Maybe they bump Dion to LG but either way 2/5 spots are locked up
  18. While the disappointment from the season finale against the Chiefs looms large over Bills Mafia, coaches, GM, and the players alike, we turn now turn to free agency and the draft to move forward in the pursuit of the ultimate goal. The Lombardi Trophy. As such the biggest question to answer is how to improve the roster from this point forward. With the pending departures of Isaiah McKenzie and Cole Beasley, the Bills are poised to address the WR position in either FA, or the draft. So the question is now, how will they fill the void? And with how many players? Will Bills Brass double dip at WR, like they did last year at DE? Will a marquee player again end up in Buffalo?
  19. We'll see soon how things shape up, but I for one wouldn't mind seeing both Frazier and Daboll getting hired elsewhere. McDermott needs to diversify his defense and if Frazier leaves hopefully he finds a more aggressive DC than Frazier (Sean Payton!?) Offensively the bills would be fine promoting Dorsey at this point since Allen can effectively run the offense himself. He's going to have a lot of input moving forward in terms of play calling and game planning.
  20. Great analogy! I never looked at it that way. Oliver really came on strong at the end of the year and fingers crossed he keeps it up next year. Groot was honestly pretty disappointing, especially later in the year when I would've expected him to turn it up and make more of an impact. Boogie seemed to do more with less time than Rousseau towards the backend of the season
  21. I just looked at some draft profiles and he seems like the perfect fit for the offense! Forget Beasley and McKenzie. He has size and speed to spare from the sounds of it and would add a new dynamic to the offense. Maybe Stevenson shows something and they can add two speed elements to the O next year
  22. It's so crazy that KC and the Pats, in their prime, always manage to find players like that. Did Pittsburgh really need to get rid of Ingram that bad!? I'm sure another team would've thrown in a bag of balls or something, if I was Beane I'd have given them an extra pick not to trade him to the Chiefs
  23. The Bills OL really came on strong the last few weeks of the regular season, which to me puts less emphasis on 'fixing' it when it comes to team building. Do you think the Bills should put more focus on stopping the KC playmakers or adding weapons of their own?
  24. The Bills D actually matches up pretty well with the Chiefs but the DL just couldn't get home. They had a good pressure on Mahomes the whole game but he slipped out and made them pay consistently. The number of times I thought they were gonna bring him down only to see him run for chunk yards or hit someone down field is what got me the most fired up watching the game
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