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  1. Wait for the press conference. McD will say they are young and learning. When do all the penalties fall on the coaches?
  2. Maybe so. But many teams cut draft picks. This year because of need at TE and DE both late guys probably make the 53. Which is awesome. Honestly there is little difference between a 6th round pick and UDFA in talent. Just keep adding talent in anyway possible.
  3. They waived last year's 7th round pick, Proehl. A WR when they had one of the worst WR groups in the NFL. This kid will make the final 53.
  4. Can you define Diva? Have you ever asked for a raise when you felt you deserve it? Do you have a career that will last only a handful of years? If you signed a contract with an employer and they tear it up with three years left on the deal because they don't want to pay you any longer, would you think that is fair? Why would he be bad for the locker room? He seems like a horrible person to women but have not heard her is a bad teammate. I agree I would not want him on my team nor pay a RB prime money. But some team will. That is how the market works. He's top 3 RB in the NFL and wants to be paid like that. Dallas has every right to make him honor his contract and franchise tag him if they wish. He has every right to try and get the largest amount of guaranteed money he can. Dallas has every right to cut him and not honor the contract. That is how the NFL works. Players must get their guaranteed money. Have to agree with you on this kid. He is so much better than I ever thought he would be. Gurley is a broken down mess that I would not give more than a 5th round pick to take on his nightmare contract.
  5. Depends on the position. A DE like Mack is worth it. An all world LT or C maybe as well. Great QB's don't get traded but if you want one and need one badly enough you have to pay dearly. Best bet is to pay your own.
  6. No They need next year's pciks for pass rushers. The only player even close to a #1 is Clowney and I don't think he is worth it either.
  7. I don't think are great. But in Dallas on Thanksgiving and against that run game Dallas would win most of the time. The front 7 with McD has been vulnerable to giving large numbers of yards on the ground.
  8. I would answer the OP by saying there is no team in the NFL the Bills could not beat on any given Sunday home or away. Do I think Dallas beats Buffalo 9 out of 10 times in Dallas on a short week? Yes. But I also think the Bills can win in Dallas if they get a few breaks. Eagles game is probably a loss 9 out of 10 too. Conversely I think Bills win at the Giants 8 out of 10 times but I can see a scenario where they run down our throats like Saints and Patriots have done in year's past. The first two games will decide the season. 2-0 and they make playoffs, 0-2 and McD will be fired in December.
  9. 1. Don't read anything into preseason football 2. There are many more teams to fear than the Patriots I agree with the optimism. Where in years past they had significant talent gaps, this year there are more question marks than obvious areas of concern. The three most obvious are will Allen and Edmunds continue to develop, and can you build an o-line with 4 new players. Then come questions about TE and pass rush. The schedule is manageable enough that this team should be in the playoff chase late into December. Anything less than 8 wins and still being in the playoff discussion week 15 is a failure in year 3.
  10. I could easily see this happen as you describe
  11. Depends how you define new age. Pete Carroll and Dick Vermeil and Marv Levy added new ideas and approaches despite their age. Bills teams of the 90's did little in camp and turned out to be just fine. Its the guys that dont adapt that fail. That said some new age guys fail quite spectacularly like Chip Kelly.
  12. I would trade Zeke Elliott for 1st round pick. I would sign Dak to a 3yr deal top 5 money. He is not a top 5 QB but he is worth top 5 money for that team this year and next. If he doesn't take that deal then tag him for a year. If Dak signs then I would tag Cooper for a year. I don't think Cooper is a star but he is a bonafide #1. If neither Dak or Cooper can be signed, I let Cooper walk and play the FA signings such to get a 3rd round comp pick. They have enough talnet on that team that they do not need to sign a large number of free agents and should be easy to have a net loss of players. They already have the o-line. Elliott is a great player but the one most easily replaced. Dak is an above average player but the hardest to replace.
  13. Yes Saints at Bills where McD defense gave up 300 rushing yards and the team quit on him. Just one of several blowout losses he has had as HC. TT was terrible in that game as well no excuses there. But starting Peterman on the road in a playoff race was shall we say unwise.
  14. I’m not sure who you are referencing but Shady has only missed a handful of games as a Bill and played hurt in a few more. You need depth at RB no doubt.
  15. This won't happen but I would sit the entire first string offense and defense. There is not a single starter that is in doubt now. Maybe Murphy vs. Lawson but who cares. They will rotate and play about the same number of snaps per game. If they are going to play some starters, I would sit Allen, Dawkins, McCoy, Gore, Morse, Hyde, White, Poyer, Edmunds, and Hughes. The rest of the starters can get a few drives and then start watching tape on the Jets.
  16. That's not how it works. He would need to be designated for return I think in week 10. Now if he is healed now or would be by opening day then you are correct. My hunch is the other guys are stepping up and between Johnson x 2, Wallace, and Munnerlyn they have the DBs on the roster they want.
  17. McD let Gilmore walk and then blew a 3rd round comp pick to keep a 6th WR and a terrible Guard. But McD also signed Hype and Poyer. I really liked the Hyde signing at the time and I did not think much of the Poyer signing. I wish we could find out the truth as to how much of these moves were Whaley and how much was McD. They had the cap room to keep Gilmore at least on a franchise tag. Oh well
  18. White is already a much better CN than Odomes was. Jones was very good but not elite despite the All-Pro designation. He may have been better than Poyer and Milloy as a SS, but Hyde is leagues better than Kelso ever was. So I would put present group ahead of your #1. Milloy did have longevity but he was not a dominant player after he left New England. 19 of this career 25 INTs were with the Patriots during 6 seasons. He only had 6 more picks in 8 seasons with three teams. To be honest I thought he retired after he left Buffalo, that is how little impact he had the rest of his career. He was solid his first year in Buffalo but not spectacular. The combination of Winfield and Clements is probably the greatest CB duo Buffalo but again I would take this group of safeties over Milloy and Person Prioleau. While White does not have the ProBowl appearances yet, he has already showed elite skill level on the field. So sad they did not keep Winfield and Pat Williams. The mid 2000's may have been a very different era had they just kept those two guys.
  19. Far from garbage. Top 5 scoring offense with him at QB. Protected the ball as good as anyone. I agree he never evolved into a better player and he lacked the pure passing skills needed to win consistently. In three seasons with the Bills he threw a total of 16 interceptions. His lowest QB rating was 89.2. He had a TD/INT ratio around 3:1 and that does not include his rushing scores. Josh threw 12 picks in 10 games last year and had a QB rating of 67.9. Tyrod never got better, was in the league for several years before he started, and you can argue he got worse not better as a passer. Josh has a long way to go. He's been my choice over Darnold and Mayfield. He had great moments making throws only Stafford and Rodgers can make. And he had moments of terrible decision making. He has as much upside potential as any QB in the league and showed progress last week. I'd be pleased with 2:1 TD:INT ratio with something around 24:12 and a completion percentage north of 60%.
  20. Wow, there are like 75 names on there. Makes the argument all 4 made the ProBowl a bit watered down.
  21. Thanks for the info. I've honesty never heard of Saimes. I will look him up.
  22. Odd move. Why not just keep him on IR? He must be healthy enough to come back sooner and wanted a chance to sign elsewhere.
  23. For me I keep either DiMarco or Smith, not both. Like someone else posted, Lee Smith may be surprise cut especially if Croom is able to play and DiMarco keeps up decent play. I still hate the idea of a FB in 2019 but I get he does other things. They have enough OL swing tackles to line up in heavy sets and report as eligible.
  24. White is a legit top 5 CB. Hyde and Poyer are both top 20 safeties, not elite but fringe ProBowl players. And the depth for legit CBs is 4 or 5 deep. Gaines coming off IR late in the season is like getting a Christmas present that was forgotten in the closet. Winfield/Clements was a great CB duo but the safeties were terrible - Milloy in decline and Coy Wire was awful. Odomes was very good but the rest of the secondary was average or below. Butch Byrd is greatest DB in Bills history. But I really don't know much else about the rest of the guys he played with. I thought the Bills AFL defense's were built around DL and LBs, but I may be wrong.
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