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  1. While I completely get you and worry about it as well... We also have a 6'5 250+ pound MLB and a 6'2 311lbs DT to help muck up the works in the middle of the field.
  2. The last 2 seasons have really been the only 2 seasons where Clowney has played the full season (missed 1 game in 2018) and he had 9 & 9.5 sacks. Not really unrealistic to say that he is starting to peak and could do more. Much like it is not unrealistic to say that he could decide to get lazy after getting paid. Also why not accept a 2nd and Lawson? If he doesn't sign his franchise, you have nothing. This way you have something. Not saying you're wrong and definitely not saying that I'm right, just giving the counter argument.
  3. Or.... Imagine getting Clowney for a mid-late 2nd round pick and a player we probably are just going to lose next year in return for 10+ sacks per year for the next 5+ years and adding him to an already awesome looking (on paper) d-line. Not saying he does one way or another, but have to contemplate amazing upside is there as well. Not to mention, having a respectable pass rush helps all levels on the D.
  4. I'm writing this before scanning the 3+ pages of responses, so I am sorry if this was already mentioned. But maybe this Jason McIntyre guy needs a better understanding of the word "steal." The Jets offered him a contract, he said no because it didn't make enough. They had to up the ante quite a bit and finally he said yes. Stealing would have been getting him in for way under. Just my thoughts.... I also don't really think anyone is going to work out well with Gase. Could be wrong, but feel like that a$$ clown is just destined to be fired as soon as Woody Johnson gets back from his sabbatical in the UK.
  5. I saw passes to Foster, McCoy and Zay... Those aren't really new weapons. 🤔 haha😆
  6. @Virgil you want to organize the OBD 2020 way-too-soon mock draft? 🤔🤣🤣🤣👍
  7. Love as a UDFA would be an awesome pickup.
  8. This minus the punter. Maybe camp fodder DB in the 7th. Any chance Bryce Love goes undrafted?
  9. Exactly what I'm saying. You could say Edmonds is the same thing as well. Physical freak with lots of questions.
  10. Exactly the reason why I could see the Bills taking DK over AJ. They seem to always take the player with the higher upside and a little bit of a freak of nature. DK fits the bill, but I agree that they might have to move up a few spots to get him.
  11. Proper documentation on this board is required for all of these statements.
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