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    Brandon Beane deserves to be fired tomorrow

    Wow. Church boy and then bridging up race for not drafting Mahomes or Watson. Keep it classy. Are people that pissed about the game last night? Of course I wanted then to win but I really wasn't pissed about it.
  2. bills7834

    Congrats Drew Brees

    I put him up there with Barry Sanders as one of my all time favorite non-Bills players. I was fortunate to meet him in 2008 when I was in Iraq. He was as down to earth as they come. We talked about 10 minutes or so. I told him that he was going to win the Superbowl in his career and he did 2 years later. I met the DE for the Giants the same day. The one with the difficult name. I told him I was so happy they beat the Patriots a few months earlier. He asked me if I was a Giants fan. I told him no I just hate the f-ing Patriots. He replied we all f-ing hate the Patriots. Sorry to kind of go off topic. Him reaching this milestone brought back this great memory.