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  1. Zebrastripes

    Julio Jones Trade possibilty?

    I think the odds of him being traded are very low, however, the Falcons did just draft his replacement and they already have a very solid group of guys at wr. Add that up with his contract situation makes it all the more possible. I still think the odds are low but is not on the same line as Brady or Rodgers being traded.
  2. Zebrastripes

    I need help: 2018 Bills Home Opener

    That's too bad. I was there a couple weeks ago and it was as good as always.
  3. Zebrastripes

    I need help: 2018 Bills Home Opener

    I have to respectfully disagree with you and say Fat Bobs is the best bbq in the city.
  4. Zebrastripes

    how is Josh Allen doing so far?

    Not here to argue the English language just to talk football. Anyhow I showed you a picture of Brady that looks just like the one you posted of Allen. Most everyone agrees Brady has a quick release. John Brenkus broke down Allen's release time and his words were "on par with Brady" for his release time. I get what your saying about turning the football and having a slow release. Problem is that argument doesn't hold water with Allen. He was fitted with all the equipment and tested for his release speed which was .38 seconds in case you were wondering.
  5. He should be excited to learn from Williams. Williams is a true professional who knows the meaning of hard work. He was always the undersized underdog who had to fight for everything he has in the league. Williams doesn't rely just on talent but on grit and determination and is always pushing himself to be the best he can be. Williams is a great player for any young dt to learn from.
  6. Trust me I understand what you're saying. Biggest difference is when you are a rusher as opposed to a receiver you can protect your body much better. As a receiver you don't always have the chance to protect your body. I get his height and weight. He just looks a little on the lanky side.
  7. I know he is that size but he is still a bit on the skinny side. He just doesn't pass the eyeball test as being a thicker guy. That is why i said body type and not size. As far as his rush attempts there is a huge difference between a qb scrambling as opposed to a wr coming acrossed the middle.
  8. Zebrastripes

    how is Josh Allen doing so far?

    Reading comprehension falls short on you. Look up an antonym for quick. You said not quick which would be the opposite of quick. So before you want to slam someone else for reading comprehension maybe you should brush up on your own. When it comes to the release motion Google Brady release images. Brady has many images such as the one you showed of Allen. There are plenty more of these Brady ones out there. quick kwik/ adjective 1. moving fast or doing something in a short time. antonyms: slow
  9. I would agree with you on that, but who knows what they see in practice.
  10. Maybe, but Harbaughs quote has me thinking they want to see him actually play somewhere else in order to try and gain an advantage of having two qbs on the field at once.
  11. I think it's a terrible idea for him to line up at other positions. Yes he is a great athlete but I don't think he has the body type to take the punishment of playing wr or rb.
  12. Zebrastripes

    how is Josh Allen doing so far?

    So you're saying Tom Brady has a slow release too then because Allen's and Brady's are pretty much the same.
  13. Zebrastripes

    how is Josh Allen doing so far?

    Go back and watch some film on these two guys. You will see they are not even remotely close to the same qb.
  14. Zebrastripes

    how is Josh Allen doing so far?

    Terrible comparison.
  15. Zebrastripes

    Has Chris Ivory been at OTA's?

    He may not be the best player but his contract is quite manageable.