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  1. I want to see that block on the back called on Edmunds. Clearly would've had the stop
  2. They just want to get to the offseason as quick as they can. They know there's no hope for them against the Bills/Bengals/Chiefs
  3. Could be a should dislocation/subluxation? The way his elbow hit might've popped the shoulder out with the impact from him and Tre hitting the ground
  4. That's a valid point. I'm just hyped about the plays he's made and how well him and Singletary compliment the passing game (when they decide to run). Just like we thought about Gabe this year hopefully he takes the next step.
  5. He's absolutely gonna be a monster next year. Keep Motor for the tough grind em out yards and you got a lightning and thunder combo for years to come
  6. Besides a lot, how many points are the Bills gonna score today!?
  7. I mean if waddle managed to get two hands on the ball, Poyer literally had his entire arm in between Waddle's to break up the pass.
  8. Man, Dawkins really does such a nice job putting things into perspective. Seeing things from a players viewpoint is so refreshing
  9. Gross. Anyone who thinks the Bills should do anything other than dominate the pats is a F***ng coward
  10. I mean we could all look at the worst possible scenario and expect that it's going to happen, or do the same with the best case and go with that I'm so sick of anyone who expects the worst considering themselves to be fans. It's a joke at this point that the Bills are considered the class of the afc and Superbowl favorites, yet some of these so called fans are incessantly looking for reasons why the team sucks or are going to lose. If you aren't on these forums expecting a Bills Superbowl this year then GTFO. Damar Hamlin woke up and immediately asked if the Bills won. What does that say about the team and the accountability they hold for themselves? Do they think this is going to slow them down? I highly doubt it. They're going to add this fuel to the fire and with Hamlin's blessings show the league the Bills are not ones to be trifled with.
  11. That 5-6 mil/yr is the sweet spot to resign him. Any more and you're better off spending that money elsewhere and any less you've got yourself a nice deal
  12. I could be wrong, I haven't seen a replay. Watching it in real time I saw a screen since the RB was hanging out by the original LOS. Like you said though, it could've just been the line getting beat bad. Not every lineman goes out to block on a screen either. So it's likely on a screen that 2-3 OL stay home to block while the other guys head out to the screen area to block
  13. It was a screen play and the RB (Cook, I believe) was no more than 5 yards away. It's the whole reason Josh had to dirt it, the Dolphins DL had him dead to rights bc the OL was looking to get behind them
  14. So what happens if they win? Against a 7-1 team no less
  15. Honestly I'm pretty disappointed with him this year. He's had opportunities and just hasn't capitalized
  16. Mines a moniker I've taken on online recently, after finally deciding to have an actual presence in forums and the like (I identify as a lurker..) It isn't much fun for a football message board but here goes. It's an homage to Hermes Trimegistus. A figure who, to me, represents the transformation of oneself into the greatest version of oneself. By way of self reflection and discovery, simple spiritual practice, and attunement with the natural laws. Thanks to @Coldfronts for the inspiration to post mine. I was contented to enjoy everyone else's until I saw what you had posted.
  17. Exactly. It's a problem that should have a fairly easy solution,yet it seems like every year it gets worse and worse
  18. It stems from a frustration at the officiating league-wide. There have been countless plays this year where I watch the Bills (specifically) and think to myself how lucky they got on a call or non-call. It's not just the Bills, it's the NFL as a whole. How many times do you see the media darlings getting timely penalties to keep them in the game? I'm sure you could do a deep dive and look to see if the better teams truly do get more calls for or against them but that would just turn out to be an exercise in futility. C'est la vie
  19. Talk about cathartic! I'm so happy the Bills pulled out the W! Regardless of any other factors. Beating KC at Arrowhead is huge for team morale/confidence and seeding purposes. Hahah right!? It's like 'oh, this play could potentially end the game, better scrutinize it ad nauseam. Don't worry about the calls earlier in the game. Those don't really matter (unless it affects the spread)'
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