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  1. bills7834

    Ted Washington not impressed with Bills DL

    They shared a stat that was interesting to me. Every defense he played on was top 5 against the run. Pretty impressive when you think 7 teams over 16 years.
  2. bills7834

    1993 Houston Wildcard Comeback- Where were you guys

    Do you have any kids? If you do hopefully they take after their mother.😂
  3. bills7834

    1993 Houston Wildcard Comeback- Where were you guys

    I was in Ethiopia just getting back from a mission in Somalia. I remember telling my friend that I was nervous about the game. I didn't know the final score and I turned on CNN International. They played the highlights as the game progressed. I was bummed out and thought about shutting it off but I wanted to know the final. I didn't watch the whole game until about 10 years ago.
  4. This is how I watch all the games including the Sabres. https://firewonder.com/collections/all/products/set-tv-the-best-premium-iptv-service I also ha e 3 children in college and DTV has a deal for $99 per season for Sunday Ticket. They offer a student discount without a dish. You will need a streaming device for both methods above. Grab a Amazon Firestick. Or you could go here and watch it. http://www.brevardbillsbackers.com
  5. bills7834

    Brandon Beane deserves to be fired tomorrow

    Wow. Church boy and then bridging up race for not drafting Mahomes or Watson. Keep it classy. Are people that pissed about the game last night? Of course I wanted then to win but I really wasn't pissed about it.