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  1. 3 picks= failure. Don't get me wrong I think he will be just fine but he played poorly today.
  2. Now your changing your point. Your title says 0-3 points at half most games. Idk why I'm even bothering. Your either a troll, ignorant, or hammered.
  3. Not most games. Last year they scored more than 3 by half 9 times. I don't know why last year matters but here ya go. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/buf/2018/gamelog/
  4. So if an NFL player can't make plays it's his coordinators fault? You're just ignorant to how football works
  5. Turnovers are the issue with this team right now. No team can turn the ball over as many times as they have and expect to win. If they clean that up I think they will start scoring more points.
  6. Im not making any excuse for Allen. I'm blaming the offenses execution as opposed to Dabolls play calling.
  7. If he has guys wide open and he's missing them wouldn't play design be good and the execution poor?
  8. What about the wide open receivers he is missing. Also his fault?
  9. So you expect them to go from one of the worst offenses in the league last year to being the best this year? I think the improvement from last year shows he's not a bum. Is it his fault for the 3 picks Allen threw?
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