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  1. Zebrastripes

    Does WGR think we can't hear Tyrod's cadence?

    To each their own I guess. I just couldn't imagine dwelling on something so minor.
  2. Zebrastripes

    Does WGR think we can't hear Tyrod's cadence?

    Life must suck for you if you always get worked up about stupid things like this.
  3. Zebrastripes

    Bills First Offensive Play Tomorrow Will Be...

    Tight end screen to Croom for 13 yards.
  4. Dude must be a complete train wreck.
  5. Zebrastripes

    How long will it take?

    Zero chance the jets trade him.
  6. Ya cause that will show them. They still get the ticket money from the ones already purchased to go along with the monster t.v. deals they have. Reality is the NFL would survive just fine without people in the stands as long as they watch on tv.
  7. Zebrastripes

    3-13 this year, 6-10 next year

  8. Zebrastripes

    Is it time for Kaepernick?

    First off he's not good. Secondly he's currently suing the NFL so no one is going to hire him. Third he hasn't even been on a field in 2 years. Fourth did I mention he's not good?
  9. Zebrastripes

    Davis Webb?

    That's a no from me dawg
  10. Zebrastripes


    Robert Foster
  11. Zebrastripes

    McCarron Traded!

    You said you're not a jets fan. You come to a Bills message board and just start bashing everyone involved with the team. Either you are a fan of another team or you are a troll.
  12. Zebrastripes

    McCarron Traded!

    Just a troll then?
  13. Zebrastripes

    McCarron Traded!

    Not angry just trying to help you quit making yourself look silly. Thinking A.J. is a stud shows lack of knowledge for the NFL game.
  14. Zebrastripes

    McCarron Traded!

    Man you need to drop the whole A.J. is a God crap. If he was so good he would never have signed the deal he did with the Bills. He was the last of the free agent qbs to sign. There is a reason for that.
  15. Talent at every position means nothing if you do not have a QB that can play at a top level. As I stated the short term there will be suffering but trading away the guys they did allowed the Bills to go after their franchise QB with keeping their draft intact. If they hit on Allen trading away what they did means nothing.