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  1. I agree with Renfrow. He catches everything and gets open. I think he could have a nice career as a slot receiver. I have been saying for years that I hope he doesn't go to the Patriots as he fits their profile of small shifty guys with exceptional hands.
  2. Good for him. Quick question....why is he holding a kid sized football?
  3. They shared a stat that was interesting to me. Every defense he played on was top 5 against the run. Pretty impressive when you think 7 teams over 16 years.
  4. This is how I watch all the games including the Sabres. https://firewonder.com/collections/all/products/set-tv-the-best-premium-iptv-service I also ha e 3 children in college and DTV has a deal for $99 per season for Sunday Ticket. They offer a student discount without a dish. You will need a streaming device for both methods above. Grab a Amazon Firestick. Or you could go here and watch it. http://www.brevardbillsbackers.com
  5. Wow. Church boy and then bridging up race for not drafting Mahomes or Watson. Keep it classy. Are people that pissed about the game last night? Of course I wanted then to win but I really wasn't pissed about it.
  6. I put him up there with Barry Sanders as one of my all time favorite non-Bills players. I was fortunate to meet him in 2008 when I was in Iraq. He was as down to earth as they come. We talked about 10 minutes or so. I told him that he was going to win the Superbowl in his career and he did 2 years later. I met the DE for the Giants the same day. The one with the difficult name. I told him I was so happy they beat the Patriots a few months earlier. He asked me if I was a Giants fan. I told him no I just hate the f-ing Patriots. He replied we all f-ing hate the Patriots. Sorry to kind of go off topic. Him reaching this milestone brought back this great memory.
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